June 1, 1897 (Tuesday) – I stayed home all day. In the evening Oscar came home and took me buggy riding.

June 2, 1897 (Thursday) – In the afternoon Arthur took Esther and I up town. I didn’t get out of the buggy at all but came right back.

June 3, 1897 (Thursday) – Zoa Christensen and her little sister Esther came down to spend the day. Arthur came down home to say goodbye to us and then went back to Mammoth.

June 4, 1897 (Friday) – In the afternoon Aunt Sarah Abbott, Aunt Sarah Sperry, Grandma Sperry, Aunt Emily Black and Aunt Augusta Sperry came down and spent a few hours with us.

June 5, 1897 (Saturday) – Esther and I went up town. I went over in town but was too late for the post office. I went up to Grandma Sperry’s and Esther and I went over to Miss Morgan’s. We then went up to Burton’s and in the evening I went down to Moore’s. About nine o’clock, Mrs. Moore and Flora took me home Burton’s a little later Oscar came up and spent the evening.

June 6, 1897 (Sunday) – Esther and I went to Sunday School, afterwards we went over to the post office than I went up to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s and stayed until it was time for the meeting. After meeting I went to Burton’s for supper. It was the first time I had eaten that day as it was fast day. While we were eating Oscar came up. He was out for a ride and just called in. He soon left but returned again and spent the evening. Later Mrs. Moore, Mamie Hyde, Neva Booth, Flora Moore and Myrtle Booth came up and about nine o’clock Fred Moore came. They stayed until after ten o’clock. I slept up to Burton’s.

June 7, 1897 (Monday) – I went over to Aunt Emma Hague’s and took my music lesson. I went over to Grandma Sperry’s and then up to Burton’s. In the afternoon Mrs. Burton and I went down town, called at several stores and then we went over to the drug store. Oscar treated us to a glass of soda water, from there we went over to the Excelsior and then up to Moore’s, we invited her to come up to the house with us. Later Oscar came up, he brought us some complimentary fans. Mrs. Moore and Flora came up and the three spent the rest of the afternoon with us. Oscar and Mrs. Moore left but Flora stayed and had supper with us. About sundown I started for home. Della Kendall walked outside of town with me. Just this side of Perkin’s I met Ada and Annie Salisbury and they walked almost home with me.

June 8, 1897 (Tuesday) – In the afternoon Aunt Augusta, Aunt Emily and Lillie came down but did not stay very long.

June 9, 1897 (Wednesday) – About sundown, Esther and I took a walk almost down to the bottom of the farm.

June 10, 1897 (Thursday) – Esther and Father went to Santaquin.

June 11, 1897 (Friday) – Esther and Father came home. I stayed home all day. I decided to write in my journal only about once a week or every few days, not every day.

June 15, 1897 (Tuesday) – Was my birthday. I was 18 years old. I stayed up to Burton’s all day helping her house clean about six o’clock I went down to Hyde’s store. In the evening Mrs. Moore and Flora came up to Burton’s for a little while.

June 16, 1897 (Wednesday) – In the afternoon, Mrs. Burton and I went down town, to the post office, Hyde’s store and the drug store, then we went up to Aunt Emma Hague’s to get my music books, up to Moore’s and to the Burton’s. In the evening, Mrs. Moore and Flora came up and they, with Mrs. Burton, and I went for a walk. We came back to Burton’s and about nine o’clock, Flora and I went down to Moore’s on an errand. Just as we were leaving, Oscar came and he walked up to Burton’s with us to see Mrs. Moore on business. Mrs. Moore slept up to Burton’s with Mrs. Burton and Flora slept with me.

June 17, 1897 (Thursday) – I walked out home, in the afternoon; I went to bed sick and today Friday (18th) I have not felt very well. Esther and I made a bet, she bet a ten dollar dress that someday I would marry Oscar Lunt and I bet that I wouldn’t. So someday I wish to remind her of it, as I’m pretty sure of winning the dress. I received a letter from Bessie Sperry. Well I will leave my journal until some future time.

June 18, 1897 (Friday) – Last Saturday (12th) Esther and I went up town. She came back home but I remained up there. I went up to Burton’s. In the evening I called at Bishop Parkes for a few minutes and then went down to Moore’s. Flora went down to Foote’s with me and while there I decided that I would not take another until September (shorthand lesson?). We returned to Moore’s and then Mr. and Mrs. Moore, Flora and I all walked up to Burton’s.

On Sunday (13th), I called for Flora and we went to Sunday School, afterwards we went over to the post office then Flora went up to Burton’s with me. She soon left and later in the afternoon I went down to Moore’s. I had supper there and afterwards Mrs. Moore, Flora and I went down to the drug store and had a dish of ice cream lemonade. While we were there, Mamie Hyde and Neva Booth came in; Mr. Moore tried to fool us by giving us some gum with cayenne on it. Neva and Mrs. Moore tried theirs, but the rest of us didn’t get fooled. We all left the drug store and walked up to Cazier’s corner. We stood there walking for some time and then Mrs. Moore, Flora and I went back down town. As we were passing Judge Higgins home we met Oscar and he went up to Burton’s with us. About nine o’clock Mr. Moore came up and took his folks home. Oscar remained a little longer and then he left too. I slept up to Burton’s.

June 21, 1897 (Monday) – I took my music, went up to Sister Grace’s and then down to the court house to see Pearl McCune. I went to the store for Mrs. Burton and then up to Burton’s. I again went to the court house. Mr. Foote not being there I didn’t stop and practice on the typewriter. I was going along and had passed the Drug Store when someone called me back. It was Father, he wanted me to take some medicine up to Grandmother Sperry’s. I went in the drug store with him and while we were there Oscar gave me a drink of lemonade. After talking for a few minutes I left. I went up to Grandmother’s and on up to Burton’s, about six o’clock Esther and I went over to McCune’s to practice songs with Pearl. Afterwards we went over to Moore’s and Esther, Mrs. Burton, Mrs. Moore, Della Kendall, Flora Moore and I went over to the gymnasium for a while, then we went to a temperance meeting in the Tabernacle. Oscar took me home. We later quarreled. I guess we won’t be the same good friends after this.