John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

We were very gratified with the response of our reporters this time. We hope we can continue to encourage such response. Thank you very much. (Editors)


John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, John Van Rowley

A daughter was born, December 10, 1958 to Bill and Kay Powell. Kay is the daughter of John Van and Itha Rowley. She was given the name of Stacie Powell on 4 Jan. 1959, by Elder Ralph S. Rowley.

Elder Ralph S. Rowley son of John Van Rowley and Itha, his wife, received a call to the South Australian Mission of December 19, 1958. His Farewell Testimonial was held Jan 18, 1959 in the Strafford Ward. He entered the Mission Home, January 19, 1959 and left by plane for his field of labor, January 26, 1959 at 3:15 a.m. from Western Air Lines, Salt Lake City, Utah. His mission address is:

Elder Ralph S. Rowley
189 Kooyong Road, Toorak S.E. 2
Victoria, Australia

John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Word has been received by David Wm. Rowley and wife, Lillian, from their son, Ralph A. Rowley and wife Aleene and son Kurtis. Ralph is a 2nd Luet. In the Air Force and is in Flight Training in Mission, Texas. They are well and are enjoying the Texas weather. Their address is:

2nd Luet. Ralph A. Rowley
A.O. 3094687
Box 653
Mission Air Force Base
Mission, Texas

We would also like to report that a Farewell Testimonial was held for Elder Hugh A. Rowley, another son of David Wm. and Lillian Alcorn Rowley, on Sunday, February 8, 1959, prior to his departure for the Argentina Mission. On Monday, February 9, he left Salt Lake City by plane for New York where he will depart, by plane, for Argentina.

It is also noteworthy to report that David Wm. and Lillian Rowley have another sweet grandson. Scott Calvin Rowley was born on December 19, 1959, to Mr. & Mrs. Douglas A. Rowley of Salt Lake City. He is a very sweet baby, and has one older brother, Billie. They had the baby blessed and named on Sunday, February 1, 1959 by his proud and happy daddy.

John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, ????? and Blanche Rowley

The twins are at present working in Washington D.C. for the Government Ray and Smoot were fortunate to be able to drive them back and thus saw a good deal of this wonderful country of ours.

We were hit with a hail storm the first part of July and it cut everything but the trees down to the ground. We had gotten our first cutting of hay in a little late, so our second crop wasn’t up enough to get cut down.

Lee has joined the Army. He is finishing Basic at Ft. Carson, Colo.

Last May, Joan and Dick presented us with our third grandson, little Richard Smoot Nordhagen, Richy for short. He is crawling all over, I am so proud to report and is a very happy baby.

At present Ray is working in the woods near Missoula. He stayed with us most of the summer to help his Dad with the place as Smoot hadn’t been to healthy this year. He and I both have been sick a week each with very bad colds and coughs in October. We are both fine now.

Florence, Bill and family are still living in Shelby. He works at Carpentrying north of Browning and gets home only on weekends. Three of their four are now in school.

Dell is a junior in High School and just an average student. He got to play football and got many favorable comments.

John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

It has further been reported that Mr. & Mrs. Ron and Gladys Nelson are spending the winter in Long Beach, California. They are presently at 35 Atlantic, Lyon Court Apt 6, Long Beach, California. Gladys is the daughter of Ralph Nephi Rowley, son of John Thompson Rowley and Jane Paul.

John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

It had been reported that Lehi Allen & wife, Leona Richardson Galloway, had a baby girl born to them, December 24, 1958 and named her Lynn Ann Galloway and she is the third child for this couple, being preceded by two brothers, Jay and Wesley.

Floyd Thompson Galloway, youngest son of Lehi and Annie Poulson Galloway is stationed in Japan and has recently been promoted to the rank of Aviation Machinist Mate, Third Class.

John Wright and Sarah Wright Family Messenger

Reporter, Verda R. Murphy

Mr. & Mrs. Bert T. Murphy, eldest son of Bert & Verda R. Murphy came from Tuscon, Arizona, where Bert is stationed with the Air Force to attend the wedding of his brother, Sheldon, which was reported in the last issue.

It was a happy reunion for the Murphy’s as this was the first time for several years the family had all been together.

Mr. & Mrs. Noland Rowley, son and daughter-in-law of H. Francis and Erma Thornton Rowley, who had been working in Montana this past year, left for Reno, Nevada the 19th of November 1958 to spend the winter.

Lawrence Rowley, son of H. Francis and Erma Thornton Rowley of Kalispell, Montana is again attending school at the Northern College at Havre, Montana.