August 1, 1896 (Saturday) – I went over to Aunt Emma Hague’s and took a piano lesson Tet. Then I went up to look at our new house. I saw Lizzie Schappee and spoke to her. Went down to Enoch Burton’s and had dinner with them, stayed there all afternoon. Later went down to Aunt Gusta’s to leave my music to send home. I slept up at Burton’s. Mrs. Frank Burton was in Provo.

August 2, 1896 (Sunday) – I went to church in the morning, Esther and I went up to Burton’s for dinner, in the afternoon we went to a meeting, Apostle Teasdale was the speaker and he spoke fine. Afterwards, Stella Taylor and I went up to Aunt Augusta’s and read. I had supper there and later Esther, Ada and Stella and I went out for a walk. Esther and I came down to the ranch with Melvin.

August 3, 1896 (Monday) – Home all day

August 4, 1896 (Tuesday) – In the evening, I went up to Salisbury’s for a little while

August 5, 1896 (Wednesday) – Ada came down and we went for a walk and planned for another trip on the canyon.

August 6, 1896 (Thursday) – I arose about 6 a.m., a few minutes after seven; I left the house equipped for the canyon. I had on an old black sateen dress and a calico apron, my hair was done in two braids and I had a can and basket thrown over my shoulder. Thus I left home and went up by Salisbury’s where Ada joined me. Together we proceeded to the mouth of the canyon, after going a little ways in to the canyon we seated ourselves beneath a tree to rest. Next, we stopped at a spring where we quenched our thirst with the clear sparkling water. We walked about half a mile when we came to a cool shady nook; here we stopped to rest our weary selves. We followed up the creek and came to some bushes laden with berries, we proceeded to fill our baskets, after picking the berries, we ate our lunch and the went on our way about half a mile further, we left our baskets and proceeded on without them. We came to a waterfall about 10 feet high, there was green moss and shrubs all around which made it a very pretty sight. We went up until we came to a cliff or smooth rock covered with moss and flowers it had water dripping from it like rain. Just to the west of it was an old stump of a tree which had been partly burned and was all black. It looked like a bear when we first seen it and scared us very much. I had a toothache and didn’t feel very good for a while so Ada wandered around and picked a lovely bouquet. In gathering them she came across an old ax and pick, but left them where they were. She went up a south hill and in a little while I followed her. We came across a larger cliff and far more beautiful. This one also was covered with moss and flowers and there was a clear stream of water running down part of it about as deep as my hand is thick. We stayed there for a little while and then descended the hill. A little farther down we climbed another hill and there Ada found a little spring, the water was lovely and cool and we had us another good drink. We continued our descent until we came to our buckets, we picked berries for a while and then walked leisurely home. It was about nine o’clock when we got there. Sister Salisbury was frightened because we were so late and came to meet us which was about half way up the bench.

August 7, 1896 (Friday) – In the evening, I went up town. My brother Art took me to a dance in the Opera House. I had a lovely time. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s. 

August 8, 1896 (Saturday) – Took my music lessons then walked down to the post office. Afterwards, I went up to our new home and walked through all the rooms. I went down to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s and had dinner there. In the afternoon, I walked down town called in Miss Morgan’s Millinery Store, Rose Lunt’s baby was there and I tended him for a little while. He is such a sweet little baby. I went over to the post office, Oscar Lunt was there talking to Florence McCune. I talked to them for a few minutes and then went over to George Foote’s home to see their baby. Later Minnie Abbott and I walked down town with my brother Art. He went to band practice and we walked past the church, met Pearl McCune, Stella and Nan Neff, we all went back to the meeting house where we met May Grover. Professor Kerr gave a lecture on education. After the lecture, I came down home with Father.

August 9, 1896 (Saturday) – I was home all day.

August 10, 1896 (Monday) – About six o’clock in the evening, Esther and I went up town with Father. I went to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s for a few minutes then Esther and I took a walk. We went down town then over to Goldsbrough’s where we stopped and talked with Birdi Goldsbrough. We went up to Brother John T. Millers to see if there was to be a lecture that evening, found out there was, so we went down past the meeting house. Took a walk out south, returned, but there was so small a crowd present, we didn’t go to the lecture. We were passing the drug store when Oscar Lunt came out and talked to us. We had supper at Aunt Sarah’s and I came down home with Art.

August 11, 1896 (Tuesday) – I was home all day

August 15, 1896 (Saturday) – Was Baby Ruth’s birthday, she was two years old. I went up town and took my music lesson, went down to the post office and then came down home with Melvin.

August 16, 1896 (Sunday) – It rained nearly all day. In the afternoon, Esther and took a walk. She went back home but I went over to Sister Parkins. I stayed there until nearly dark, going down our lane I met Mr. Rance and a strange man, they had been down to see Father.

August 17, 1896 (Monday) – Home all day.

August 18, 1896 (Tuesday) – In the evening about 7 o’clock, I went up town with Melvin. He drove over to the drug store and while he went in, I stayed out in the buggy and talked to Monte Whitmore. We went to over to Grandma Sperry’s and then to Young Ladies Meeting. Esther was on the program, she played the organ. After meeting – we came down home. 

August 19, 1896 (Wednesday) – A young peddler came along selling needles. We brought some.

August 20, 1896 (Thursday) – Home all day.

August 21, 1896 (Friday) – Went up town to a dance in Miller’s Hall. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s.

August 22, 1896 (Saturday) – I went down to the store, then went down to the depot with Father and Mother. I came back up to Grandmother’s and then went for my music lesson. I went to the post office and then came down home. Esther is twenty years old today.

August 23, 1896 (Sunday) – In the evening, Ada Salisbury came down. I walked up to the top of the lane with her and we talked there for about an hour.

August 24, 1896 (Monday) – Father, Mother and Lillian came back from Manti. In the afternoon, Esther and I went up town, we called at Grandma Sperry’s to see Uncle Harry, then we started for our lot. We met Zina Sorenson and Edna Morris, they went on up with us. Coming back we met Art near the Morris home, we left Art talking to Edna and we came to grandmother’s where we saw Aunt Sarah Sperry. Esther slept up town, Art and I came down to the ranch

August 25, 1896 (Tuesday) – Father and Mother went up the canyon.

August 26, 1896 (Wednesday) – Esther and I went up town in the buggy, came back by moonlight.

August 27, 1896 (Thursday) – Was home all day

August 28, 1896 (Friday) – I went up to Salisbury’s, read a story or two, tended Vilate’s baby a few minutes and then came home.

August 29, 1896 (Saturday) – I walked up town and over to Aunt Emma Hague’s for my music lesson. Went down town to the post office and store and then up to Uncle Will Sperry’s. I had dinner there with Stella Taylor. After dinner, I went up to Sister Jackson’s to see a picture of my mother when she was a girl. Those in the picture were: Caroline and Emma Webb, Meg and Clarissa Hoyt, Sarah Sperry and Mary Ann Okey. It didn’t look a bit like Mother does now. Stella went up with me and she and I were sitting out on the lawn when a great big ugly old potato worm crawled on my dress. Oh how it scared me. From Jackson’s, I went down to Kendall’s to see Della, who had just returned from Salt Lake. I went up to Grandma’s and then down home. At the top of the lane, I met Ada Salisbury and she came down home with me. Mother and Esther took her home.

August 30, 1896 (Sunday) – I went up to Salisbury’s for a few minutes. Mother and Esther went up town.

August 31, 1896 (Monday) – Home all day.