History: Jens Rosenquist Nelson

On September 22, 1894 he and his wife (Elsa Nelson) and five children (Nels Rosenquist, Anna Rosenquist, John Rosenquist, Edward Rosenquist and Helding Rosenquist Nelson) left Sweden for Copenhagen, the first step of their journey. On the night of the twenty-third they crossed the North Sea to Edinburgh. They arrived there Saturday but because no one was allowed to land on Sunday they were forced to remain on board ship until Monday when the boarded the train for Glasgow. The remained for four days in this city, then late at night went on board the steamer “City of Rome”. They arrived in New York on October 6th, and five days later, October 11, 1894 reached Pleasant Grove, Utah. Here he engaged in various kinds of labor: working at times on the section, at Mercur, peddling, and finally buying a farm in 1898 on Locust Avenue where he has since resided.

In 1912 he was called to the Swedish Mission where he labored in various capacities. He was released in 1914 due to the war and also due to the serious illness of his eldest son, Nels.

He was the father of eight children: Nels, Anna, Hannah, John, Edward, Helding, Ella (Ella Karn Nelson) and Effie (Effie Druscilla Nelson). Of those, three have preceded him in death, Hannah having died in Sweden and Ella and Nels here. His wife died in 1931.

-The End-

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