October 1, 1896 (Thursday) – I went to school. May Grover and I stayed to the school house during the noon hour. After school, we went down to Hyde & Whitmore’s store to look at their coats and capes.

October 2, 1896 (Friday) – I went to school. In the afternoon, I got excused and came home. In the evening, I went to a dance in the ‘Little Grande’. At the dance I met a Mr. Johnson and a Mr. Wiest from Chicago.

October 4, 1896 (Sunday) – I remained home all day. In the evening, Ada Salisbury came down. When she went home, I walked up to the top of the lane with her.

October 5, 1896 (Monday) – I walked up town to school. At noon, I went up to Burton’s for lunch. Esther and I were late getting back to school, I felt quite bad, it was the first time I had been late this term. 

October 6, 1896 (Tuesday) – I went up town to school. After school was out, I went for my music lesson.

October 7, 1896 (Wednesday) – I went to school, at noon I went down to the post office with May Grover.

October 8, 1896 (Thursday) – I went to school. In the evening, I went up Mima Bowers wedding reception (a dance) in the Little Grande. I played the organ with the orchestra half of the time and danced the rest of the evening. During the evening, I met a Mr. Nelson and also was introduced to our new Druggist, Mr. Jones.

October 9, 1896 (Friday) – Attended school. Afterwards, Esther walked down home with me. I borrowed a book from the library.

October 10, 1896 (Saturday) – I remained home all day.

October 11, 1896 (Sunday) – I wrote a letter to Will Tolley.

October 12, 1896 (Monday) – I went to school, I did not take my music lesson on Tuesday.

October 16, 1896 (Friday) – I walked up to town and to school. I remained in town during the evening, went up to Burton’s and then down to Grandma Sperry’s. Esther, Della Kendall and I went to the dance with Father, it was at the Little Grande. I had a dreadful toothache, Della and I went over to Miller’s to see if they had something to stop it. We came back and Will Miller took me down to the Drug Store, where I got some relief. Oscar Lunt walked back to the dance with us. When we got about half way back there, Will said he had forgotten something and had to go back down town. So Oscar and I had to go on to the dance alone. There was not a big enough crowd here and we did not have a dance after all. Esther and I came down home with Father.

October 17, 1896 (Saturday) – Retta remaining with Grandmother Sperry and Esther and I went down to the Excelsor. We made our purchases and then went upstairs in the stores and registered. We came down on the elevator. We went over to the drug store and then over to the post office. Zina Sorenson and Edna Morris came there and we four went over to Hydes Store, then we went over to the Coop, came back to the Excelsor. We went up to Grandma Sperry’s and Retta and I came down home.

October 19, 1896 (Monday) – Went up town to school. After school May Grover and I went down to the Excelsor (It must have been an opening of the store after being closed for additions and remodeling). I went up to Burton’s and had supper there. Esther and I went down to the Academy Hall for a meeting, being too early, we called for Lil Black. We met Lon Ingram and he went with us to the meeting. Afterwards, he took us home. I stayed with Esther up at Burton’s.

October 21, 1896 (Wednesday) – I went up to town to school. After school, Esther and I walked out home, when about half way there we met some cattle. We got frightened so crept under a wire fence continuing our journey after they had passed.

October 22, 1896 (Thursday)  – In the afternoon, I went up to Salisbury’s and at evening, the Thrasher’s came.

October 23, 1896 (Friday) – We cooked for the Thrasher’s all day. In the evening, Esther and I went down to Nortonville to get some butter. We drove on out to Mona to see Ella Larsen. We found there were five or six people from Nephi there: Uncle Charles Abbott, Mrs. Fred Farmer and Messrs. Parley Christensen, Lol Grober and F. W. Chapple. We went to the political meeting for a while then came back to the Kay’s. That is Esther, Rachel Kay, Miss Larsen and I did, the others remained at the meeting. When we got back I met a young man from Eureka. After the meeting was over a crowd came over to Kay’s and sang Political songs. It was after ten o’clock when we left for home.

October 24, 1896 (Saturday) – The Thrasher’s left today. I remained home all day.

October 25, 1896 (Sunday) – I wrote letters to Leah and May Reid. In the evening, Della and I brought Esther to town, to mail my letters, in the evening, Esther and I went to the class in the Academy Hall. I slept with Esther up to Burton’s.

October 26, 1896 (Monday) – I received a letter from Will Tolley. Melvin came up for me so I rode home.

October 27, 1896 (Tuesday) – Melvin brought me up town, I was late for school. After school, I went over to Grandma Sperry’s and stayed there all night.

October 28, 1896 (Wednesday) – Attended school. In the evening, I went to north ward choir practice.

October 29, 1896 (Thursday) – After school, Esther, Ann and Ada Salisbury and I walked out home.

October 30, 1896 (Friday) – In the afternoon, I went up town, called at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s. Dr. Bird and his wife were there. I made a date to have some teeth extracted next Thursday. In the evening, Min and Maud Abbott and myself went to a meeting in the Tabernacle. President Wilford Woodruff was there and talked to us. After meeting, we went over to the merry-go-round for a few minutes. Later, Aunt Emily Black and Lil went over to the political meeting in the Opera House. We didn’t stay very long, then came home.