March 1, 1896 (Sunday) – We returned from Mona, later I walked up town. I had supper at Gusta’s. I then went down to Grover’s to see May. We enjoyed our visit together. Lon is visiting at Burton’s and Rob McCune came up and slept with him. Still the same old grind, school, etc. While Nan there, one or two boys came up for a little while, Rob Ord, Monte Whitmore, etc. 

March 6, 1896 (Friday) – In the evening: Mr. and Mrs. Burton went to a party at Mrs. Lynders, Lon, Mrs. Farrar (an old lady from Beaver) and I stayed home. Later, Ed McCune, Oscar Lunt and Rob Ord came up, they stayed until midnight.

And so the days pass on.

March 13, 1896 (Thursday) – Mrs. Burton gave a party in honor of Nan. All Present seemed to enjoy themselves.

March 15, 1896 (Sunday) – Attended Sunday School. Later I saw May and she gave me a pretty silk handkerchief which she had brought for me from Salt Lake. Afternoon – I went to the station as Nan went home. On my way back I called in Grover’s, May and I went for a walk and on up to Burton’s. Later, Ed McCune and Monte Whitmore came there and then Lon brought Rob McCune up. I went down to Grover’s with May and had supper there at half past eight. May and Alice brought me home.

March 16, 1896 (Monday) – It rained all afternoon and evening. Court set in Nephi.

March 17, 1896 (Tuesday) – In the evening, I walked out home and stayed all night.

March 18, 1896 (Wednesday) – Dwight Sparks brought me up town on old Pet. After school, Fannie Candland and I went down to the Excelsior Store. Evening, I went to choir practice.

March 19, 1896 (Thursday) – Evening, I went to Mutual Conference in the Tabernacle, May and Alice Grover brought me home.

March 20, 1896 (Friday) – Took my music lesson and in the evening Mrs. Burton and I went to choir practice and later we went to a dance with Lon. He became sick and went home. Art brought us home after the dance.

March 21, 1896 (Saturday) – In the evening I went to Young Men’s (?) conference.

March 22, 1896 (Sunday) – I attended Sunday School. May was there and I went down to Grover’s and had dinner. We went to meeting in the afternoon. May took me over to Dr. Wilcox’s home and made me acquainted with his wife. I had supper at Grover’s and then we went to meeting in the evening afterwards we took a walk.

March 26, 1896 (Thursday) – School lasted only until noon and then it was over for this season. In the afternoon, I walked out home.

March 27, 1896 (Friday) – In the afternoon, I went up town, up to the Burton’s for my music books and over to Aunt Emma Hague’s for a lesson. I went down to Grover’s to talk to May for a few minutes and then back up to the Burton’s, Melvin came up and helped gather my belongings and then we went out home. I was very grateful for all that Burton’s had done for me, they always treated me as if I belonged to them and told me that any time I was in town I was perfectly welcome to make their home my home. Later I went up town to a dance in the Academy Hall, afterwards I went out home to sleep.

March 29, 1896 (Sunday) – Melvin and I went over to Mona to bring Esther home, she had been there giving music lessons.

March 30, 1896 (Monday) – Esther and I wrote to New York for some silk, the Hearthstone and other things.

March 31, 1896 (Tuesday) – Evening – the members of the choir from Nebo came to our home for choir practice, Father was the leader.