John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Ballots were sent out for the election of your new officers for the family society for the next two years, and the reports of the election has just been received as of 10:00 p.m., 5 June 1958. So we will relay the information on to you folks. David W. Rowley, Vivian Wade, John Van Rowley, Wm. R. Jones and Luke Day.


John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

News of James Rowley and Mary Shirlock

Reported by Rosa Lyman More, daughter of Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman
Zuriah Rowley was the daughter of James Rowley and Mary Sherlock

Amasa Henry Lyman, youngest child of Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman, died the latter part of January 1958, age 69, in Los Angeles, California. He was badly hurt in an automobile accident several years ago, and had been bed-fast, suffering terribly ever since with him at the time of death were his two daughters, Pamela and Amasette.

Marion Stone, granddaughter of Nora Lyman Stone, of Paicines, California, has just returned from a trip abroad, which she found so enjoyable she plans to repeat it next year. She is a stewardess on an air line from New York, Nora Stone is the fourth child of Zuriah and Lorenzo Snow Lyman.

Mrs. Edith Lyman, whose husband Cornelius Lyman was the second child of Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman, recently visited her daughter, Dorothy Lyman Hurley in Fresno, Dorothy’s youngest son is in the State Forestry Service near Fresno, California and her oldest son, Dick, is on duty in Korea. Edith Lyman lives in Salina, California near her son Chester Lyman. Cornelius Lyman passed away in April 1937. Mrs. Ina Dee Mort, youngest daughter of Zuriah Rowley and Lorenzo Snow Lyman is living at Clarimont Manor, Clarimont, California since retiring. For over thirty years she worked at Stanford University, California most of the time in Roble Hall, the girl’s Dormitory, as switchboard  operator, and Assistant House Mother. I am dory to report she is now in very poor health.

Nora Lyman Stone, of Paicines, California , reports that her husband, Will Stone, is bed-fast and completely helpless. Her youngest son, Lyman Stone, lives with them, but is away at work every day, so Nora is kept close at home. They live in the mountains in San Benito Co., California. (Continued in the next issue)

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


18 December 1899
24 Gregory St.
Loryton, Staff., England

My Dear Niece,

I should have wrote sooner only I didn’t know your address, as I wrote about two years ago as near as I can guess, and I had the letter returned to me as the Postal authorities could not find you, but if I can find the letter, I will enclose it and then you can see for yourself. None of your uncles have gone to the war, Uncle Alfred finished his time in the army in October 1893 or over 6 years ago now. Your Grandma was only saying the day before she received your ever welcome letter. We should all of  us like to see you and your brothers and sisters and father. Your Uncle William Bennett died here in July 10th 1898, he was your Aunt Elizabeth’s husband and she died about 16 months before your mother. Please to write oftener and I will do all that lies in my power to answer them as early as possible. Grandma was 66 years of age on the 3rd of this present December. I, your Uncle Charles got married last married last Christmas to Miss Annie Holmes, I am 34 years of age. I live about 20 yards from Grandma, your Uncle George lives in London about 150 miles from here, he has been there about 2 years and a half. I went to see him in the summer for 3 days. London is the capital of England the same as Washington is of the states. The Queen lives there I have seen her residence, it is called Buckingham Palace. I have seen the crown of gold that she wears and all her gold plates and dishes worth millions of pounds in the Tower of London. It is the finest city in the world and if you lived there for 12 months you would not see all the sites there is to be seen there. You talk about grass, flowers and trees why we are in the midst of them out here, we live close by the Park where the public can go and walk or sit and read and listen to the band and the park is decorated with beautiful trees, grass and flowers of all sorts to suit the season of the year. I expect Amasa is a big boy now and getting to be quite a man. Please to send word in your next letter if your father

(a page missing)

Herself very much in fact she has not quite recovered yet from the effects of it otherwise all are well in the family circle. Brother Alfred had a boy four years old run over by the Electric train last year and killed at a place called Benton, a mile from Lougton. I wish I could drop over sometime and take you by surprise and I suppose you would say go away you imposter.

I will conclude my wishing you a Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year and may it prove to be a prosperous one to all of you.

From Your ????
Uncle Charles
for Grandma


Mary Balloy
24 Gregory St.
Lougton, Staffs., England

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Dear Cousin Luella,

Your letter and the blanks came some time ago, and I am sorry to be so slow in acknowledging them. I filled in the blanks as far as I could, then sent them to the proper members of the family to be finished. Some of them I have not heard from yet, some came back to me to be sent to the Research Dept. with my own, which are now complete except for my youngest sister’s, Ina Dee Mort. My sister-in-law, Edith Lyman, sent hers directly to the Dept. I had to get information from Illinois, Alabama and Washington D.C., which has taken time, but I hope to have them all ready before too long.

Edith wrote me that she did not consider my father’s diary of any significance in a historical or genealogical sense, it being just a little pocket note book. If it were she would ask her son, Chester Lyman, to lend it to you. She recalled little things my brother had told her of his childhood years. How for instance, while we lived in Parowan, Utah, we kept the post office and one day while the man were all away from the then little town, the Indians (probably drunk), raided the town and came into the Post Office, scaring our mother very badly, but doing no damage. And I can remember, too, how we would take an egg or a paper to the store and trade them for candy. The papers were used for wrapping parcels.

And my sister, Nora, wrote me that she remembers how busy our mother was, and how clean and neat she always kept us. As we grow older we have realized how hard she must have worked, for she loved to dress us four girls in white, starched and ironed to perfection. She knitted all our stockings, crocheted, quilted and was a wonderful cook and housekeeper. Nora and I both have beautiful lace she knitted for pillow cases.

I remember hearing my father tell of meeting my mother when she first came to Fillmore from England. He was playing the accordion at a dance when she came in, and immediately he said to himself, “That’s my girl!”, not even knowing who she was. They were married in Fillmore, Nov. 21, 1874, by Edward Partridge, Probate Judge. I have the marriage certificate, with the Probate Court Seal of Millard County, W.T. She was born in Fenton, England August 15, 1855, daughter of James and Mary Shirlock Rowley, and died Feb. 12, 1889, in Alessandro, California.

My father’s mother, Cornelia Eliza Leavitt, was the daughter of Enoch Virgil Leavitt and Abigail Leonora Snow, and became the third wife of my grandfather, Amasa Mason Lyman in 1844. Aunt Eliza R. Snow was a descendant of that Snow family, ?? at the moment I cannot remember the connection – but she was one of the wives of Joseph Smith, and as I remember was later sealed to Brigham Young. She was known as the “Mormon Poetess”, and every now and then I hear one of her poems sung on the Salt Lake Tabernacle Program on Sunday mornings.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


A vacation trip to California and New Mexico for Ralph N. Rowley and wife Beth, of Duchesne, Utah. They left Duchesne the 26th of February for Baldwin Park, California where they visited their son Ralph  Richard and family a few days. Then to Gallup and Church Rock, New Mexico to visit their son Keith, who is filling a church mission in the South West Indian Mission. From there they came back to Duchesne.

A conference visitor was Leon Rowley, a former bishop of the St. Ignitius Ward, who, with others, arrived in Salt Lake City, Friday, April 4 to attend General Conference. They left for the return trip Sunday afternoon April 6.

Leon was Branch President for some six years, then when the Missoula Stake was formed he was ordained bishop of the St. Ignitius Ward, and served for a year. He was released from the office of bishop and was put in the Stake High Council. Leon is the son of John Emerson who is the son of John Thompson, Jr.

Due to illness, Lucy M. Rowley Wilcox of St. Helena, California was unable to come to conference this time. It’s the first time she has missed coming for sometime. Lucy is the daughter of John Thompson, Jr. All our best wishes to her for a speedy recovery that she will be able to come this fall. Hope you are feeling better.

John T. and Jane Paul Rowley

Eleanor Terry, reporting

Mrs. Elmer Carlton (Myrtle Bennett) spend 3 days in the Utah Valley Hospital the 1st week in May. Marion and Arron Dicky daughter of Elmar and Myrtle Carlton have a baby girl born March. This is their second child. The first one James Calvin was born in Alaska two years ago.

Jeanne Davis Durrant daughter of Jennie and LeRoy Davis will graduate from the B.Y.U. in June, in education. Jeanne should be congratulated especially because she has a small son, Walter LaKay, who will be three years old Sept. Good going Jeanne.

Moroni, Mary Maxfield Rowley

Clara O’Toole reports that her husband, John O’Toole has been sick and in the hospital. We do hope that he is well now and able to enjoy life.

Walter Thompson and Lena Peterson Rowley

Beulah Rowley, reporting

Keith Rowley and wife, Judy, had a baby girl born December 7. Their first child. Keith is son of Leland and Vera Rowley, who is the son of Walter Thompson Rowley.

John T. and Jane Paul Rowley

Walter I. Rowley, reporting

Walter, Jr. got his Duty to God award last winter. He is the only one ever in the Redwood District of Northern California to get one.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


Leslie Thompson Rowley was married to Carol Marie Ingersoll March 24, 1958 in Salt Lake City by a bishop.

Leslie is the son of Edwin Rowley who is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr. A wedding reception was held for them at the home of a sister of the bride on April 4, 1958.

John Rowley and Sarah Wright Family Messenger


GIRL Rebecca Elizabeth Mecham, daughter of Howard and Verna Rowley Mecham of Duchesne, Utah – Born February 7, 1957. She was born in Duchesne, Utah. Verna is the daughter of Ralph Nephi Rowley who is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr.

BOY David Lorin Rowley, born June 24, 1957 at Murray, Utah. He was blessed on August 4, 1957 in the Kearns ninth ward, Kearns, Utah. He is the son of Paul C. Rowley and Hazel JoAnne Broberg Rowley. Paul is the son of Lorin Paul Rowley awho is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr.

GIRL Diana Rowley – Born July 26, 1957 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She was blessed 29 September 1957 in Layton, Utah. She is the daughter of Lorin William and Maude Irene Potter Rowley. Lorin is the son of Lorin Paul Rowley who is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr.

BOY David Abe Harris was born August 21, 1957 in Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the son of Wilbur Abe and Cleo Rowley Harris. Cleo is the daughter of Ralph Nephi Rowley who is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr.

BOY Kyle Dean Rowley was born August 26, 1957, Salt Lake City, Utah. He is the son of Dean and Betty Jensen Rowley. Dean is the son of Howard T. Rowley who is the son of John Thompson Rowley, Jr.