John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Lorin P. Rowley:

Ray and Marilyn Rowley Jaeger arrived in Salt Lake City, April 16, 1958 from Oceanside, California on a short leave. They returned to O’side on May 3. Ray is in the Marine Corps at Camp Pendleton, California.

Lorenzo D. (Ren) Rowley, of Fillmore was a visitor at Lucy M. Rowley’s home in Salt Lake City on May 2, 1958. Uncle Ren, as we called him, lived with us in Mt. Home for a short time, leaving there in 1917, after serving time in the Army. This visit is the first we have seen of him since then. He enjoyed visiting with him.

May 2, 1958, Smoot and Blancye Rowley of Bynum, Montana arrived at Mt. Home. They came to Utah to attend the funeral services of a friend, Lee Jesson of Altonah, Utah. May 3, Smoot, Blanche, Edwin, and mother and others went to Mt. Home where the services were held. They returned home the same evening.

Before leaving Mt. Home they went out to the old home where we lived from 1910 to 1953. Mother moved to Salt Lake leaving the house and buildings locked up. They were in bad shape, partially wrecked by vandals and animals. They did get a few final pictures and things before leaving for Salt Lake. They got here at midnight. By 10 p.m., other folks out there had phoned that the house and all had burned to the ground at about 8 p.m. We all felt very badly about it, and mother was especially upset. It is not know just how the fire started.

Lorin and Lucy Rowley Wilcox left St. Helena, California to visit her son Harry Scott and family in Bynum, Montana. They arrived in Salt Lake on June 23, to visit her mother before going on to Fillmore for the family reunion.

Mother and I drove to Fillmore early Saturday morning, June 28, to attend the reunion. We enjoyed it very much. We enjoyed meeting all the fine people there. We regretted having to leave early to come back home. Ralph came from Duchesne. There were Ralph, Lucy, Mother and Myself of our family there. Lorin and Lucy left early in the afternoon to go on to their home in St. Helena, California. They arrived home late Sunday evening. They were all okay.

I was very much satisfied with the progress of the family tree. With one small exception, my part of the tree was complete. All mine and my family group sheets are in. all you other folks, my brothers and sister, please try to get your family sheets in, so by the reunion time next year we will have the tree growing good.

Raymond and Marilyn Jen or were home on leave again. They arrived in Salt Lake July 6th. Ray reported back to Camp Pendleton on August 5, 1958. Their new address is: 2426 Jefferson, Carlsbad, California

A boy, David Howard Rowley, was born May 8, 1958 to Leland and June Rust Rowley. Leland is the son of John Emerson and Florella (Floss) Rowley. They live in Oregon.

A boy, Richard Smoot Nordhagen, was born May 26, 1958 to Richard and Joan Rowley Nordhagen. Joan is the daughter of Smoot and Clanche Hunter Rowley.

A girl, Dorinda Mechem, was born June 21, 1958, to Howard and Verna Joy Rowley Mecham. The baby lived a few hours and died at 11:45 p.m., Saturday June 21, 1958. Graveside services were held Monday, June 24, 1958 at 2 p.m., at the Duchesne City Cemetery. Verna Joy is the daughter of Ralph and Beth Rowley.

A boy, John Lloyd Rowley was born June 22, 1958, to Floyd and Anna Dee Pleazard Rowley. Floyd is the son of Clyde and Lillian Rowley. They live at 7516 Goldenrod Ave., Magna.

Lucy M. Golding Rowley is 85 year young, as of last December 14, 1957. She has 7 boys and 1 girl…40 grandchildren, 87 great-grandchildren and 13 great-great-grandchildren, living.


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Mary Bradley reports our financial standing.

Lorenzo Day Rowley being the only surviving son of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Day, gave a short talk. There were also some artificial flowers given to the oldest persons present: Mrs. Emma Chesely Rowley of Fillmore, wife of the late George Rowley; Mrs. Lucy Golding Rowley, of Salt Lake City, wife of the late John T. Rowley Jr.; Emily R. Wade of Fillmore, daughter of James Rowley and Mary Day; Lorenzo Rowley, of Fillmore, youngest son of Ralph Nephi Rowley and Mary Day; and Chester Lyman of Duchesne, Utah, oldest son of Elizabeth Ann Rowley and Ira D. Lyman.

There were some tokens of appreciation given to those who spent so many hours preparing and drawing the family trees which were shown at the reunion. There some small books given to Claude and Angie Warner, and Delane and Iris Lambertsen. We surely appreciate their work and sacrifice. The following family members traveled quite a distance to be with us at the reunion;

Mr. and Mrs. Loren (Lucy Rowley)
Wilcox, St. Helena, California

Mr. and Mrs. Wm. ? (Verda Day)
Hotchkiss, Congress, Arizona.

To these we presented an artificial rose in appreciation of their efforts to be with us.

After this a group took off for a tour of sites and old places of interest to the families. Among them were: Lorenzo D. Rowley, Ralph Nephi Rolwey, Loren Paul Rowley, Loren and Lucy ? Wilcox, Mr. and Mrs. Chester Lymanm Fern Starley, Manual and Luella Downard and Lillian A, Rowley.

While many of the others went over and discussed their family records and others visited the State House. Some went out to the cemetery and saw the graves of Ralph Nephi Rowley and James Rowley, and many others of the family that were buried there. We had a very enjoyable day.

In the evening, Chester Lyman showed some beautiful slides he had taken throughout the west of outstanding scenes and things of interest to everyone.

Sylvester Adams, an old friend of the family in the late 1800’s spoke to us of his association with the family and of his respect for them. He told how Jane Paul Rowley’s children had to walk or ride through their yard to go to school and of his acquaintance with John T. Rowley, Ralph Nephi Rowley, and Hugh Thompson Rowley and Royal J. Rowley and the rest of the family. He related experiences with them that were very interesting to those present.

We had a very enjoyable time – one that many of us will long remember.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Mr. & Mrs. Lorin Wilcox
Helena, California

Rebecca Galloway Scott
Arcadia, California

The following have made contributions to the family organization in the amount of $2.00 or more:

Luke Day, Springville, Utah
Mrs. John O’Tolle, Oakland 2, California
Freeman Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Bernetta Muir, Fillmore, Utah
Chester R. Lyman, Duchesne, Utah
Vivian Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Ray Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Jennie Davis, Provo, Utah
Verda Day Hotchkiss, Arizona
George Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Loren Rowley, Deseret, Utah
Verda Murphy, Chinook, Montana
Tom Nielson, Fillmore, Utah
John Van Rowley, Salt Lake City, Utah
Melvin Rowley, Fillmore, Utah
Miss Eva Hill, Idaho Falls, Idaho
Walter Rowley, Eureka, California
Emily R. Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Elma Wade, Fillmore, Utah
Eva Warner, Fillmore, Utah
Lorenzo Day Rowley, Arizona
Arthur Rowley Jones, Cedar City, Utah

These contributions have been made since the last edition if the bulletin. We acknowledge their remittance and heartily thank them for it. The dues for the Family Organization are $2.00 per year per family. It is requested that all contributions, subscriptions or money of any kind be sent to our new secretary, Max Lambertson, whose address is above.

It is requested that all news items be mailed to Mrs. Marjorie Judkins, 1684 South ???? Street Orem, Utah. Our deadline date is October 10th, please respond!!

It has become necessary to raise the subscription rate on our paper. This was discussed and voted upon at the last reunion. Since the old rate would not cover all expenses, the new rate will necessity be $2.00 per year. ?? Please send all subscriptions to our new secretary, Max Lambertson, 164 Lucy Avenue, Salt Lake City, Utah.

All members, upon payment of dues, must fill out a family group record sheet of their family as part of the requirements for membership. It will help us to identify and to make a more perfect family organization record.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Chairman of staff:  Angie Warner
1733 So. 8th East, Orem, Utah

Vivian Wade, Fillmore — James, Ralph and Mary Day Rowley Family.

John Van Rowley, 2656 Chadwich St., Salt Lake City — James Rowley and Martha Day Family.

George Albert Rowley, Helper, Utah — John Thompson Rowley and Jane Smith Family

Verda Rowley Murphy, Chinook, Montana — John Thompson Rowley and Jane Smith Family

Research cont.

Luke Day, 973 so. 5 East, Springville, Utah — Arthur Day and Elizabeth Rowley family.

Rebecca Scott, 2407 So. 6 Ave., Arcadia, California — Curtis Galloway & Harriett Ann Rowley family.

Buella Rowley, Deseret, Utah — Walter Rowley & Lena Peterson family.

Chester Lyman, Duchesne, Utah — Ira Lyman & Elizabeth Rowley family.

Clara O’Toole, 1467 McArthur Blvd., Oakland, 2, California — Moroni Rowley & Mary Maxfield family.

Hughetta Howarth, 2015 Windsor, Salt Lake City, Utah — George A. Rowley & Stena Hansen family.

Estella Shail, 70 College Ave., Rexburg, Idaho — Mariah Rowley Hallans family.