December 1, 1897 (Wednesday) – I went up and got Grandma Sperry and she stayed all night with us. We played cards, Mother and Grandma Sperry against Melvin and I. Oscar was going to come down but towards evening a clod blizzard blew up and it was too cold for him to come.

December 2, 1897 (Thursday) – I took Grandma up town. In the evening I went over to Booth’s for a practice.

December 3, 1897 (Friday) – I walked out home.

December 4, 1897 (Saturday) – It was Oscar’s birthday. He said he was 23 years old. Esther came home with me. It is now 28 December 1897, I have been so busy that I have neglected to write in my journal. I will try and remember some of the things that have happened. I can’t see what I was so very busy about, I came to town quite often, went to several practices at Booth’s, it was the opera “Pinafore” we were practicing, we never did produce it for which I was thankful as I think I would have been too scared to do it justice, besides our cast wasn’t very good, some young good singers in the chorus and older people taking the leading parts. Oscar would come up as often as possible when I was in town.

December 12, 1897 (Sunday) – I went Sunday School, present was a New Zealand chief, he spoke to us and Brother Goddard interpreted it. In the afternoon I went to meeting. After meeting I went to Burton’s, Oscar called there and took me to meeting. It was so crowded that Oscar could not find a seat. I found one by some girls. We had a lovely meeting. Brother Brinhall spoke to us. Oscar took me home. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s Monday (13th) Esther and I walked out home. I was sick all day. Tuesday (14th) and Wednesday (15th) it was a stormy and miserable day. On Thursday (16th) I went up town and up to see the new house. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s.

December 17, 1897 (Friday) – I went down town and then up to the lot. I prepared Father’s and Grandfather’s for them. I cleaned all afternoon at the new home. Evening I went to the Academy Hall and had supper. There was a dance after the dinner. Afterwards I went home with Father. Slept at Grandpa Sperry’s. Saturday (18th) I cleaned all day at the new home. At night I felt sick and went to bed early.

December 19, 1897 (Sunday) – Esther and I walked out to the farm and in the afternoon we walked up town again. In the evening we went to meeting Brother Penrose lectured to us. Next day Esther and I cleaned all day at the new home.

December 22, 1897 (Wednesday) – We moved up town. In the evening Oscar took me to an Odd Fellow’s Ball at the Opera House. There was a large crowd present and all seemed to have a good time. About midnight we went over to the Read and Bryan building for supper. We left before the dance was out, and came up home. It seems so good not to go clear out to the farm anymore. Esther, Ada Taylor and I slept together up to the new home.

December 25, 1897 (Saturday) – Christmas Day. In the forenoon I went to meeting and played for Min and Maud Abbott to sing. In the afternoon, Lillie Black and Ada Taylor came up. In the evening Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came up. We went over to Burton’s and spent the evening.

December 26, 1897 (Sunday) – I didn’t go to Sunday School. In the afternoon, Oscar came and took me sleigh riding. He came and spent the evening with us. Today, Tuesday 28th 1897 was home all day but went to Mutual in the evening. Oscar brought me home.

December 29, 1897 (Wednesday) – I was ill all day but in the afternoon I went over to Mrs. Burton’s as she is very ill. In the evening Father saw Oscar when he went to town and told him I had a headache, so he came up and brought me some tablets.

December 31, 1897 (Friday) – Oscar came up in the evening and we saw the old year out and the year come in.