John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Whate’er you say, whate’er you do,
Be it for shame or enduring glory,
From your cradle days to the end of life,
You’re writing your life’s secret story.

Each month ends a thirty-page chapter,
Each year means the end of a part,
and never an act is misstated,
Nor ever one wish of the heart.

Each day when you wake, the book opens
Revealing a page clean and white.
What thoughts and what words and what doings
Will cover its surface by night?

God leaves that to you, you’re the writer,
And never one word shall grow dim.
Till some day you write the word “finis,”
And give back your life book to him.

At this time we wish to add our greetings to all the family in wishing all a Merry Christmas and a happy, prosperous New Year.

The Family Organization Presidency:
David Wm. Rowley
Luke Day
William Rowley Jones
Vivian Wade
Max Lambertson


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Mrs. Luella Jones Downard our Historian, has been very ill this past fall, with an attack of asthma. We are thankful that she is recuperating and is able to carry on. She has worked very hard on our family history and needs all the help she can get from the family. So send in what history you have and get your family histories written up.

Floyd Thompson Galloway joined the navy in October and is now in San Diego, California in basic training. Floyd is the son of the late Lehi Galloway and Annie Vern Poulsen Galloway of Salt Lake City, Utah.

Lawrence and Kay announced the birth of a baby son born at Havre, Montana, on November 25, 1957.  They named him Steven Vance Rowley. Lawrence is the son of Francis and Erma Rowley of Kalispell Montana, who is a grandson of John Rowley and Jane Paul. Lawrence is in Alaska in the service and is a radio and electronic technician and expects to be out of the service by Christmas time. He plans to attend the B.Y.U. after the holidays and wishes everyone a Merry Christmas.

Douglas Rowley blessed and named his son on Sunday, December 1, 1957. They named him William Douglas Rowley and call him Billy.

Diana Galloway, daughter of Charles Fredrick Galloway and Helen Lorraine Lambardie Galloway was baptized 30 November 1957 by her father and confirmed a member of the of the Church December 1, 1957, by her father Charles, in the 14th Ward of the Bountiful Stake, Bountiful, Utah.

Wm. Henry Galloway is on a mission for the church in Texas. He is doing well and is enjoying his labors there.

Charles and Henry are the sons of George Galloway and Sarah Ann Hughes. George is the son Harriet Ann Rowley Galloway who is the daughter of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Lehi Allen Galloway and Leona Richardson Galloway are happy to announce the arrival of a fine baby boy and they named him Lee Wesley Galloway. He was born October 27, 1957.

We received word through our Historian Luella Downard, from the Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman Family. Zuriah was the only daughter of James Rowley and unable to publish in this issue but will be in the February issue.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reported by: Ralph A. and Francis Rowley
3814 No. 24th
Tacoma 7, Washington

Ralph is employed five days a week at the lumber company in Olympia, Washington. About a year and a half ago we bought some acreage just out of Olympia. It had basic improvements but was rundown. It had taken most of his spare time to improve it. We expect to sell our home here and build there.

Ralph is the son of Moroni Rowley and Mary Maxfield.

Richard Rowley, Ralph’s brother, has accepted a contract as principal of a high school in De Taer, Michigan.

Ralph’s son Richard is engaged to be married to Miss Dorothy Atkins. They have set no definite time for their wedding. It probably will not take place until after the holidays.

A letter from Clara Rowley O’Tolle informed us that her husband was in the hospital for surgery.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

REPORTED BY,    Verda Murphy
Rt. #2
Chinook, Montana

Due to the extremely cold weather in Montana many of the sugar beets have been frozen in the ground and it is doubtful that they will be able to harvest them at all.

Bert Murphy son of Bert Murphy and Verda Rowley Murphy is serving in the armed forces in Thule Greenland. His wife Joyce, is in Dallas, Texas and Bert recently enjoyed a two week leave there with his wife.

The Bert Murphy and Verda Rowley Murphy family have all been down with the “Flu”. It developed into pneumonia and pleurisy with Virginia and she has been on the Sacred Hearts Hospital at Havre. She arrived home for Thanksgiving although she is still under the doctors care.

Lawrence Rowley, the son of Francis Rowley who was the son of Hugh T. Rowley who was the son of John T. Rowley and Jane Paul.

Lawrence has been in the service in Alaska as a radio technician is being released before Christmas, but at present is in the Naval Hospital in Bremerton, Washington for a throat disorder of some kind. He will be home for the holidays to see his wife Kay Green Rowley and his new born son, born 26 of November at 9:15 and weighing 9 Ibs. and 34 oz. a fine big boy. His hair looks like it might be red and they named him Steven Vance Rowley. They are both doing fine.

Francis and Erma also expect Nolan, Lawrence’s brother home from Germany for the holidays, so it will be a happy reunion for them during the holiday. Both Lawrence and Noland expect to attend the B.Y.U. at Provo for the next quarter.

Miland Rowley another brother of Lawrence’s and son Francis and Erma Rowley is working at the bank in Kalispell though he has had a sort of breakdown, but is still working.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


                Emerson A. Rowley
1419 Santa Clara
Eureka, California

May 1, 1957 was the marriage date of Arthur Alderson Rowley to Miss Frances Louise Shoemaker, of Eureka, California. The groom Arthur Rowley is the son of Sarah Marie Alderson, who is the daughter of Mr. Arthur Alderson and Violet Demmon and was born in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada. The groom’s father is Emerson Adis Rowley, son of Hugh Thompson Rowley, and Grace Davis and was born at Milo, Idaho. Hugh is the son of John T. and Jane Paul. Arthur joined the U.S.N. training at San Diego, California is now enjoying a 14 day leave visiting with his wife, Frances, along with her folks, and with his parents and brother and sister, his married sister and her husband Hugh G. Byrd, along with their children  and Larry Byrd. He will return next week to his home where he will attend school for 14 weeks preparing for the trade he expects to follow which is electricity. This date is November 16, 1957.

August 31, 1957 was a very happy day in the family of Emerson A. Rowley as that is the day that his wife Sarah Marie was baptized into the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. The ordinance was performed by the husband, Emerson who was very happy to be allowed the privilege to act in this occasion. The baptism was witnessed by their oldest daughter, Mrs. Violet Byrd and the oldest son Emerson Alderson Rowley, this now makes the family 100% members of the Church.

Thanksgiving Day for the Emerson A. Rowley family will be very early this year so that the family can all celebrate the day together as Arthur will be returning to the Navy base, thereby leaving an empty chair at the table.

November 16, 1957  Emerson A. Rowley receives a call.  While sitting here writing this sheet I received a phone call from Arcata, California and to my surprise it was my nephew on the phone. He is filling a mission in Northern California and was in Arcata attending a baptismal service, the missionaries name was Elder Clayton Rowley, son of David William Rowley and Lillian Alcorn Rowley of Bountiful, Utah.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter: David Wm. Rowley
898 No. 4 East
Bountiful, Utah

Born recently to Marjorie Rowley and Dwain Judkins of Orem, Utah was a lovely daughter. She put in her appearances September 26, 1957 at the Utah Valley LDS Hospital in Provo. She weighed in at 7 lbs. 10 oz. and was named Dwana Kay. She had two older brothers.

Marjorie is the daughter of David Wm. Rowley who was the son of Hugh Thompson Rowley who was the son of John T and Jane Paul.

Born to Douglas A. Rowley and Vonna Ensign Rowley of Salt Lake City, was a boy. Born on November 4, 1957, he was named William Douglas. He shows resemblance to his good looking parents and weighed 7 lbs. 13 oz.

Douglas is also the son of David Wm. Rowley.

Clayton A. Rowley, who is serving in the Northern California Mission, was transferred to Crescent City, California during the month of October, his present address is as follow:

                Elder Clayton Rowley
1022 Anzio Street
Crescent City, California

He would very much appreciate hearing from you, his family.

Clayton is the son of David Wm. Rowley.