January 14, 1896 (Tuesday) – In the evening I went to a surprise party on Della Kendall, we had a good time and it was rather late when the party was over, Art took me home.

January 15, 1896 (Wednesday) – I called at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s and met a brother of Uncle (one line that I cannot make out DS). We started a correspondence and Lon Ingram being the one to deliver the notes, he works at Grover’s and goes to the school where I do. I received one from her and sent one to her. In the evening, Ed McCune came up to Burton’s to see Amy. It was his birthday; he was twenty-two years old.

January 17, 1896 (Friday) – I went out to the farm, I walked part of the way and rode the rest of the way with Roy McCune. In the afternoon, Esther and Father went up town to a Sperry reunion. I remained home with Mother and the children.

January 18, 1896 (Saturday) – Melvin brought me up town. While Amy was visiting with the Burton’s. Mr. Burton most every evening brought some boys up to visit with this niece, for a little while, it was usually Ed McCune, sometimes Mont Whitmore, Rob McCune, etc. this evening it was Ed, Mont, Rob, Oscar and Shed Lunt. They only stayed an hour or two but it kept me from studying my lessons for school. Amy was a good talker and she could entertain a group in conversation. I enjoyed it all but did not do much for the talking, I was too shy.

January 21, 1896 (Tuesday) – May Grover came to visit me at school; I had quite a nice chat with her. Evening – I went to Mutual.

January 22, 1896 (Wednesday) – In the afternoon, I attended a funeral in the tabernacle; it was Mrs. Sarah Kienke. Afterwards, I went down to Grover’s to see May as she wasn’t feeling very well.

January 25, 1896 (Saturday) – Evening: I attended Uncle Enoch Bowles choir practice in the North Ward.

January 26, 1896 (Sunday) – Went to Sunday School, afterwards May Grover and I took a walk. We met Gro. Morris and he invited me to join the Sunday School Choir. I called at the Drug Store. Mr. Burton was there and he and I walked up to his home. Afternoon: Esther came up and we walked down town, then I went down to Grover’s, after meeting, while there, Sadie McCune, Kate Udall and Josephine Bryan came down. I remained there for summer, and in the evening, May and I went to a meeting in the Tabernacle, Dr. Talmadge was the speaker.

January 27, 1896 (Monday) – I went to school, Lon Ingram brought me a letter from May, also a sketch of her life, which I am using for my composition in school. At noon, I went up to Burton’s for lunch, but did not eat anything as Amy and I went down town. In the evening, I went to conjoint meeting; it was my first time in the choir. After meeting – Met May and chatted with her for a few minutes.

January 28, 1896 (Tuesday) – About two o’clock in the afternoon, I got excused to go home to help with the work as Mrs. Burton was giving an oyster supper for some friends that evening. Those Present were: Pearl and Florence McCune, Lucretia Mangum, Shed Lunt, Mrs. Burton and myself, Ed McCune, Monte Whitmore, Rob Ord, Tom Foote, Jack Blacket and the guest of honor, Amy Powers. Mr. Burton and Tom and Clifford Bale. They must have furnished the music during the evening. All present seemed to have an enjoyable time.

January 30, 1896 (Thursday) – Amy returned home to Salt Lake. I went down to the Depot to see her off. We will miss her very much. After preparing my lessons for the next day, I got out a lot of my old correspondences and read the letters to remind myself of the old times.