History: David William Rowley

They settled into their new home and it was good to have them there. They invited us over for Easter Sunday and a lovely dinner. I always tried to keep things in repair for Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) as much as possible. I also tried to help her with the children (Cheryl Jeanette, Donna Diane, Ronald Steven and Lillian Lorraine Smith) but I couldn’t seem to, not as much as I would like to have done, anyway.

In July of that year I had to go back to the hospital. Grace’s little girl, Lori, was in there at the same time with a kidney operation. We visited with each other, I had an infection that kept me from going back to work for quite a while, so we took a trip out to Myton, Utah and stayed with Stella’s (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) friends, Howard and Virginia Roberts. They took us to the dinosaur museum and to where they were digging the bones out of the mountain. It surely was interesting. We also took an interesting trip over to Flaming Gorge with them.

In the early part of October, Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) came for a short visit. It was nice having little Carol (Carol Annette Rowley) in our home. They were good enough to make room for Estella to go back with them so she could see California and have a visit with her daughter, Geneal (Geneal Rose Johnson). She was able to get the two couples together for one day, anyway. It has always been our wish that our two families could get to know each other.

On 14 November 1964, the War Department called and said that Grace’s husband (Donald Eugene Smith) had been killed and they thought her father should be with her when she heard the news. Estella came and got me at work. Grace was all broken up, of course. If I remember it right a bomb had exploded under the jeep Don and another soldier were riding in.

The family was informed and all of my children were here shortly. It happened that Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) had a vacation coming, but it was hard for Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) to make another trip to Utah. The funeral was held in the Bountiful 18th ward and Don was laid to rest in the cemetery there. All of Don’s family was there except his old grandmother. Everyone was so good to Grace and the children. She decided that she wanted to go to California and spend Christmas with Don’s folks. Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) left to spend the winter in Arizona and Estella and I went to Nampa because Bob and his family were there for the holidays.

In February 1965 we received word that Leonard Alcorn (Leonard Clark Alcorn) had died. Also Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) called and told us that he was going to be sent to Vietnam and we wanted to see him before he went, so we went to California in Grace’s car. Gay Alcorn (Wendall Gay Alcorn) went with us and did a lot of the driving. He was sure good company.

The funeral for Leonard was held in El Monte. Being there and seeing and visiting with all of them brought back so many memories. Hearing Opal (Opal M. Rowley) sing at the funeral was good, too. We went places with Grant and we visited Hugh and Gail and George and Geneal. Hugh took us out to Burbank where we visited and exchanged some genealogical information with my cousin (on my mother’s side), Frankie Liddell Hill (Frankie Edra Liddell). It was a nice trip.

Estella’s daughter, Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) had a baby boy in May of 1965. Then Stella went out to California again to be with Geneal when she had her second baby. It was a boy.

To be continued…


History: David William Rowley


I took my vacation on June 1964 and we started out on a long planned trip. We took two of my cousins who were both widows and sisters, Mable Clegg (Mable Ann May Stott) and Amy Allred (Amy Laura Stott). They knew the relatives and places we were going to visit. We set out across the Salt Flats and went as far as Ely, Nevada. There we visited with Marie Tilby and her family. They fixed supper for us and then took us out to see the Kennecot copper mine. It was quite a sight. The next day we went to Baker, Nevada and then across the line to Garrison, Utah. Here we visited some Rowley’s and a Paul cousin named Den Smith (Dennis Smith). He gave us some nice rocks for our rock garden. The next morning we explored the famous Lehman Caves which were nearby in Nevada. They were really wonderful. Amy who is 81 years old, had been in them when she was just a girl. It wasn’t developed then. They went down a ladder into a round hole and in some places they had to crawl on hands and knees to get from one room to another.

Next, many miles across the desert we found a little mining town called Pioche, Nevada. We were made so welcome; we were fed, sheltered and loved by my cousin Sadie Donehue (Sadie Butson). She is the daughter of May Paul Butson (Lavina May Paul). She told us that she thought her mother’s people had forgotten her.

Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) had been riding the brakes on our way to St. George, so I guess that is what caused our car trouble. At any rate when we were on the way up to Estella’s (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) cousin’s place. Hubert stalled the car. The place we were going was up against a red cliff. But after the car stalled I had everybody get out and I drove it on up. When I got to the top I had no brakes and couldn’t stop the car. Estella said she could hear herself screaming and praying because I was headed for the cliff where I could have gone over and rolled clear into the homes below. I was able to turn the car sharply into some brush and I high centered the car. I was sure praying all the time it was happening. We sure got on our knees and thanked our Heavenly Father for answering our prayers. The car had to be towed out and while it was fixed we stayed with our Paul/Rowley cousin, Verda Hotchkiss (Verda Day) and her husband Bill (Wendell Wade Hotchkiss). Estella and I went to the Temple.

On the way home we went through Zion’s National Park and Bryce’s Canyon. They were really beautiful. We spent the night in Orderville where we bought some nice rocks. We stopped at Cove Fort on our way back also and from there we went to Fillmore where we spend the night with my great, great Uncle Lorenzo Rowley. I felt that he was born way out of his generation. He was a character, between the car and the house he proposed to Mable and that night he just wouldn’t let us go to bed. He was talking to us about such things as when he had seen a flying saucer and had talked to the occupants.

The next day we were home. The five of us had no conflicts. We liked the same foods and we liked to do the same things and we returned with many happy memories. It was a trip I will never forget!

About the time school was out Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) and Don (Donald Eugene Smith) and their family (Cheryl Jeanette, Donna Diane, Ronald Steven and Lillian Lorraine Smith) moved to Bountiful from Georgia. Don was being sent to Vietnam and he wanted his family close to Grace’s folks in Utah. Don rented a nice big apartment for them across from the 18th ward chapel. He had a talk with me before he left for this assignment. He seemed to feel more concern for his family as he was leaving, than he ever had on the many times when he had gone overseas before.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

My sister-in-law (Erma Thornton) and my nephew, Johnny Rowley (John Rowley) came by to see us. He was on his way overseas with the Army. He played the piano for us. Erma and Estella(Estella Cordelia Tidwell) had a good visit and seemed to like each other.

We went to Nampa for Christmas. We stayed with Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) that night. We had a turkey dinner at Harold’s (Harold Norman Johnson) place. Myrna Jean sure is a good cook. (I have two daughters that are good cooks, too.) They all have lovely children.

As soon as we got back we heard that Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) were in town and wanted to see us. Estella finally got to meet my dear brother Walter and we all had a good visit.

My niece Opal (Opal M. Rowley) had joined her husband in California but she left her oldest son in Tremonton to finish school. Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Erma came there to take care of him so my wife had a chance to get to know Francis. I have felt very close to my older brother all of my life. While we were there on a Sunday I heard Francis bear his testimony on paying tithing and I heard him say that he knew that the church was true. This was very precious to me.

The year of 1964 was a memorable one. First because we had a bumper crop of grandchildren – five – two sets of them born just two days apart. Harold’s son, Steven Paul Johnson, born 23 June 1964 in Nampa, Idaho; Hugh’s (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Carol Annette Rowley born 25 June 1964 in California; Ralph’s (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Janiel Rowley, born 7 July 1964; Douglas’ (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Roxanne Rowley, born 4 October 1964 in Salt Lake City; and Archie’s (Archie Johnson) daughter, Tonya K. Johnson born 6 October 1964, in Boise, Idaho.

Another momentous thing was that I made some breakthroughs in my research. A sister Rosella Warren from Nevada, had been corresponding with me because she had a Nicholas Paul line and we thought it was a common line until a death certificate from England proved that it wasn’t her line. So she sent the information to me and offered to ma all that her researcher in England had found plus several certificates from Somerset House in England. We didn’t think she was asking enough for it so the officers of the Paul Organization put in $10 each and we doubled her price.

This material proved to be the gateway to the records of my people in Cornwall, England. We were able to substantiate all of this material in the library and to find much more. Estella was a great help with this work. We found ten of my direct lines in Cornwall and we extended them about five generations. As a result we were able to send in eighty-three family group sheets and in the three years following that we were able to do the sealing’s on these and others.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

On 2 November 1962 we had the pleasure of going to the Logan Temple with Estella’s (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) daughter, Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) and her husband, Chad McKnight (Chad Layne McKnight), to be sealed. Their two little girls were like sweet little angels when they were sealed to their parents. Virginia was so happy that she wept.

The Salt Lake Temple was closed for quite a while so Estella and I went to many of the other temples on excursions and we enjoyed it very much.

About the first of the year Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) brought a beautiful girl home for us to meet. Her name was Gail Jensen. In about a month Hugh told us that they were getting married. I told him that he hadn’t known her very long. He said, “You should talk, you set the example by getting married in six weeks after you net!” That shut me up! They were married 9 February 1963 in Las Vegas. Their marriage was solemnized in the Los Angeles Temple.

On 11 May 1963 another little boy came to bless Dwain (Dwain Eugene Judkins) and Margie’s (Marjorie Ann Rowley) home. They named him Mark Ammon and he proved to be a live wire and kept the whole family on their toes. Stella and I took care of him for a few days when he was about a year old.

Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) and Jana (Janevie Clegg) were getting anxious to have children, but so far they had not been able to, so they went to Elder Harold B. Lee for a special blessing. Elder Lee had married them. Shortly after this special blessing, Jana became with child. They were so happy. It soon became apparent that they were going to have twins! As time drew closer they had x-rays taken and it was discovered that the twins were joined together on their backs, but it was just a skin joining. Jana became ill and was not feeling well so Clayton asked the father of a good friend of his, Brother Dehaun, to come over and give her a blessing. The twins were born shortly thereafter. Stella and I were allowed to see them and the sores they had. These little boys were named Bruce Charles and Bert William, and they were born 3 June 1963, My how my progeny was increasing. The twins made my 16th and 17thgrandchildren.

About this time Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) and Don (Donald Eugene Smith) came by on their way from California to Georgia. They were anxious to meet my new wife. I could see right away that Grace and Estella like each other. It was good to see the children (Cheryl Jeanette, Donna Diane, Ronald Steven and Lillian Lorraine Smith) and to have them back if only for a little while.

In August or September 1963 Estella’s sister Lavern (Lavern Ellen Tidwell) came up to visit and introduced her to our neighbor and landlord, we were buying the place from him, Bill Mitchell. They had both lost their mates so they decided to get married. We tried to tell Lavern that she should get to know him better. Anyway we had a wedding for them in our home on 23 November 1963. President Kennedy had been assassinated the day before. It was really nice for Stella to have her sister living just down the street.

Stella had another little granddaughter born to Archie (Archie Johnson) and Verna on 23 January 1963. They named her Janae Johnson.

To be continued…

How Are You Related To Me?

Maternal Great-Grandfather: David William Rowley – 30
David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Step-Great-Grandmother (2nd Wife of Maternal Great-Grandmother): Estella Cordelia Tidwell – 162
Estella Cordelia 162 = David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

+: Parent
-: Child
=: Spouse

History: David William Rowley

We stayed at the Driftwood Motel that night. The next day I took Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) to meet some of my old friends and then we went out to the home of a cousin of mother’s, Sara Jane Killian (Sarah Jane Coles). I had known her when I was young. She seemed very glad to see me and invited up to stay with her. The next day I took Estella over to see my old girlfriend, Virginia. We had gone together for a long time when I lived there, before we moved to Montana. While I was talking to Virginia, Stella got to talking to her husband and found that he was a brother to one of her best friends in Nampa. This was the way it was several times – maybe I would go to see a second cousin and she would find she was related to the husband, or vice versa.

 I only had a few days off from work so we started back to Bountiful. We got as far as Tremonton that night. We stayed with Opal Cutler (Opal M. Rowley), my niece, and her family. Opal and Stella liked each other right off and we enjoyed our short visit. The next day we went on to Bountiful and took up our married life. We were very happy.

A few weeks after we were married my cousin Ralph Rowley, the cousin that was so close when we were boys, and his wife, Donna, came out from Salt Lake City to see us. They were our first dinner guests. They have been out good friends ever since. Stella thought we looked enough alike to be brothers.

Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) had enlisted in the Marines just before we were married. He had to leave for his basic training soon after. Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) had finished his six months in the Army and was back home. He got a job in Salt Lake, but was living at home. He said that it was sure good to hear his Dad laugh again. After a while he got a place to live in Salt Lake.

Stella’s brother, Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) came to see us for a visit and stayed on. He was quite a bit of help, but we would rather have been by ourselves. Of course the home was my children’s and they were always welcome.

The first year we were married many relatives came to see us, including several of Lillian’s (Lillian Alcorn) relatives – we thought that was really nice. One day the doorbell rang and Stella went to answer it. A man grabbed her and gave her a great big smack (kiss) – it turned out to be Bert Murphy (Bert Lund Murphy), of course. He had Verda (Verda May Rowley) stay in the car. They both came in stayed for a few days’ visit. Stella said she wished it had been her sister or someone else who answered the door so the joke would have been on Bert.

On our first anniversary we had been in Salt Lake and I had planned to take my wife out to dinner, but when we got home we found Leonard (Leonard Clark Alcorn), Lillian’s brother, had dropped in for a visit.

Oh yes, the first year we were married was memorable because of the birth of some more grandchildren. On 17 September 1962 Stella’s daughter, Geneal (Geneal Rose Johnson) gave birth to a baby boy. They named him Mark Redd. Stella went down to Orem to be with Geneal for a few days. This made her 7th grandchild.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

Luella (Luella Jones) invited Stella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) down to her house for a visit and to meet me. Stella recognized my form as the man she had seen in her dreams, and she had the feeling that she had known me forever, that we had walked hand in hand together, somewhere. She told me later that it was as though her spirit gave a big sigh of contentment – as though it had finally come home after a long absence. I had a strong feeling for her, too, but I was still going with Marie (who had just left on a two week vacation – how’s that for timing?). I went to the Temple and prayed about it and the spirit confirmed that Estella was the woman I should marry.

I took Sister Johnson, as I was still calling her, down to Margie’s (Marjorie Ann Rowley) for Sunday dinner and to introduce Stella to them. Stella liked them very much. After this we saw each other every night for a week. Then I asked her to marry me and she said yea. We went to see my Bishop and while we were there, Estella asked us to give her a blessing. I touched the top of her head with the consecrated oil and asked the Lord to heal her of her afflictions from the top of her head to the soles of her feet. Then Bishop Jack Bangeter gave her a wonderful blessing. Joseph Cutler and Brother Call were counselors and helped, too. Estella has told me that as soon as I asked the Lord to heal her she felt that healing power go all through her. She had a very painful kidney condition that she had been too shy to tell me about, but from that day to this she has been free of it. She didn’t even have to get any more medication; her condition was chronic before this.

I went up on the bus with Estella to meet her children who were living in Idaho and to break the news to them. We also met with her Bishopric and received their blessing. They were happy that she had met a good man to marry. Her children seemed to be happy also, even though their mother hadn’t been a widow for very long. When I got ready to come home I missed the bus at Nampa and Harold (Leonard Clark Alcorn) raced as fast as he could and we caught it at Mountain Home just as it was ready to pull out. I got home about midnight.

We were going to be married in September, but found that the Idaho Falls Temple would be closed all month so we met in Idaho Falls on 30 August 1962, with our sons, Hugh Rowley (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Harold Johnson (Harold Norman Johnson) acting as witnesses. Estella’s sister Lavern (Lavern Ellen Tidwell) and her daughter-in-law Myrna Jean and her cousin Ida Mae and my daughter and son-in-law Marge and Dwain Judkins (Dwain Eugene Judkins) were with us. My son, Grant, (Grant Alcorn Rowley) was of real service because he took care of Marge and Dwain’s children (David Lenn, Deon Eugene, Dwana Kay and Myron Dwain Judkins). After the ceremony, Dwana came and gave her new grandmother a kiss. Margie told us to treasure that because she gave those kisses very sparingly, (two found this to be true). She was almost five years old.

Dwain and Margie had arranged a wedding dinner for us. We had a private room in a nice restaurant. Marge’s children and Harold and Myrna Jean sang for us. We took a few pictures and then the others left for their homes.

To be continued…