How Are You Related To Me?

Maternal Uncle (2nd Husband of Maternal Aunt): David Glenn – 118
David 118 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Aunt: Cheryl Jeanette Smith – 12
Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

+: Parent
-: Child
=: Spouse


How Are You Related To Me?

Maternal Uncle (1st Husband of Maternal Aunt): Robert Michael Owens – 113
Robert Michael 113 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Aunt: Cheryl Jeanette Smith – 12
Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin: Robert Eugene Owens – 114
Robert Eugene 114 + Robert Michael 113 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin: Michelle Lei Owens – 115
Michelle Lei 115 + Robert Michael 113 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin: Owen Calvin Owens – 116
Owen Calvin 116 + Robert Michael 113 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin: Grace Ann Owens: 117
Grace Ann 117 + Robert Michael 113 = Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

+: Parent
-: Child
=: Spouse

How Are You Related To Me?

Maternal Grandfather: Donald Eugene Smith – 9
Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Grandmother: Grace Harriet Rowley – 10
Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Uncle: Donald Eugene Smith, Jr. – 11
Donald Eugene Jr 11 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Aunt: Cheryl Jeanette Smith – 12
Cheryl Jeanette 12 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Aunt: Donna Diane Smith – 13
Donna Diane 13 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Uncle: Ronald Steven Smith – 14
Ronald Steven 14 + Donald Eugene 9 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Mother: Lillian Lorraine Smith – 3
Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

+: Parent
-: Child
=: Spouse

History: David William Rowley

The Pasadena Stake called me on a short term Stake Mission after I had already put my place up for sale, I did work at it for a while, though. It was also about this time that we got word that my Grandfather, Davis Peter Davis, had died in Idaho Falls. I wasn’t able to go up to the funeral and I felt bad about that.

We had written to Lillian’s (Lillian Alcorn) Aunt Jeannette (Margaret Jeanette Alcorn) who lived on the outskirts of Gridley, California and she wanted us to move right up there, so we decided to move to Gridley, California. One reason for moving in the first place was that I was temporarily out of work. The Fadel Construction man came for me to go back to work, but I was already loaded up to move.

Aunt Jeannette and her family surely made us welcome. We were living right there with her for several weeks before we finally found a place we could buy. We finally bought the Melissa E. Clement place which was about three miles west of town, through the help of W. J. Shephard, a Gridley real estate man. We made the purchase on September 1, 1948.

Right at first the boys (David Alcorn, Douglas Alcorn, Ralph Alcorn, Clayton Alcorn Rowley) and I and even Marjorie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) and Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) picked fruit together, but we didn’t do so well. I think one good fruit picker could have picked more than the bunch of us put together. We really tried awful hard to pick fast and well, it just didn’t work out so well. We picked for a month or so and then the picking was over for the year. Hugh fell out of a tree and broke his arm which added to our disillusionment about being fruit pickers!

Then I got a job up in Oroville Canyon with the Morrison Knudson Construction Company. We were building the Cresta Dam and I worked for them all winter until the following summer. Then I got a job with The Fife and Stoddard Construction Company and worked for them all the time we lived in Gridley. In Gridley we had a good garden, some fruit trees and some chickens and it seemed more like home.

On Thanksgiving day 1948, Marjorie complained of a sore throat. It turned out to be diphtheria. The family was quarantined and I boarded with the neighbors so I could keep working. It didn’t go through the family, but the quarantine lasted three months. Before it was over Marjorie and Hugh had to have their tonsils out. It was quite an experience for our family. I remember looking in the doorway at Christmas and watching the children enjoying their toys. It was really hard not to be able to come in and enjoy them with my family.

David had been discharged from the Navy and had come home and started back to school. He and Douglas and Ralph boarded with neighbors on the other side of us during the time the family was in quarantine.

On the 7th of June 1949, Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) had a baby girl. They named her Cheryl (Cheryl Jeanette Smither), we now had a grandchild! Just after this Don (Donald Eugene Smith) enlisted in the Army. Since Don seemed to like it David decided to enlist in the Army, too. They were in the same outfit for quite a while.

To be continued on May 24th

Journal: Grace Harriet Rowley

Calvin (Calvin King Knighton) always kept the yard in beautiful condition. He could grow anything. He loved to work in the yard. One summer he grew sunflowers they were over 6 feet tall, people would stop to admire them. One day some people were pulling out of the grocery store across the street. They were admiring the sunflowers and were hit from behind by another car. Calvin was always generous with his fruits and vegetables he grew and shared them with a lot of friends and neighbors.

In 1969 Donna (Donna Diane Smith) graduated from Bountiful High School. She worked at Hill Air Force Base during the summer and saved enough money to go to the Church College of Hawaii for her freshman year of college. She then transferred to Brigham Young University for a couple years.

Cheryl (Cheryl Jeanette Smith) blessed us with a third grandchild. Owen Calvin Owens was born on June 27th, 1970. He was born prematurely and weighted only 5 pounds and 9 ounces and was 18 inches long. He was a tall skinny baby. At the time Mike (Robert Michael Owens) was stationed at Mount Almaden Air Force Station at the top of a mountain near San Jose, California. Donna had just finished her freshman year of college and flew back to the mainland via San Francisco to stay with Cheryl and her family when Owen was born. Calvin and I went to San Jose when Owen was blessed that August. I had sewn 5 or 6 little outfits for Shelly (Michelle Lei Owens). We had only been there for about an hour or so when she had tried all of the new outfits on. I knew then that Shelly was going to like shopping all the time, she was born to shop.

Owen was about a year old when Mike was sent to Vietnam. Cheryl and the kids (Robert Eugene, Michelle and Owen Owens) moved to Bountiful in an apartment just down the street and less than a block from our house. It was so nice to have the grandchildren so close by. It was hard to have Mike go to Vietnam. So many of our young men, including two of my brothers, Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) and Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) were being sent to the Vietnam conflict. I was grateful that Cheryl was close enough so we could help her and their three grandchildren.

Douglas Jones Birk from American Fork proposed to Donna on her 22nd birthday. They met at BYU and were married on April 12th 1973. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple for time and all eternity. Now two of my children had temple marriages (Cheryl and Mike had gone through the Temple on their anniversary). Donna had been working at the State Training School in

American Fork while she was going to BYU. She was majoring in Therapeutic and Outdoor Recreation. She loved working with the disabled youth.

Journal: Grace Harriet Rowley

The following April I bought a lovely home in Bountiful at 93 West 200 North.  It wasn’t anything big or fancy, but it was a comfortable happy home raising my children (Cheryl Jeanette, Donna Diane, Ronald Steven and Lillian Lorraine). Our first Christmas in our home was a challenge. Cheryl had taken the car and run away with one of her friends, they had gone to Texas so her friend could get married. After I caught up with them, we decided it would be best that Cheryl would stay in El Paso, Texas with my brother Ralph Rowley (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) and his family. It was while she was living there that she met Robert Michael Owens. He was raised in the Brigham City area. He was in the Air Force and stationed there. They had a whirl-wind short courtship and were married February 18th, 1966. Michael was a blessing to our family and I have been very grateful he and Cheryl found each other. After Mike got out of the service, they lived in Ogden, Utah, That is where my first grandchild was born, Robert Eugene Owens was born December 18th, 1966. I will always be grateful to Cheryl and Mike for sharing Bobby with me. There were times when I would go to their place and tell them I needed to take Bobby home with me for a day or two and they would always agree, a few days later Mike would come to Bountiful and say that he needed his son at home.

In 1968 Cheryl introduced me to Calvin King Knighton. Calvin lived in West Bountiful. It was about June when we started dating. Calvin had three children Deanne, Clark and Lyle. At that time he was waiting for his second divorce to become final. We courted and dated and were married in the Salt Lake Temple (for time) on October 3rd 1968. It was a lovely day, all my brothers and sisters, along with their spouses, were with us at the temple. We went out to dinner after the ceremony. (P.S. After Mom and Calvin both passed away. Donna and Jason (Jason Earl Lunt) stood proxy at the Manti Temple and had them sealed together. We will let them and the Lord figure out the eternal perspective).

Calvin’s sons, Clark and Lyle became close to the family as they would stay with us on weekends and go on short vacations with us. We went to Bicknell, Utah one time to stay with Calvin’s sister Suzy and her husband.

On June 20th we were blessed with a granddaughter. Cheryl and Mike had a baby girl Michelle Lei Owens. She was born at South Davis Community Hospital. Cheryl had come up from Tonopah, Nevada where they were stationed (Mike went back into the service). Mike had just gone back to Tonopah as Cheryl wasn’t quite due yet. Lori was in the same hospital at the same time recovering from kidney surgery. I took Bob up to the hospital to see his new baby sister. We were looking at all the babies through the nursery window when Bob Calvin King Knighton & Donna Diane Smith started talking “1 baby sitter, 2 baby sitters, 3 baby sitters, 4 baby sitters.” It was about this time that I realized what he was saying. He was counting all of his baby sisters; I explained that he had only one baby sister.

Journal: Grace Harriet Rowley

When Lori (Lillian Lorraine Smith) was about 2 months old we were transferred back to Germany. We stayed there for about three years.  Many happy times were spent in Germany with our little family. We were stationed in Baugh linger, aka, Boblingen.

After returning from Germany, we were sent to Fort Eustis, Virginia for a while. Then Don (Donald Eugene Smith) was sent to Korea and the kids (Cheryl Jeanette, Donna Diane, Ronald Steven and Lillian Smith) and I went to live with Dad (Mom (Lillian Alcorn) had recently passed away) in Bountiful, Utah. We were there with Dad for about 15 months then Don was transferred stateside to Fort Ord in the Monterey, California area. Don was learning Indonesian at the Presidio of Monterey. Don thought after he retired from the Army, we would live in Indonesia and he would work for the Chevron Oil Company. Many found memories of belonging to the LDS ward in Seaside, California. We were in California about a year.  Then Don was transferred to Fort Gordon, Georgia. We were in the Augusta Ward, where Don served in the Bishopric. We lived there just over a year when Don volunteered for duty in Vietnam where he would be training the Vietnamese soldiers fighting the Viet Cong. Don settled us in Bountiful in a nice duplex across from the Bountiful 9th Ward Church before heading to visit his parents in California and then to Vietnam. Don was in Vietnam a few months. I will never forget Friday, November 13th. I was at work cleaning Sister Gadd’s home when Bishop Christensen came to find me. When I opened the door I knew why he was there. He said Grace, I need to talk to you and I replied “It’s Don isn’t it?” he said “Yes” and I said “he’s dead isn’t he?” he again replied “Yes.” We quickly learned, Don was killed when his jeep ran over a land mine. It’s interesting to know that he was found leaning against a tree. Another soldier from Hawaii, Sgt. Hoa was also injured and passed away two days later.

We had Don’s funeral on November 25th. He was buried in the Bountiful Cemetery. Don had told me that he loved Bountiful; he wanted to be buried there if anything happened to him. He knew before he went to Vietnam that he would not come back alive. He told his brother, Gerry Everhard that when he came back it would be in a pine box, then he laughed.

The kids and I spent that lonely Christmas without Don in El Monte, California with his family. We went by train from Salt Lake City to Los Angeles. Don’s Mom (Coral Lorraine Bolton) picked us up at the Los Angeles train depot. All Don’s family was there for that Christmas, even his Grandmother Olive Bolton (Olive Dove Doke) from Modesto, California. It was the last time we saw Lorraine’s beautiful Christmas scene that covered half her living room. The kids loved it and spent several hours laying in front of the scenes, day dreaming about the past and the future.