History: Grace Davis

Once more Grace had the opportunity of becoming active in the Relief Society. She didn’t spare herself in trying to make a success of bazaars, plays, dinners, singing groups, compassionate services, visiting the sick and needy, taking fresh vegetables, fruit, baked goods, and whatever she had to share with those who were in need and less fortunate. She was very handy with her hands and did much knitting, crocheting, and embroidery work. One thing she did love to do was to set quilt blocks together and quilt them. She did many. She was a counselor to the President, Gladys Johnson with Maude Munsee as the second counselor, for about seven years. She was set apart 5 February 1928 and served until her death in 1935.

David William (David William Rowley) married Lillian Alcorn in Chinook on 14 July 1927. They were married by the Branch President, W.B. Peterson.

In November 1928, one of Grace’s cherished dreams came true when Verda May (Verda May Rowley), her only daughter, received a call to go on a mission. Her heart sank, however, when she found out that Verda May had been called to the Central States — which included the South. She had had a friend who had gone to the South, contracted Malaria fever and had suffered the rest of her life from it. Verda May finally convinced her that she’d be all right. Verda May’s faith was such that she knew she’d be all right as her call had come through inspiration and the Central States was where she was needed. Grace, however, was never entirely convinced until Verda May came home again — as well as when she left.

Shortly after her return from her mission of twenty months, Verda May started going with Bert Lund Murphy, who also had just returned from a mission to the North Central States Mission. They were married 17 December 1930 in the Alberta Temple at Cardston, Canada, by President Edward J. Wood. On 13 October 1935, they were set apart as Presidents of the MIA and served until 6 April 1941, when Bert Lund was set apart as the Branch President of the Harlem Branch.

On 21 December 1933, Emerson Adis (Emerson Adis Rowley), Hugh Thompson (Hugh Thompson Rowley), and Grace left Montana for Idaho Falls. This trip was always thought of as taking a honeymoon, as they never had one. They arrived in Idaho Falls on the 22 or 23 of December. Emerson Adis let Hugh Thompson and Grace take his car and he stayed in Idaho Falls. As Emerson Adis recalls, his folks truly acted like newlyweds. As he thinks back over the years, this occasion has always given Emerson Adis a glow of satisfaction and a good feeling, as it was the only time that Hugh Thompson and Grace were able to get away together for any length of time and enjoy themselves, free from worries of making a living.

Emerson Adis married Sarah Marie Alderson, 19 August 1934 in Chinook, Montana. She was the daughter of Authur Alderson and Gladys Violet Demmon.

To Be Continued…

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