History: Lillian Alcorn

Shortly after Douglas and Vonna were married, I began to teach Vonna how to drive do she could have a little freedom. I soon learned to love Vonna very much. She is very sweet person and seemed to return my love. I shall always remember when she invited me to go with her to a Mothers’ and Daughters’ party. It meant a great deal to me and I appreciate having her close to me. Grace was expecting another baby soon after the first of the year, in January 1957. We were happy for her and also a little concerned. I wanted to go back to Virginia and spend some time with her and help with the tiny one. They were due to go overseas soon after the baby was born and I wanted to see them before they left so with the help of the family we began to plan the trip. However the trip came a little sooner than expected when Don called us on 30 December 1956 to tell us that Grace had had a lovely little girl. The mother and baby were doing fine. They named the baby Lillian Lorraine after her two grandmothers.

With this surprise I left right after the first of the year. I went back on the bus and enjoyed it very much, except for getting pretty tired. I enjoyed being with Grace and the family. They took me to visit many places of interest which had to do with our country’s history. I surely get a thrill out of little Ronnie and the older girls. Ronnie was talking pretty good and I was amazed at how clearly he could pronounce his r’s –especially for a child his age. I spent several weeks with them before coming back home.

I returned home and got back into the routine of things and got caught up on all the things that had gotten behind while I was gone. Then about Mother’s Day, Ralph and his girlfriend, Aleene Sumsion talked to us about getting married. I was very happy about it because I felt that Aleene was a very special person and just the girl to make Ralph happy. They had met at the BYU and Aleene graduated in June 1957 with a degree and a teaching certificate. They planned for her to teach school while Ralph finished his last year at BYU.

Aleene was from Washington State and went home to work for the summer. Ralph had to spend two weeks in Washington with the ROTC program for summer camp and they were able to see each other during this time. They planned to be married 21 August 1957 in the Salt Lake Temple. Ralph and Aleene were both good planners and things seemed to go just as they had anticipated. They were married in the Salt Lake Temple on 21 August 1957. Dwain and Marjorie and others of the family came up for the ceremony and the reception which followed in the 4th Ward in Salt Lake City. Now four of our seven living children had married and all in the Temple.

With the coming of fall we had two lovely new grandchildren born to our children. They were adding up fast now. Marjorie had her little girl Dwana Kay Judkins on 26 September 1957 and Vonna had their first baby, a boy on 4 November 1957. He was named William Douglas Rowley. We are always so grateful when these precious souls come into the world healthy and strong.

The city bus lines had a stop across the street from our house and I would catch the bus right after Grant left for school and go into Salt Lake City and spend the day at the library. I would come home before Grant got home from school. I did a lot of research on Dave’s lines because I had come to a standstill on my own lines. I enjoyed doing this research very much and felt that it was a very important part of our salvation. I only wish I could find more on my own lines and I wish some of my children would take more interest in this wonderful work and help me a little. I also enjoyed taking genealogical courses that were offered through the Stake. (Mother completed three of these courses and the family was given the certificate for the last course the day after her death).

Clayton came home from his mission in June 1958 and had some wonderful experiences to tell us about. He was riding his bicycle one day in Crescent City when he was hit by a car. He received some bad cuts above his eye and on his forehead, but they did a very good job sewing them up because the scars were hardly noticeable. It was wonderful to have him home again.

In April, 1958 Marjorie and I planned and gave a baby shower for Aleene as they were expecting their first baby in May. She was still teaching school and Ralph was still attending the “Y”. Aleene’s principal let her teach for quite a while after he was supposed to let her go which helped them quite a bit. The shower was held in Marjorie’s new home in Orem, Utah.

On 21 May 1958 Aleene gave birth to their baby, a boy, at the Utah Valley Hospital in Provo, Utah. They named him Kurtis Wayne. Ralph was a typical new father, happy and excited and grateful that both his wife and new son were well and had gotten along so well. This brought our number of grandchildren to 9; 5 boys and 4 girls. It surely doesn’t take long for one’s posterity to grow.

Dave was still in construction work and with the fall and winter coming he was soon out of work. Dwain’s father, Leonard Judkins who is a small contractor in Provo, gave Dave work for the winter months of 1958-59. Dave stayed with Dwain and Marjorie and their family. It was hard to be without him during the week, but the boys and I did come down on some weekends and Dave came home on others.

We also came down to spend Christmas 1958 with Marjorie and the family. It was a lovely day and we enjoyed it very much. However, before we came down, Vonna gave birth to their second baby. Scott Calvin, their second son was born 19 December 1958. She was delivered by cesarean section, but got along really well. They were thrilled at his arrival. This made 10 grandchildren, now.

Hugh was getting anxious to go on a mission so he approached the Bishop there in Bountiful and talked to him about going. The Bishopric was happy that he wanted to go and started the ball rolling. Hugh left for the Argentine Mission Field on 9 February 1959. He flew to New York and to Argentina. Again my heart was full for this spiritual blessing of having sons go on missions for the Church. We were still receiving some of the insurance money left us when David was killed in Korea and that helped to support Hugh, as it had Ralph and Clayton.

I was called to be a Visiting Teacher there in the ward soon after we had moved and I do enjoy it very much. It keeps me in contact with the sisters and members of the ward. I also was called to be the Speech Director in MIA and this is another job I really enjoyed. Since all but Grant were gone now I enjoyed working with young people again. It was part of my responsibility to assign all the talks that were given by young people in the ward. This included 2 ½ minute talks in Sunday School, talks in MIA and in Sacrament Meetings. I also taught the lessons that were outlined. I like to feel that the young people liked me as much as I enjoyed them.

To be continued…

Aleene Sumsion – Daughter-in-Law: Son Ralph’s (34) wife
Archie Harold Alcorn 97) – Brother
Bert Lund Murphy – Brother-in-Law: Sister-in-Law Verda’s (88) husband
Cheryl Jeanette Smith (12) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Clark Alcorn (91) – Father
Clayton Alcorn Rowley (35) – Son
Coral Lorraine Bolton (28) – Son-in-Law’s Mother: Donald’s (9) mother
David Alcorn Rowley (32) – Son
David Lenn Judkins – Grandson: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) son
David William Rowley (30) – Husband
Deon Eugene Judkins – Grandson: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) son
Dollie Cook – Wife of Maternal Uncle: James Jr’s (228) wife
Donald Eugene Smith (9) – Son-in-Law: Daughter Grace’s (10) husband
Donald Eugene Smith Jr (11) – Grandson: Daughter Grace’s (10) son
Donna Diane Smith (13) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Douglas Alcorn Rowley (33) – Son
Dwain Eugene Judkins –  Son-in-Law: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) husband
Dwana Kay Judkins – Granddaughter: Daughter Marjorie’s (36) daughter
Emerson Adis Rowley (89) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
Erma Thornton – Sister-in-Law: Brother-in-Law Emerson’s (89) wife
Fannie Marie Weaver (Aunt Fannie) (229) – Maternal Aunt: Mother Harriet’s (92) sister
Grace Davis (86) – Mother-in-Law
Grace Harriet Rowley (10) – Daughter
Grant Alcorn Rowley (39) – Son
Hannah Davis (210) – Husband’s Maternal Aunt: Mother-in-Law Grace’s (86) sister
Harriet Ann Weaver (92) – Mother
Hugh Alcorn Rowley (37) – Son
Hugh Francis Rowley (87) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
Hugh Thompson Rowley (85) – Father-in-Law
James Albert Weaver Jr (228) – Maternal Uncle: Mother Harriet’s (92) brother
James Sheldon Nelson Sr – Wife of Maternal Aunt: Fannie’s (229) husband
Jesse Verl Alcorn (99) – Brother
Joe Ben Smith (27) – Son-in-Law’s: Donald’s (9) father
John Joseph Everhard – Son-in-Law’s: Donald’s (9) stepfather
Joseph Lorenzo Alcorn (96) – Brother
Karen Andrea Goe – Niece: Maternal Aunt Melva’s (98) daughter
Kurtis Wayne Rowley – Grandson: Son Ralph’s (34) son
Leonard Clark Alcorn (93) – Brother
Lillian Alcorn (31) – Self
Lillian Lorraine Smith (3) – Granddaughter: Daughter Grace’s (10) daughter
Margaret Jeanette Alcorn (224) – Paternal Aunt: Father Clark ‘s (91) sister
Marjorie Ann Rowley (36) – Daughter
Marjorie Elizabeth Snyder – Son-in-Law’s Stepmother: Donald’s (9) stepmother
Marvin Ballard Alcorn (95) – Brother
Mary Catherine Hammons (218) – Paternal Grandmother: Father Clark’s (91) mother
Mary Francis Alcorn – Cousin: Brother Archie’s (97) daughter
Mary Gregory Askins – Sister-in-Law: Brother Archie’s (97) wife
Melva Alcorn (98) – Sister
Myron Nelson – Cousin: Maternal Aunt Fannie’s (229) son
Pamela Rowley – Granddaughter: Son Douglas’ (33) daughter
Ralph Alcorn Rowley (34) – Son
Robert L. Goe – Brother-in-Law: Sister Melva’s (98) 1st husband
Ronald Steven Smith (14) – Grandson: Daughter Grace’s (10) son
Rosina Weaver (Aunt Rose) (469) – Mother Harriet’s (92) maternal aunt
Royal James Rowley (205) – Husband’s Paternal Uncle: Father-in-Law Hugh’s (85) brother
Scott Calvin Rowley – Grandson: Son Douglas’ (33) son
Sharon Lee Rowley (38) – Daughter
Verda May Rowley (88) – Sister-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) sister
Vonna Ensign – Daughter-in-Law: Son Douglas’ (33) wife
Walter Illith Rowley (90) – Brother-in-Law: Husband David’s (30) brother
William Douglas Rowley – Grandson: Son Douglas’ (33) son
William Vernon Alcorn (94) – Brother
William Weaver (457) – Maternal Great-Grandfather: Mother Harriet’s (92) father


This Day In Our Family History


Nils Olsson was born


Lawrence Clinton completed his endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Mayard C. Wankier completed his initiatory and endowment ordinance for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in The Church’s Manti Utah Temple, which is located at 200 East 510 North in Manti, Sanpete, Utah, United States


James Ralph Matthews was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Morgan William Lunt and Zella Evans Cornaby were married in Benjamin, Utah, Utah, United States


Connie Myrtle Lunt completed her initiatory and endowment ordinance for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in The Church’s Salt Lake Utah Temple, which is located at 50 North West Temple in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States

This Day In Our Family History


Twins, Edward and Mary Lount were born in Sutton Colfield, Staffordshire, England, United Kingdom to Richard Lount and Mary Alen


Robert Curnock was buried in Slimbridge, Gloucestershire, England, United Kingdom


Elizabeth Phipps Brand registered the birth of her son Charles Benjamin Harper


Earl Sperry Lunt was ordained a High Priest for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Scott Calvin Rowley was born in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States to Douglas Alcorn Rowley and Vonna Ensign


Olive Dove Doke died at the age of 90 in Modesto County, California, United States


Delina Alcorn died


Nita Idale Allred completed her endowment ordinance and was sealed, by proxy, for time and eternity to her parents, Sanford Eugene Allred and Lilly May Lunt, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Mount Timpanogos Utah Temple, which is located at 742 North 900 East in American Fork, Utah, Utah, United States. She was then sealed to her husband Edward Rosenquist Nelson


Morgan Gary Lunt completed initiatory and endowment ordinances and was sealed for time and eternity to his parents, Morgan William Lunt and Martha Ellen Fullmer, in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Manti Utah Temple, which is located at 200 East 510 North

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by Eva Stoddard
Los Angeles, California

Ronda Tool, daughter of Eva Stoddard, granddaughter of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul through Ralph Nephi Rowley, gave birth to an 8 lb. 1 ½ oz. baby girl on the 14 August 1958. She has been named Lorinda Kay Tool.

News of the Elizabeth Jane Rowley Day line

Fern Day Stewart has been visiting recently in Salt Lake City, and Springville with her friends and relatives. Her brother, Luke Day and sister, Eldra Moulton reside in Springville.

Lillian Lanbertsen is in the Salt Lake Hospital undergoing tests to determine the nature of her illness. She was enroute to her home in Aurora, Utah, from Salt Lake, when in Springville she took ill, and was taken back to Salt Lake City.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, Verda R. Murphy,
Chinook, Montana

A baby boy was born to Violet Rowley and Hugh Byrd in June of 1958. He was named Danny. Violet is the daughter of Emerson A. Rowley, a grandson of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Bert L. Murphy, husband of this reporter, was in Salt Lake City recently attending a Sugar Beet Convention. While in the state he journeyed down to Provo, to visit with his sister, Lois Webb and his newly married son, Sheldon and wife, Lywinn.

Ralph A. Rowley, son of David Wm. Rowley, has received orders to report to Lockland, Texas between the 11th and 13th of December as a 2nd Lieutenant in the USA AIR FORCE. He and his wife, Aleene, are presently in Cheney, Washington visiting her folks. They will be in Bountiful the first week or so in December.

At present Francis Rowley Grandson of John T. and Jane Paul Rowley through Hugh T. Rowley, is working for the Fish and Game checking station in Kalispell, Montana.

His sons are located as follows:

Noland and his wife are in Chinook, Montana and working for Bert L. Murphy.

Lawrence and his wife are in Havre, Montana where Lawrence is attending college.

Miland and his wife are in Reno, Nevada. He is working in a Government Land Office. He enjoys it very much.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, Lorin P. Rowley
Salt Lake City, Utah

Great grandchildren born in 1958, to Mrs. Lucy M. Rowley.

Penny June Rowley,
daughter of Leslie and Carol Ingersoll Rowley was born 14 August, 1958 in Salt Lake City. Leslie is the son of Edwin and June Stevens Rowley. Edwin is the son of Lucy M. Rowley.

Carol Jean Taylor,
daughter of Shelby D. and Maurine Rowley Taylor was born 26 July 1958 in Salt Lake City. Maurine is a daughter of Howard and Evelyn Hitchcock Rowley. Howard is the son of Lucy M. Rowley.

Wendy Sue Rowley,
daughter of Stanley and Barbara Geniel Knight Rowley, was born 27 July in Salt Lake City. Stanley is a son of Howard and Evelyn Hitchcock Rowley.

Emerson and Flossie Rowley of Charlo, Montana arrived in Salt Lake August 3, 1958, for a visit with mother, Lucy M. Rowley. While here they visited in Price and Helper. They returned home September 11, 1958.

Lucy Wilcox came up from California for a visit with Mother and her brothers, on October 6, 1958. She went home October 13, 1958.

Elder Keith Rowley, son of Ralph N. and Beth Lindsay Rowley returned from the Indian Mission in New Mexico. He was released September 26, 1958 and arrived home in Duchesne September 30, 1958. Keith has been a visitor to his grandmother’s home several times since his release.

This Day In Our Family History


Ebenezer Dorman and Abigail Bishop, age 23, were married


James Hammons was born in Madison, Kentucky, United States to Phillip Hammons and Christen Cook


Elizabeth/Betsy Martin was christened in Darliston, Staffordshire, England


Susan Jannett Sperry was born in Nephi, Juab, Utah, United States to Charles Sperry and Emily Louisa Miller


Sarah Elizabeth Harper, age 8, was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


John Sperry completed his endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Joseph Phipps completed his endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr. was buried in North Hollywood, Los Angeles, California, United States


Vera Lucille Daley was sealed for time and eternity to her parents, Adnoriam Judson Daley and Harriet Henrietta Inkley in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints which is located at 50 North West in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States. She completed her endowments at the same time


Mary Lucille Cowan died


Charles Mayhew Astle Jr died at the age of 84 in Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah, United States


Marjorie Elizabeth Snyder was baptized a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Days Saints


Brenda Birk was born to Douglas Jones Birk and Donna Diane Smith