History: Nelson Earl Lunt – 2

Nelson Earl Lunt
-Written by himself, edited by daughter Kellie Jeanette Lunt

My name is Nelson Earl Lunt. I was born on the 19th day of February in the year A. D. Nineteen hundred and fifty-two in Salt Lake City in the county of Salt Lake in the state of Utah. At the time of my birth my parents lived just south of the city of Bountiful in the south end of Davis County which is in the northern part of the State of Utah. About the only thing I can remember during the first three years of my life are going on a lot of short weekend trips. During those years I got to know my Grandmother Nelson very well, because my mother taught school.

When I was five we went on the first vacation I can remember very well. We went up around Jackson Hole and Yellowstone Park, but we had to cut the trip short because my grandmother had a bad heart and couldn’t stand the altitude so later on in the year we drove around the Washington peninsula.

The next summer we took our first trip to Canada. We headed first to Vancouver Island by way of Seattle and then we went to Vancouver City and then home. The past several years, all we did was take short trips around the area. 

When Nelson Earl was 8, his father, age 49, baptized him a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints on 5 March 1960. On the following day his father confirmed him as well. He was baptized and confirmed into the Val Verde Utah Stake, which was located in Davis County, Utah, United States.

When I was eleven we moved to where we now live in Bountiful. I started the next year of school at the Hannah Holbrook Elementary School. Also that year I Received the Priesthood and became a Deacon in The Twenty Fourth Ward of The Bountiful Stake. That summer our family went to Canada for the second time and visited almost the same places as we did the first time. That summer I also played little league baseball, but I had a nitwit for a coach. That fall I started the Seventh grade at The Bountiful Junior High School. That winter was my first season on the hockey team. My friends father played for The Salt Lake Seagulls and he and some of his friends on the team organized a league for us kids

On 23 July 1967, Nelson Earl’s mother collapsed and died while on vacation in Banff, Alberta, Canada. Nelson Earl was only 15 at the time and his mother was 57.

On Halloween 1975, Nelson Earl, age 23, proposed to Lillian Lorraine Smith, age 18. They eloped a short two weeks later on 16 November 1975 to Elko, Elko, Nevada, United States. They were married by The Justice of The Peace, Edward F. Lunsford and the marriage was witnessed by Jo Ann Banks and Helen Hill.

Lillian Lorraine, age 18, gave birth to their 1st child, Jason Earl, on 27 August 1976 at South David Hospital, which is located at 1600 Antelope Drive in Layton, Davis, Utah, United States.

On their 1st wedding anniversary, Nelson Earl and Lillian Lorraine went to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Salt Lake Utah Temple, which is located at 50 North West Temple in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States, and completed their initiatory and endowment ordinances and then they were sealed for time and eternity. They had their son sealed to them at the same time. 

When Nelson Earl was 25 years old, his daughter, Kristi Lynn was born on 13 January 1978 at Lakeview Hospital, which is located at 630 Medical Drive in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States.

When Nelson Earl was 27 his youngest son, Aaron Marc was born on 22 December 1979 at Lakeview Hospital. Since he was born so close to Christmas, he was sent home from the hospital in a large Christmas stocking.

On 1 April 1982, when Nelson Earl was 30 years old, his last child, Kellie Jeanette was born at Lakeview Hospital Lillian Lorraine did not hear the Doctor say it was a girl and she was convinced she was having a baby boy, so she thought it was a great April Fools prank.

Nelson Earl’s father passed away at the age of 72 on 6 January 1983 at his home in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States.

Nelson Earl’s son, Jason Earl, married and was sealed for time and eternity to Katie Taft on 7 July 1998 at The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Bountiful Utah Temple, which is located at 640 South Bountiful Boulevard in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States.

Nelson Earl’s first grandchild was born on 8 May 1999 To Jason Earl and Katie. They had a baby girl they named Courtney Nicole. She was born at McKay-Dee Hospital, which is located at 4401 Harrison Boulevard in Ogden, Weber, Utah, United States. His 2nd grandchild, and 1st grandson, was born at the same hospital 21 May 2002, also to Jason Earl and Katie. They named him Cayden Nelson. 

Nelson Earl’s son, Aaron Marc, married Hali Ann Fifield on 2 June 2004. They were married and sealed for time an eternity in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints’ Salt Lake Utah Temple, which is located at 50 North West Temple in Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah, United States.

8 November 2006 was both a happy and sad day, Nelson Earl’s son, Aaron Marc and his wife Hali Ann found out that they were having a baby boy and where able to share that excitement before sadness struck and Nelson Earl died at Lakeview Hospital. 

Nelson Earl was buried on 11 November 2006 at Pleasant Grove City Cemetery, which is located at 500 North Main in Pleasant Grove, Utah, Utah, United States. Russon Brother’s Mortuary handled the burial.