May 1, 1896 (Friday) – I went to town while there, I took my music lesson. I rode home with Father.

May 2, 1896 (Saturday) – Nothing much happened since last Sunday. Father and Mother went up town to some meeting and when they got back, Esther and I went over to Mona. We slept at Kay’s with Ella Larson.

May 3, 1896 (Sunday) – Miss Larson and I went for a walk and called at Mendenhall’s. Later Mrs. Drigg’s came down to see Ella and Mr. D. K. Brown. (I remember that visit, Esther and I were entranced over the music of the language they used in their conversion and often remarked about it.) Mr. D. K. Brown was in Nephi, after he returned he hitched up for us and we came home.

May 6, 1896 (Wednesday) – Grandpa and Grandma Sperry and Aunt Emily Black, with her daughter Mamie and baby Rex came to spend a few hours. Aunt Emily brought some cabbage plants for us.

May 7, 1896 (Thursday) – I started to walk up town but got a ride part way with Sister Gibson. I slept up to Burton’s.

May 8, 1896 (Friday) – I took Louie to kindergarten. I stayed until it was out, Mrs. Burton came down and walked home with us. About one o’clock I went down to Grandma Sperry’s. My brother Art was there, he was writing a letter to Asa Kienke which I posted for him. I took May’s cape down to her but she was not at home. On my way over for my music lesson I called at the Sunday House but the librarians were not there. When I got to Aunt Emma’s, Celia Cazier was there for her lesson. I went down to Miss Morgan’s and back up to the School House, on my way someone called my name, it was May and Alice, May went to the School House with me. I took a book called “From Jest to Earnest”, (I see now why I kept going to the School House, after school was out, they had a library there, I had forgotten) I went over and took my music lesson and as I was coming back to Grandmothers I met Mrs. Burton and went home with her and had supper. In the evening I went to a dance in the Opera House with Art, Afterward, I came down home with Father.

May 10, 1896 (Sunday) – It was stormy. I stayed home all day. Dan Miller came from the southern part of the state and stayed at our place all night.

May 11, 1896 (Monday) – Esther started to work for Mary Morgan, milliner. I wrote to Rex Sperry and Leah Reid. I had the toothache all day. The Miller’s continued their journey north of here. Towards evening, I went up town to get Esther.

May 14, 1896 (Thursday) – I drove up town, it was the first time I had ever driven Old Jen. In the evening, I called for Min and Maud (Ruth Maud Abbott) to go to choir practice out north. I slept at Grandma Sperry’s (Emily Louisa Miller).

May 15, 1896 (Friday) – Afternoon, I took my music lesson, then I went up to the lot to get some window glass to take out home. Retta, Della and I rode out home with Father.

May 22, 1896 (Friday) – I walked up town, went over to the library, met Edna Morris, walked with her up to Bailey’s, then we went down to the post office together. I went to the library and got me a book called “Brownie’s Triumph”. Went for my music lesson, Tet wanted some books from the library so I went over and got her “A Wife’s Tragedy and Edith Lyle.” Afterwards, I went down town, saw Eliza Russell and rode down home with her.

May 24, 1896 (Sunday) – I walked up town to Sunday School. I had dinner and supper at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s, afterwards I walked home.

May 26, 1896 (Tuesday) – Late afternoon, I walked up town to Mutual afterwards Ada Taylor, Della Kendall, Lil Black, Theodosia Kienke and I went for a long walk. I slept with Ada. Next morning I walked home.

May 29, 1896 (Friday) – Esther, Father and I rode up town. I had dinner at Aunt Gusta’s, took my music lesson that went down to McCune’s to practice a song. Esther and I rode back home with Father. It was very stormy with thunder and lightning.

May 31, 1896 (Sunday) – Esther and I went over Mona, in the afternoon I went to a meeting with Ed Shephard. Afterwards, Esther and I came home.