John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, David S. Rowley Jr. and wife, Selma

A Farewell Testimonial in honor of Rodger Park Rowley prior to his departure for the North Mexican Mission was held Sunday, October 12, 1958, at Spring Glen, Utah. Roger is the son of George A. and Pearl Snow Rowley and a grandson of John Thompson Rowley. Roger graduated from Carbon College last spring. I have a very special respect and admiration for Roger. Always there is a cheery smile and wave of acknowledgment whenever and wherever you meet him. He writes home that things are primitive where he is located. Cool oil lamps are used for light and when going into the homes one is given blankets in which to wrap up for warmth. In all these inconvenient and unfamiliar settings, there has not been one word of complaint or dissatisfaction from him. His only concern is for the health of his dear Mother.

Arthur Jones, a grandson of John Thompson Rowley was operated in for an eye cataract on January 6, 1959. Dr. Palmer says the operation was a success and Arthur is fine.

Louis Lockwood, husband of Vera Jones, granddaughter of John T. Rowley, is in Long Beach California taking special training for a month. He is employed at Hill Field, Ogden.

On June 26, 1958 Don and Carry Rowley got their second child, a girl, born in Japan where Don is a test pilot in the Air Corps. Carry reports that she is able to hire a maid in Japan to help her with the two little girls, Kimberly and Konstance, for $15.00 per month. They plan to remain in Japan for the next 3 ½ years. Don is the son of Franklin I. Rowley and a grandson of John R. Rowley.

A letter from Aunt Florence, widow of Franklin I. Rowley, who lives in Bell Gardens, California states that her daughter, Leone, has a little girl who is 6 months old December 26, weighs 19 pounds and has two teeth. The baby’s name is Machell. At Thanksgiving, Aunt Florence had six of her children and their families with her. Ora and her husband, Red Frazier, Joan and her husband (don’t know the name), Leone and her husband (don’t know the name) and baby, Irvin, Stanley and Jane. Also her sister, Dolores Mecham of Las Vegas, was a dinner guest. She writes she could not get into the Christmas spirit because it seems like the 4th of July down there with roses and poinsettias blooming. She is work director of the Relief Society and that keeps her busy.

Sarah Rowley, widow of David S. Rowley, left December 3, for Vallejo, California to be with her daughter, Mrs. Jeanne O’Neal who had a baby girl named Sara Michelle, on Dec 28, 1958.

The family of David S. Rowley, Jr. were home for the holidays. They included: Wayne and Annette and son, David Scott, from Logan; Dee and Gayle Wareham and daughter, Linda, from Canoga Park, California; Jack and Barbara Rowley and son Jeffery from Victorville, California; and Miki Adele who is still at home. It was the first time in two years they were all home together.

We have a few news items from Alfred D. Peterson and Irene Jones family.

Jacqueline (wife of Vernon Alfred Peterson, whom he married in Ireland 3 April 1957, they had a baby boy, Samuel David Peterson 10 January 1858) got so homesick she just had to go home for a visit. Ruth Ann (The Alfred Peterson’s youngest daughter) went with her — so Alfred and I are back where we were 29 years ago — just the two of us. It is odd not to have the house full and a bit lonely. Ruth Ann written that she is having a grand time.

Gordon’s wife, Ruth, has a baby girl, born 4 December 1958 at 10:29 p.m. The baby’s name is Audrey Lynne. Gordon is in Germany and Ruth hopes to go to him in March or April.

We are trying to get hay planted. We have had no rain so I have had to irrigate. Alfred and I leveled about four acres that didn’t water good, last week. This week we will have to plant.


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Reporter David S. Rowley Jr. and wife, Selma; Helper, Utah

Excerpt from the letter containing this family news,

“I know I’m late with this news, but hope the old proverb of ‘better late than never’ will prevail. The most trouble I have is getting family members to co-operate by sending me their news items. Some of these items have come to me in a very roundabout way and I hope that I don’t have facts wrong. FOR THIS REASON I DO WISH FAMILY MEMBERS WOULD KEEP IN TOUCH WITH ME.” So remember if this report isn’t exactly correct in every detail it’s the fault of those who failed to report their news items.

Mrs. Elaine Rowley Webb of Ohio spent the holidays at the home of her mother, Mrs. Irvin F. Rowley, of Bell Gardens, California.

Lt. Don Rowley, his wife, Carrie and baby daughter, Kim, left Feb. 5th for Japan. Lt. Rowley and his family will spend two and a half years there. Lt. Rowley is a jet pilot in the Air Corps. Their little gal, Kim, had her first birthday, February 3rd. The family has resided at San Bernardino, California. They spent Christmas with Lt. Rowley’s mother, Mrs. F. I. Rowley of Bell Gardens.

Mr. & Mrs. Jack J. Rowley have moved from Price to Victorville, California. Jack received his honorable discharge from the Navy Air Corps at Imperial Beach, ???? Field, California, on October 13, 1957 and since that date has resided with his wife, Barbara, in Price. Jack is the son of Mr. and Mrs. David S. Rowley of Spring Glen, Utah.

We received word that Mrs. Edith Rowley Morgan of Santa Monica, California has been in a Los Angeles hospital, but has now returned to her home where her health is improving. Edith is the daughter of the late Silas and Lucretia Anderson Rowley. Get well Quickly, Edith.

On December 28th, Gordon Peterson and Miss Margaret Ruth Lewis were wed in an impressive ceremony performed by the Rigley Branch President, George Leavitt. The bride is the daughter of Joe E. and Lois Burnum Lewis. Mr. Peterson is the son of Alfred D. and Irene Jones Peterson. This was the first marriage performed in the new Rigley Branch chapel. It was a lovely formal wedding followed by a big reception. The young couple are making their home in Selma, California.

Mrs. Sarah N. Rowley visited Vallejo, California from Thanksgiving until the first of the year. She divided her time visiting with her son, Silas Asael and family and her daughter, Jeanne Rowley O’Neal. Mrs. Rowley’s daughter Madge Hansen of Price went to California and accompanied her home. One week after her arrival home Mrs. Rowley was taken to the Price hospital where she received treatment for a week before undergoing surgery for a gall bladder removal. We are happy to report that she is now at home and recovering very satisfactorily. Her children from out of town who came to visit her at the hospital were: Mrs. Lenna Bushnell of Meadow, Utah; Mrs. Delia Anderson of La Salle, Utah; and Silas Asael of Vallejo, California.

Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Alfred Peterson of Kingsburg, California welcomed their first child, Samuel David, January 10th. The new son weighed 8 pounds 5 ounces. He is the first grandchild of Mr. and Mrs. Alfred D. Peterson. The other set of Grandparents live in Ireland.

We are sorry to have to report that during the holidays Mrs. Ethel Rowley of Provo suffered a heart attack. She spent some time in the L.D.S. Utah Valley Hospital where she recovered enough to go to a convalescent home for more rest. Our best “get well” wishes are sent to her.

Mrs. Mary Ann Rowley Jones of Salt Lake City spent two months at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Luella Downard of Price. She left recently with her son, Arthur to visit at his home in Cedar City.

Mrs. LaRue Rowley Donaldson fell on Jan. 27 and broke her leg. She had been off work for two weeks but is back to teaching no, although her leg is still in a cast.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Reporter, David S. Rowley Jr. and wife Selma
R.R. #1 Box 73
Helper, Utah

Mr. and Mrs. Asael Jones had a son born to them on June 13th in Salt Lake City. Mrs. Jones drove herself to the hospital and beat the stork by just three minutes.

Asael is the son of Mary Ann Rowley Jones who was the daughter of John T. and Jane Smith.

A second son, Marvin Burt, was born Sept. 2 to Mr. and Mrs. Manuel Louis Downard of Coalville, Utah.

Manuel is the son of Luella Jones Downard daughter of Mary Ann Rowley Jones.

On May 5th, a son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Fred D. Rowley. The young man was given the name of Fred D. Jr. and is bound to be spoiled as he has four lovely sisters. When he was just five weeks old his mother took him and his four sisters to Alexandria, VA. To show him off to his Grandmother, Mrs. Ethel Campbell.

Fred is the son of David S. Rowley, who was the son John T. and Jane Smith W. Rowley.

Wayne A. Rowley graduated from Carbon College on May 29th and is now living in Salt Lake City and attending the University of Utah.

Wayne is the son of David S. Rowley Jr. who was the son of David S. Rowley Sr. who was the son of John T. and Jane Smith.

Winford Rowley and his two sons, of Provo, and Grant Rowley of Salt Lake visited in Spring Glen on Memorial Day and decorated the graves of their families who are buried there. Grant also has a new son, Mathew, born October 13, 1957.

Winford Rowley is the son of the Irvin Rowley who was the son of John T and Jane Smith. Grant is the brother of Doctor Dean A. Rowley and they are the sons of Silas Rowley who was the son of John T. and Jane Smith.

Miss Shirley Ann Rowley, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lee Rowley was married June 1st to Ralph Keele of Price. The wedding took place at the home of the bride’s parents and they were married by Bishop John J. Neilson. Miss Judy Rowley, sister of the bride was her attendant, Shirley was dressed in a beautiful wedding gown of lace and tulle and was ballerina length. She wore a crown of pearls from which fell her fingertip veil of illusion. She carried a bouquet of white carnations and red roses. After a honeymoon in Salt Lake City, the young couple are making their home in Spring Glen.

Robert Lee Rowley is the son of David S. Rowley Sr. who was the son of John T. and Jane Smith.

Mrs. Jeanne O’Neal and her small daughter. Cindy, of Vallejo, California spent three weeks of September visiting with her mother, Mrs. David S. Rowley Sr. and with her brothers and sisters and friends of this area, Luella being sick.