History: Jens Rosenquist Nelson

Jens Rosenquist Nelson was born on 26 July 1860 in Efveröd, Kristianstad, Sweden to Nils (Neils) Olsen and Karma Palmgreen Anderson, both 36 years old. He was the 5th of 5 children, and the 3rd of 3 sons, born to the couple. His older siblings were: Ola, born 24 January 1850; Hanna, born 14 February 1852; Anders, born 14 November 1854; and Anna, born 25 September 1857. They were all born in Efveröd.

When Jens Rosenquist was 3 years old, his brother Per was born on 20 June 1864 in Efveröd. Sadly he only lived until 31 July 1864.

On 10 July 1865, when Jens Rosenquist was 4 years old, his brother Per was born in Efveröd.

Nels, Jens Rosenquist’s youngest brother, was born when he was 7 years old on 25 April 1868 in Efveröd.

Jens Rosenquist was christened on 5 August 1860 in  Efveröd, Kristianstad, Sweden. He was 1 week 3 days old at the time.

On 2 September 1882, when Jens Rosenquist was 22 years old, he married Elsa Nelson, who was 24 years old, in  Efveröd, Kristianstad, Sweden.

Jen Rosenquist’s first child, a son, was born when he was 22 on 24 December 1882 in Efveröd,. They named him Nels Rosenquist.

Anna Rosenquist, Jens Rosenquist’s first daughter, was born when he was 23 years old, on 7 July 1884 in Efveröd.

On 4 October 1886, when Jens Rosenquist was 26 years old, his daughter Hanna Rosenquist was born in Efveröd. Sadly she died when she was 3 months old on 1 January 1887.

Jens Rosenquist’s next son was born when he was 27 years old on 10 July 1888. They named him John Rosenquist and he was born in Efveröd.

Edward Rosenquist, Jens Rosenquist’s son, was born when he was 31 years old on 6 October 1891 in Efveröd.

On 29 September 1893, when Jens Rosenquist was 33 years old,  he was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints by Niels Monson.

Jens Rosenquist’s last son, Helding Rosenquist, was born when he was 33 years old on 13 May 1894 in Efveröd.

To Be Continued…

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