April 2, 1896 (Tuesday) – We had company for dinner, our brother Lon and Mr. Burton and Uncle Charles Abbott. Evening – I went up to Salisbury’s for a little while.

April 3, 1896 (Friday) – Spent most of my time at home on the farm. Mother, Ruth and I went up town, I took my music lesson. We had dinner at Aunt Retta Evans. While Aunt Retta was preparing it, we went up to Burton’s for a few minutes. Later we came down home.

April 4, 1896 (Saturday) – I rode up town on a load of hay with Uncle Charles Abbott. I went up to Burton’s for a library book, “Maurine”, took it to the library and exchanged for “Little Lord Fauntleroy” which I read that evening at Burton’s where I spent the night.

April 5, 1896 (Sunday)– Went to Sunday School, afterwards, May and I went over to the post office and then down to Grover’s. I had dinner there, about half past two, May and I went out and played ginney, later Monte Whitmore and Rob Ord came by and we four sat out on the porch talking for nearly an hour, I had supper there, later I walked home. May walked out as far as the public square with me. Dora Norton walked two or three blocks outside of town.

April 6, 1896 (Monday) – I walked up town and went down to Grover’s. Went to choir practice in the tabernacle. Slept at Grover’s.

April 7, 1896 (Tuesday) – I went over to McCune’s to ask Pearl to play for me to sing at a funeral (I’m not sure but I think it was the funeral of Sadie Orme). I went to Aunt Emma Hague’s to see and talk with Tet, then over to Booth’s to see Neva, I then returned to McCune’s and practiced my song. Sadie and I went to the funeral. Afterwards, I went down to Grover’s and stayed there until five o’clock then. I had supper at Aunt Emily Black’s and Esther and I slept over to Grandma Sperry’s.

April 8, 1896 (Wednesday) – Esther, Art and I went up to our lot, I stayed there most of the morning talking to him, then I went down to Burton’s and had dinner there. I went down to Aunt Emily’s then Esther and I again went up to the lot where Melvin came for us to take us down to the farm. That evening, I had a stiff neck and sore throat.

April 10, 1896 (Friday) – Have been feeling quite sick since Tuesday Rhoda Christensen died today.

April 12, 1896 (Sunday) – Aunt Emma Hague came down and spent the afternoon.

April 15, 1896 (Wednesday) – I went to town to attend an Arbor Day dance in the Opera House. Afterwards, Esther, Father and I came out to the farm.

April 16, 1896 (Thursday) – Mother went to town to stay with Tet while Aunt Emma was in Salt Lake.

April 20, 1896 (Monday) – I went to town to bring mother home, while there, I went down to Grover’s and talked to May for a while. About dusk, Mother, Ruth and I came down home.

April 21, 1896 (Tuesday) – Esther and I went to town after doing some shopping. We went to Grandma Sperry’s where we slept that evening. We attended Mutual.

April 24, 1896 (Friday) – I went up town with Father when he went to work, stayed at Grandma Sperry’s, did some shopping, while at Grandma’s Rose Bailey and Miss Gray came there to see me, they wanted me to sing in a medal contest next month. I rode out home with Father. Later, I went up to Salisbury’s to see if Ada would recite in the contest, but she was not at home.

April 25, 1896 (Saturday) – Ada Salisbury came down to our home. She went with me to take Esther out to Mona. She returned home with me and visited until sundown.

April 26, 1896 (Sunday) – Retta, Della, and I walked up town to Sunday School, afterwards I went up to Mrs. Burton’s for dinner. In the afternoon, Mrs. Burton and I went over to Emma Paxman’s. About four, I started for home when I reached the Parkin’s ranch I met Ada Salisbury and Leonore Kienke. They came down home with me. Retta and I had to go out to Mona for Esther, Ada rode with us to the top of the lane and Leonore rode as far as their place. We had supper out to Kay’s. Later, Miss Larson, Esther, Retta and I took a walk. When we returned we found Alice and Julia Linton and Thomas Crawley there. We talked to them for a while. After the moon came up, they went home. Mr. Brown hitched up our horse and Brown, Larson, Esther, Retta and I rode out to the lake. Mr. D. K. Brown took us all, but Retta, out in a boat, we were out there at least half an hour, it was wonderful (only I remember he tried to scare us by rocking the boat) after going back to Kay’s. We three came home.

April 28, 1896 (Tuesday) – I walked up town, spent the night at Aunt Gusta’s and attended Mutual, Roy McCune and Edna Morris brought me to Aunt Gusta’s. I walked out home the next morning.