June 1, 1896 (Monday) – I had a ketch (kink?) in the back of my head most of the day. In the evening I went up town to get Mother, I called on Mrs. Burton while in town.

June 4, 1896 (Thursday) – I went up town in the evening. I went up to Sister McCune’s (must have been H. F. McCune’s). It was to a meeting where they are planning some sort of an entertainment, they wanted me to take the part of an angel. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s.

June 5, 1896 (Friday) – I went up to Burton’s the downtown and back for dinner at the Burton’s, rode home with Father.

June 6, 1896 (Saturday) – Again went to town and up to Sister McCune’s. Slept at Grandma Sperry’s.

June 7, 1896 (Sunday) – I walked out home and then went down to Nortonville to Sunday School. Lenore Kienke took me to their place to dinner (lunch?). Went back up to the school house for meeting afterwards. Ada Salisbury and I walked up to our place then we went to her place for dinner.

June 8, 1896 (Monday) – I went up town and over to Booth’s to practice a song with Neva Booth. Slept at Mrs. Burton’s.

June 9, 1896 (Tuesday) – I walked down home before sunup. In the evening, I went up town. I was going over to McCune’s to practice my song, but I met Lon Lunt and he wanted me to walk back with him. I did as far as the meeting house and went into Meeting. Pearl McCune wasn’t there so I did not sing my song. I slept up to Burton’s.

June 10, 1896 (Wednesday) – I walked out home.

June 11, 1896 (Thursday) – I went to town and over to Neva’s to practice a song. Slept to Grandma Sperry’s and then for several days it was almost the same thing. 

June 12, 1896 (Friday) – Took my music lesson, went to Neva’s to practice. Slept at Burton’s

June 13, 1896 (Saturday) – Walked out home, back up town and practice with Neva and slept with Lil Black. 

June 14, 1896 (Sunday) – Walked home and stayed there all day.

June 15, 1896 (Monday) – It was my birthday. I received a dotted muslin dress from my parents. Went to town and practiced at Neva’s. Slept with Lil.

June 16, 1896 (Tuesday) – Came down home. Afternoon, walked up town and over to Grace’s (Isaac’s I suppose) to practice singing, down to Burton’s Mrs. Burton and I went over to McCune’s, then to Mutual, Pearl wasn’t there so again I didn’t sing my song. Slept at Burton’s.

June 17, 1896 (Wednesday) – Walked out home and the again I went to town and up to Grace’s to practice. Slept with Lil Black.

June 19, 1896 (Friday) – Went to town again and took my music lesson, went to Sister Grace’s to practice and in the evening I went to the Academy Hall to practice, then went to a dance in the Little Grand. Slept to Burton’s. Must have gone home early this morning as again I went up town, I usually, while in town, call at Miss Morgan’s Millinery store, I was supposed to see Esther. I then went down to Grover’s. May, Kate, Alice and I went up to the Academy. Later, I came down home.

June 21, 1896 (Sunday) – For a change, I stayed home all day.

June 22, 1896 (Monday) – In the afternoon, went up town to McCune’s (H.F. where I made my dress for the entertainment). In the evening, I went down to the opera house for a practice, and then I went down home.

June 23, 1896 (Tuesday) – I went to town. Evening, to practice in the Opera House. Slept to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s.

June 24, 1896 (Wednesday) – I must have walked out home for in the afternoon again I walked up town, had supper at Burton’s. Got ready at Aunt Emily Black’s for our grand entertainment where I represented an angel. I was just fine. Some of the folks must have been there, for I walked down to the farm afterwards.

June 29, 1896 (Monday) – It was little Pearl’s birthday, she was five years old.

June 30, 1896 (Tuesday) – I walked up town, went to McCune’s to practice with Pearl, then we went to Mutual (probably, I sang, but I didn’t record it). Slept at Burton’s.