July 1, 1896 (Wednesday) – I walked out home. In the afternoon, Melvin and I went up to town and to Burton’s where I ordered some strawberries. We then returned home.

July 2, 1896 (Thursday) – I walked up town and slept at Mrs. Burton’s.

July 3, 1896 (Friday) – I took my music lesson, went to the store, made a few visits, and then went over to Grandpa Webb’s and he helped me pick a mess of peas to take home. I picked strawberries at Burton’s and Aunt Ret Evans gave me a mess of turnips to take home, Esther, Retta and I came down home with Father.

July 4, 1896 (Saturday) – I stayed home all day, we made ice cream. Evening – I went up town with Art to a dance. After the ball, Art took Ada Taylor, Esther and I over to Spark’s Ice Cream Parlor and treated up to ice cream and lemonade. Afterwards, we walked down to the depot. We were expecting a train to come in about that time, but it was late and didn’t arrive until after we reached home. I slept with Ada Taylor.

July 5, 1896 (Sunday) – I came down home and then went over to Mona in Esther’s place. In the afternoon I returned home and later I went up town, Esther, Ada Taylor and I went down to the depot, it commenced to rain so we didn’t wait for the train. Esther and I came down home.

July 11, 1896 (Saturday)– Dwight Sparks’  and I went down to Kienke’s on horseback for some butter. I rode back to Sunday School, afterwards I went down to Kienke’s and had dinner, Dwight took the horse’s home, along with the butter. In the afternoon, George Soby came down there and later Richard Bale and Eliza Russell, I remained for supper then I walked back home. Soon after I reached home, Tom Painter came down, Esther and I tried to ride his bicycle. He went home before eleven o’clock and Esther and I sat talking until twelve o’clock.

July 12, 1896 (Sunday) – Esther and I washed all day. We certainly have big washings as we are a big family. And we used to run the clothes through the only Western Washer, twice. 15 minutes the first time and 10 minutes the second time and I was the one that has to run the washer. Besides that we boiled the clothes, rubbed all of them on the board and rinsed them in two waters. My how lovely our clothes looked when hanging on the line. It rained all afternoon. Evening – I wrote for the Primary Journal.

July 13, 1896 (Monday) – Ironed nearly all day. In the early evening, I went up town to Mutual. Slept at Aunt Sarah Abbotts.

July 14, 1896 (Tuesday) – I went over to Aunt Emma Hague’s and Tet gave me a music lesson, then I walked out home, finished my ironing and then went to Salisbury’s to take some yeast, also a book, about nine o’clock, Esther and I went to a party at the home of Nell Taylor.

July 15, 1896 (Wednesday) – Our Home Journal came and I read all afternoon. 

July 16, 1896 (Thursday) – Was home all day and learned my lecture for the primary.

July 17, 1896 (Friday) – I took sick last night and was sick all day today. Evening – I rode up town, but did not go to primary. Was sick all day Sunday.

July 19, 1896 (Sunday) – I ironed some and in the afternoon went to Painters Store to have the buttons fastened on my shoes. I stayed there for about one hour and then went to Physical Culture with Sarah Painter, Minnie Lunt and Lulu Ostler. I Slept to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s.

July 20, 1896 (Monday) – I walked out home. Mother went down to Sister Tolley’s to a sewing bee, and left me home to do the work. In the afternoon, I walked down there and took Ruth to Mother. Went home, did my evening chores then went up to Salisbury’s, Ada and I went for a walk until dark.

July 21, 1896 (Tuesday) – In the evening, I took Ruth and Retta up town with me in the buggy. We went up to get Father. Esther had purchased me a pair of slippers.

July 22, 1896 (Wednesday-Thursday) – (22-23) Remained home on the farm. 

July 24, 1896 (Friday) – About six o’clock a.m., went up town with Art and Melvin. I called at Aunt Gusta Sperry’s to see Stella Taylor and then went to Aunt Retta Evan’s and had breakfast. Esther and I went to a meeting afterwards. We called in Grandma Sperry’s to see Aunt Mollie Wheeler and her new baby. While we were there it started to rain and thunder and lightning, we waited until it stopped and then we went up to Aunt Retta’s for dinner. In the afternoon, the family went out, Esther slept and I read a book “Life of Rellie C. Bailey or a Western Romance.” In the evening, we accompanied Father to a dance where we had a good time. I quarreled with one fellow and made up with another during the evening. I became acquainted with a Mr. Hughes of Spanish Fork.

July 25, 1896 (Saturday) – Stayed home all day, very sleepy, so spent most of my time sleeping and thinking and my thoughts were not very pleasant thoughts either. It rained all day. 

July 26, 1896 (Sunday) – Was home all day.

July 27, 1896 (Monday) – In the afternoon, I went up to Salisbury’s to see Ada, we went over to Warwoods* to see Mrs. Clime. Henry and George Parkins came along and we went up town with them. We visited Anna Salisbury and she gave us some choke cherries and apples. Henry and Ada brought me home.

*Guess as was partially illegible.

July 28, 1896 (Tuesday) – Stayed home all day

July 29, 1896 (Wednesday) – In the evening, Ada Salisbury came down and I went with her to town to Sam Tolley’s.

July 30, 1896 (Thursday) – Ada Salisbury and I took the cows up Gardner’s Canyon, we went a long ways up the canyon to gather sarvis berries, returning home late in the afternoon bringing some berries with us.

July 31, 1896 (Thursday) – in the evening, went with Father to a dance at the ‘Little Grand’, there I met Art’s girl of Moroni. I also met the new photographers, Mr. Rance and Mr. Keith, and that old wretch of a Keith asked to take me home. Oh! I’ll never forgive him for it and I just hate him. I wrote a letter to Leah Reid, but forgot to bring it to town to post. I slept at Aunt Emily Black’s.