Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1906 (Sunday) – Was home all day with the children (Alfred Oscar, Jr., Lillian, Charles Gilbert and Eva Ruth Lunt). Ruth (Ruth Sperry) came up in the afternoon and stayed until after supper. My husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came home on the evening train. Clara (Clara Golden) slept home.

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This Day In Our Family History

1912  Charles Everett Mayhew, Sr. was born in the covenant* in Lindon, Utah, Utah, United States to Elisha Thomas Mayhew, age 40, and Sarah Elizabeth Harper, age 37. He was the 6th of 8 children, and the 2nd of 2 sons, born to the couple.  1937  Emerson Alderson Rowley was born in Harlem, Blaine, Montana, […]

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