November 1, 1897 (Monday) – Went to school. Evening I went to a practice in the Academy Hall.

November 3, 1897 (Wednesday) – I went to another practice in the Academy Hall. Oscar took me home.

November 4, 1897 (Thursday) – Oscar went to Sanpete. I had supper at Aunt Augusta’s and spent the evening there.

November 5, 1897 (Friday) – I went to a dance with Arthur. At the dance I met a Miss Rogers, she is an English girl that is staying with the Lunt’s. She appears to be very nice

November 7, 1897 (Sunday) – It was fast day. I went to Sunday School. Arthur gave his farewell address. In the afternoon I went to meeting he gave a farewell address there. After meeting we all went over to Aunt Emily Black’s for supper, I went with Arthur while he gave a few farewell calls. We spent the evening at Aunt Emily’s.

November 8, 1897 (Monday) – Arthur left on the morning train for Salt Lake, in a few days he intends leaving for New Zealand to be gone three years. I went to school. In the afternoon I had to debate in school. In the evening I went to practice in the Academy Hall.

November 9, 1897 (Tuesday) – I received a letter from Oscar which I answered by return mail. Evening I went with Min over to Booth’s, but Neva wasn’t home. Min slept with me.

November 10, 1897 (Wednesday) – In the afternoon I walked out home, where I expect to stay for a day or two.

November 12, 1897 (Friday) – I received a letter from Oscar he is in Spanish Fork. Answered his letter.

November 13, 1897 (Saturday) – Esther and I walked up town, while we were going up we saw Brother Goldsbrough and he let us rise with him. Esther and I went to the lot and then down to the primary fair. In the evening we went to a practice in the Academy. Oscar came home on the evening train and he came up to Grandma’s for a while.

November 14, 1897 (Sunday) – I went to Sunday School, I had dinner at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s and in the afternoon I went to meeting. In the evening Oscar and I went up to Burton’s and spent the evening.

November 15, 1897 (Monday) – I went to the school house and got my books. Later Retta (Retta Sperry) and I walked out home. In the afternoon Oscar called at the farm, he is feeding cattle down this way.

November 16, 1897 (Tuesday) – Brother Morris came down and had me practice over my part for the opera with him. He had dinner with us. Again Oscar called at the farm for a few minutes. On the 17th Arthur left Salt Lake for Vancouver Island.

November 18, 1897 (Thursday) – I went to town I just got up to the top of the land as Mr. Paxman was passing by in a buggy. I rode to town with him. In the evening I intended going over to Booth’s for a practice but Brother Morris came up to Burton’s to tell me there would be no practice. Oscar came up and spent the evening. I slept at Burton’s.

November 19, 1897 (Friday) – While walking out home Oscar caught up with me he was going out to water the cattle, he left me at the top of the lane. He called at the house while returning to town.

November 20, 1897 (Saturday) – Mr. Smith came down and told me Father wanted me to bring the buggy up to him as he wanted to come home. When I reached town I found that Melvin, while returning home with a load of wood, while walking beside it had tripped and fallen and the load went over his arm, breaking his arm. I came down with Father and then returned to town with Mother. Melvin was at Grandfather Sperry’s. I went over to Booth’s for a practice. Mame Hyde was visiting with Neva Booth. Editor Roe came and we practiced over a song together. After he left I went with Neva to take Mame home and then I went up to Burton’s. At Kienke’s corner I met Oscar and he went to Burton’s with me. He spent the evening with me. I think he must have proposed to me that evening for I had something written in shorthand which I cannot read now. Whatever it was I written I imagine I was afraid Esther might get into my journal and read about it, so I wrote it that way. I slept at Burton’s.

November 21, 1897 (Sunday) – I attended Sunday School. In the afternoon I went over to Uncle Will Sperry’s to see Stella Taylor. Afterwards Esther and I went up to the house. Then Mother and I came out home. Apparently I have quit school for the cold weather and Esther is staying up to Burton’s.

November 22, 1897 (Monday) – I wrote a letter to Lon. Oscar called at the house while he was going down to the field.

November 23, 1897 (Tuesday) – I went up town Grandma Sperry came down with me. In the evening Oscar came down and spent the evening with us.

November 24, 1897 (Wednesday) – Was home all day.

November 25, 1897 (Thursday) – Thanksgiving Day. When we woke up this morning we found the ground all covered with snow. I prepared dinner, the first Thanksgiving dinner I ever prepared and it was praised a lot. In the afternoon went up town to take Grandmother home.

November 27, 1897 (Saturday) – In the afternoon I went up town. I slept up at Burton’s.

November 28, 1897 (Sunday) – Spent most of the day at Burton’s. After meeting Esther, Lillie Black and Ada Taylor came up for a little while. In the evening Oscar came up for the evening. I slept there

November 29, 1897 (Monday) – Afternoon I went to the Court House to see Allie Grover. I talked with her over half an hour. Later I brought Melvin out home. It is remarkable how well his arm is healing.