John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, David S. Rowley Jr. and wife, Selma

A Farewell Testimonial in honor of Rodger Park Rowley prior to his departure for the North Mexican Mission was held Sunday, October 12, 1958, at Spring Glen, Utah. Roger is the son of George A. and Pearl Snow Rowley and a grandson of John Thompson Rowley. Roger graduated from Carbon College last spring. I have a very special respect and admiration for Roger. Always there is a cheery smile and wave of acknowledgment whenever and wherever you meet him. He writes home that things are primitive where he is located. Cool oil lamps are used for light and when going into the homes one is given blankets in which to wrap up for warmth. In all these inconvenient and unfamiliar settings, there has not been one word of complaint or dissatisfaction from him. His only concern is for the health of his dear Mother.

Arthur Jones, a grandson of John Thompson Rowley was operated in for an eye cataract on January 6, 1959. Dr. Palmer says the operation was a success and Arthur is fine.

Louis Lockwood, husband of Vera Jones, granddaughter of John T. Rowley, is in Long Beach California taking special training for a month. He is employed at Hill Field, Ogden.

On June 26, 1958 Don and Carry Rowley got their second child, a girl, born in Japan where Don is a test pilot in the Air Corps. Carry reports that she is able to hire a maid in Japan to help her with the two little girls, Kimberly and Konstance, for $15.00 per month. They plan to remain in Japan for the next 3 ½ years. Don is the son of Franklin I. Rowley and a grandson of John R. Rowley.

A letter from Aunt Florence, widow of Franklin I. Rowley, who lives in Bell Gardens, California states that her daughter, Leone, has a little girl who is 6 months old December 26, weighs 19 pounds and has two teeth. The baby’s name is Machell. At Thanksgiving, Aunt Florence had six of her children and their families with her. Ora and her husband, Red Frazier, Joan and her husband (don’t know the name), Leone and her husband (don’t know the name) and baby, Irvin, Stanley and Jane. Also her sister, Dolores Mecham of Las Vegas, was a dinner guest. She writes she could not get into the Christmas spirit because it seems like the 4th of July down there with roses and poinsettias blooming. She is work director of the Relief Society and that keeps her busy.

Sarah Rowley, widow of David S. Rowley, left December 3, for Vallejo, California to be with her daughter, Mrs. Jeanne O’Neal who had a baby girl named Sara Michelle, on Dec 28, 1958.

The family of David S. Rowley, Jr. were home for the holidays. They included: Wayne and Annette and son, David Scott, from Logan; Dee and Gayle Wareham and daughter, Linda, from Canoga Park, California; Jack and Barbara Rowley and son Jeffery from Victorville, California; and Miki Adele who is still at home. It was the first time in two years they were all home together.

We have a few news items from Alfred D. Peterson and Irene Jones family.

Jacqueline (wife of Vernon Alfred Peterson, whom he married in Ireland 3 April 1957, they had a baby boy, Samuel David Peterson 10 January 1858) got so homesick she just had to go home for a visit. Ruth Ann (The Alfred Peterson’s youngest daughter) went with her — so Alfred and I are back where we were 29 years ago — just the two of us. It is odd not to have the house full and a bit lonely. Ruth Ann written that she is having a grand time.

Gordon’s wife, Ruth, has a baby girl, born 4 December 1958 at 10:29 p.m. The baby’s name is Audrey Lynne. Gordon is in Germany and Ruth hopes to go to him in March or April.

We are trying to get hay planted. We have had no rain so I have had to irrigate. Alfred and I leveled about four acres that didn’t water good, last week. This week we will have to plant.


John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Hannah Barrow was a daughter of Joseph Barrow and Maria Besswick. Her father was born, 19 December, or 4 November 1794, and her mother was born 11 September 1800. They were both born in Halloway, Lancashire, England. They were among the very poor, for the people who were among the first to join the Church in England were only the very poor.

Hannah Barrow was born 19 December 1825 (Archives Record), in Little Bolton, Lancashire County, England. Lancashire Co. England was one of the first localities where the Gospel was preached in England.

She was baptized when she was fourteen years of age in 1839, by Elder Amos Fielding, who was himself and English convert to the Church. “October 19 1838, Elder Clayton (Elder William Clayton, who later accompanied or was in the same company crossing the ocean and going to Nauvoo with Hannah, from whose record the story of their crossing is taken) gave himself wholly to the work, and soon after commenced preaching and baptizing in Manchester, and from thence the work spread into Stockport, and other places neighboring. Through the labors of Elder Claytons, Fielding (Amos Fielding), John Moon and David Wilding (given by Alice Bullock Lunt as the man who baptized Hannah Barrows). A small church had previously sprung up in Bolton, through the labors of Elder David Wilding, and was continued by ELDER AMOS FIELDING.” (Amos Fielding baptized Hannah).

“In the summer of 1839, Elders Clayton, Richards, and John Moon, (John Moon was later in charge of the Saints with whom Hannah came), labored in Burslem, with some success, and a small church was planted in Burnley etc..” (Church History, Vol. 4, Page 321).

On 17 April 1840 the members of the Church at Bolton, Lancashire, England consisted of sixty members, one elder, two priests, and two teachers. (History of the Church, Vol. 4, page 116).

“Saturday, 6 June 1840 – forty-one Saints sailed from Liverpool, England on the ship “Britannia”, for the United States, being the first Saints that gathered from a foreign land. John Moon was the leader of the Company.” (Pioneers and Prominent Men of Utah, p. 1300).

These Saints were gathered mostly from England and Scotland. Many of them from Bolton, Lancashire, England. Among the Saints from Scotland was Peter Muir Fife. He and Hannah Barrow became acquainted and a deep and lasting friendship developed between them. Alice B. Lunt states that Hannah made the journey alone, without any of her family with her. She was a lonely frightened little girl of only fifteen years. Peter Muir Fife’s heart was heavy with grief and sorrow, he was leaving all that he helped near and dear to him, his wife and seven children. Hannah must have been about the same age of some of his older children. He longed for his wife and children and she for her loved ones and friends. Their relationship must have been at this time as a father and daughter.

Peter Muir Fife was born 6 April 1806, in Potshead, Edinburgh, Scotland. His father was John Fife and his mother Janet Muir.

“He was married in Edinburgh and had seven children. He made their living by working in the coal mines. Each morning he would go with his lunch bucket and work all day under the ground and return at night to his home. It was on one of these trips home he saw two young men standing on a street corner talking to a number of people. He was not very presentable after working in the coal all day, but he was very anxious to hear what they were talking about. He edged his way as close as he dared and found the young men to be missionaries. They said they were holding a meeting in the town hall the next night and invited all to attend. Peter Muir Fife told his wife about the meeting and wanted her to go with him, but she was very indignant and refused to go. All the next day he thought about the things these young men had talked about, and he decided to go that night to the meeting. A crowd of people were listening very attentively, and appeared to be much interested. My grandfather saw that they were the same young man who spoke on the corner the night before. They bore testimony to the truths of Mormonism. They explained to the crowd the first principles of the Gospel. Grandfather attended their meetings regularly, but his wife was very much opposed. In fact she would burn all the literature he brought home, even the Bible.”

“One night when he came home from work the house was empty and his wife and his children had gone and had taken everything in the house except a little brown cape belonging to one of the children hanging on the wall. Peter search throughout the city of Edinburgh, but could not find where they had gone. To look for one in such a large city without an address would be like looking for the needle in a haystack. He joined the Church and gave up the search for his family.” (Taken directly from the history written by Alice Bullock Lunt).

The trip across the ocean as a harrowing experience. There were many severe storms and high winds. Most of the Saints became violently son sick and many of them suffered from painful bowel complaints. A baby was born among the Saints and only lived a short time and was buried at sea. The prophecy made by Heber C. Kimball was literally fulfilled when the winds and water were calmed by prayer and the power of God. The tip over was so bad that it was hoped that none of the future Saint’s would come across on this same ship.

On 17 July 1840, they saw Long Island all covered with green and trees and beautiful white houses. What a beautiful sight it was. All their hardships seemed to be compensated for.

They were quarantines for three days. They then went to New York and looked up the Saints in New York. They were greeted with such love and kindness and many tears were shed when they told of the afflictions they had suffered. (Church Chronology, Church Historian’s Office, Room 308) (Retold from record told by William Clayton).

Some of them then undo their way on to Nauvoo, Ill. They were the very first English Saints to arrive in Nauvoo. Nauvoo was only two years old and it was a beautiful and welcome sight. The Saints were enjoying a recess from their persecutions. Hannah Barrow saw the events as they changed from happiness and peace to great sorrow and grief as though time passed and the Saints were again mobbed and mistreated almost beyond their endurance. She was there to see the Temple completed and work done for the dead.

Peter Muir Fife was baptized for his mother, Janet Muir and others of his family on 13 August 1873 (baptisms performed in Nauvoo, Book D, p. 25. In the early days of the Church males were baptized for females and males. This was not changed until later).

(The following two paragraphs copied directly from Alice Bullock Lunt’s History)

“Peter Muir Fife became acquainted with the Prophet Joseph Smith, and lived near him until the Prophet martyrdom 27 June 1844. He filled a mission in the state of Georgia. He came west with the Saints and enlisted in the Mormon Battalion and was mustered into service of the United States Army in Council Bluff, Iowa 16 July 1846, to aid in the war with Mexico.

“President Brigham Young called for five hundred young and efficient men for this expedition. He promised this Battalion, inasmuch as they would go forth and do right, there would not be a ball shot at them; that not one of those who might enlist would fall by the hands of the nations foe.”

Hannah Barrows left Nauvoo in January of 1847.

(From History of the life of Wilford Woodruff, p. 262).

“On the outskirts of civilization, near the banks of the Missouri River, on the 7th day of April, 1847 might have been seen a large body of men and women anxiously gazing on a band of pioneers just taking their departure from wives and children, friends and neighbors, and setting out upon a perilous journey in quest of a resting place in the Rocky Mountains. In the hearts of wives and friends there was a strange mixture of fear and faith, what the outcome could be, none could foresee; and the probabilities of danger from the hostile redman were only mitigated by the fervent faith which had served them well in the trying ordeal of other troubleous times through which the Church had passed. The pioneers were missionaries whose trust in the direction and care of an ever-ruling Providence was uppermost in their minds.”

So Hannah was there to see the first pioneers leave for the Rocky Mountains. On October 31, 1847 some of the pioneers returned from Salt Lake City, and what historic times to live through and experience.

The next statistic we have is that Hannah Barrow had a baby girl, Ellen Nelson at Winter Quarters, 4 December 1847. Again we can only guess at the suffering and sorrow she went through. Ellen’s father was Isaac Nelson and that is all the positive information we have been able to find, unless a wonderful history I have found of on Isaac Nelson, whose history run parallel with Hannah’s can be this Isaac Nelson. This Isaac Nelson was born in Westmoreland, England 21 May 1821. He came to Nauvoo early in 1847 and rowed a boat across the Mississippi River, carrying passengers from Nauvoo. He left Winter Quarters in 1851 for Salt Lake City, Utah.

Samuel S. Fife states that Ellen was raised, perhaps, by her grandparents, the Nelson’s. We know that Ellen was never with Hannah, her mother, in either the Fife or the Rowley homes. The people of the Fife Family Organization knew Hannah Barrow was married to an Isaac Nelson but they did not know there was a child until 1957. Samuel S. Fife reports that members of his family had heard Hannah Barrow, in her later life, proclaim many times that she did not want to be sealed to either Peter Muir Fife or to James Rowley, but to Isaac Nelson. To me this proves that whatever became of him that their association was a very happy one. She must have known him to have been a very kind and noble man and she must certainly have loved him all her life. If only the true story could be found and told. Somehow she had lost Isaac Nelson, never again to have his association in this life. There will come a time in the Eternities of Time when all problems of this kind will be solved and made known to all of us. At this time everyone will be rewarded with the blessings they richly deserve and a greater and wiser judge than any of us will make the decision.

Whether he was called away by death or some other circumstance, her heart was filled with grief and pain and she even had to be parted from her darling baby girl. We have no way to know the extent of her suffering.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

by Historian, Luella Jones Downard

Historical facts are so hard to find on the life of James Rowley that I am trying to secure a history of each of his four wives, hoping in this way to enrich the few facts that we will be able to find and perhaps add a few new facts and more detail in the history.

Last issue I gave a short history of his daughter, Zuriah Rowley Lyman, to take the place of a history of her mother and James Rowley’s first wife, Mary Shirlock. This filled in nicely the Mary Shirlock Chapter of his life.

Eva Hill a descendant of Hannah Barrows and her first husband, Isaac Nelson, has been a wonderful help to me. She has diligently sought and searched to secure most of the following information (She also gave us a picture of Hannah Barrows, a negative has been mane – anyone wishing a copy, please contact me and one can be obtained).

Hannah Barrows was born, 19 December 1826, in Bolton, Lainshire, England. Her father was Joseph Barrows, and her mother, Marie Besswich.

The next fact we have is that on 4 December 1857 a daughter, Ellen Nelson was born to her at Winter Quarters, (Indian Territory), Iowa. When Ellen Nelson received her Endowments, she gave her father’s name as Isaac Nelson and her mother’s as Hannah Barrows. This is all we know of Isaac Nelson, though a great deal of searching has been done.

In the current Sunday School Genealogical Lesson Book, by Archibald F. Bennett, chapter 41, “Searching in Scotland”, page 243, a partial genealogy is given of Peter Muir Fife. It states that he joined the Church in Scotland and emigrated to America, joining the Saints at Nauvoo, Illinois. In 1846 he joined the Mormon Battalion.

It is said that Hannah Barrows and Peter Muir Fife had known each other in England, however, we do not know when she migrated to be America or when she joined the Church, or what her circumstances were when her daughter Ellen Nelson was born. It appears that she did not raise Ellen, as Eva Hill reports that the Fife Family Genealogist knew nothing of Ellen’s birth.

We do not know the date of Hannah’s marriage to Peter Muir Fife, but she was sealed to him 10 October 1849. The first of their five children, Maria Fife was born 26 June 1849 in Salt Lake City.

Peter Muir Fife and Hanna Barrows were never happy in their marriage – the trouble seems to have originated from the great difference in their ages, he was twenty one years older. She left him at one time, taking all of their children but he overtook her and they all went back to him, later she left him again and returned to the home of her parents in Kanosh, Utah, leaving all of her children. These children were cared for by her oldest daughter, Maria, until their father married again.

Eva Hill states that her father remembers Hannah Barrows, His Grandmother and tells of how she used to visit then and that she always talked broken in an English dialect.

It is not known when Hannah Barrows married James Rowley. They were sealed 16 November 1867. Their first child, James Rowley Jr. was born 23 April 1861 in Deseret, Millard, Utah. Her last child by Peter Muir Fife was born 1 December 1858 at Hamilton’s Fort, Iron, Utah, Elizabeth Fife.

Hannah and James had the following children in addition to James Jr.; Abigail Rowley, born 22 May 1833 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah; Sarah Rowley, born 17 October 1865 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah; Joseph Rowley born 2 July 1868 in Fillmore, Millard, Utah.

She lived in Fillmore for forty years raised her family there and died there at the age of seventy-eight.

Her name is on the rolls of the Relief Society there.

If there are any more stories of her life in Fillmore, we would like very much to have them, surely someone knows of her life there. She must have taken some part in Church, community or social life. Please if any of you know even the slightest thing about her or her life at any time, let me know so that we can tell something of her long life and service to her loved ones.

This Day In Our Family History


Jacomine Lount was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom to Richard Lount and Mary Jacomyn McKinney


Edward Lunt was born in Litchfield, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom to John Lunt and Ms. Millington


Alfred Oscar Lunt was born, in the covenant, in Nephi, Juab, Utah, United States to Alfred Lunt, age 29, and Priscilla Pitt, age 28. He was the 4th of 5 children, and the 3rd of 4 boys, born to the couple


Florence Thora Harper completed her endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


John Gibbons and Sarah Wild Cole were sealed for time and eternity. Their children: Harriet, John Francis, James Robert, Henry, Sarah and Elizabeth Gibbons were sealed to them at the same and John and Elizabeth completed their endowment ordinances as well


John, Mary and Moses Blakesley were baptized members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Richard Mansfield and Gillian Drake were sealed for time and eternity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Salt Lake Utah Temple, which is located in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. Their children: Joseph and Moses Mansfield were sealed for time to them at the same time

William Potter and Frances Child were sealed for time and eternity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Salt Lake Utah Temple, which is located in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. Their children: Mary, Joseph, Sarah, Hope, Rebecca and Nathaniel Potter were sealed to them at the same time


Charles Wood was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Paul Evans Grace died in Los Angeles, Los Angeles, California, United States


Richard Dean Fifield was born to DeeEll Fifield and Cheryl Ann Miller

Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Saturday) – It was Oscar’s (Alfred Oscar Lunt) birthday. He said he was 23 years old. Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) came home with me. It is now 28 December 1897, I have been so busy that I have neglected to write in my journal. I will try and remember some of the things that have happened. I can’t see what I was so very busy about, I came to town quite often, went to several practices at Booth’s, it was the opera “Pinafore” we were practicing, we never did produce it for which I was thankful as I think I would have been too scared to do it justice, besides our cast wasn’t very good, some young good singers in the chorus and older people taking the leading parts. Oscar would come up as often as possible when I was in town.


Journal: Jeanette Sperry; December 1, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 1, 2017

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John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger; December 1, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 2, 2017

Removed Sealed to Spouse for Samuel Blakesley and Hannah Potter in 1650

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  • Wellington, Shropshire, England, United Kingdom
  • Edna Viola Nelson – 8
  • Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah, United States
  • Nels Rosenquist Nelson – 25
  • Grace Viola Harper – 26

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger; December 2, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 3, 2017

Removed sealed to spouse in 1650 for Samuel Blakesley and Hannah Potter in The Mesa Arizona Temple

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John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger; December 3, 2017

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Journal: Jeanette Sperry; December 4, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 4, 2017

Deleted endowments for Nels Rosenquist Nelson, they were completed December 11

Added correct parents for Joseph and Moses Mansfield under sealed to parents on this day. Their parents are: Richard Mansfield and Gillian Drake

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  • Priscilla Pitt – 41
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Journal: Jeanette Sperry; December 5, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 5, 2017

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John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger; December 5, 2017

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This Day In Our Family History; December 6, 2017

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John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger; December 6, 2017

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Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 (Friday) – Mother (Caroline Webb) was sick all day, in the afternoon, Sister Salisbury came down and after school Melvin (Henry Melvin Sperry) went up town for Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and Grandma Sperry (Emily Louisa Miller). Sister Salisbury went home about eight o’clock in the evening but Grandmother Sperry spend the night with us. I received a letter from May Reid.