October 3, 1897 (Sunday) – Was fast day, Esther and I went to Sunday School. Afterwards Arthur and Lillie Black joined us and we went over to the post office, that seemed to be the habit for all to go to the post office after Sunday School, or around the noon hour. As that was about the time the mail came in. from there we walked up to our lot. In the afternoon Minnie Abbott  and I went to Fast Meeting. After meeting we went to the depot to see who came in on the train from Sanpete, we must have been expecting someone for Aunt Sarah Sperry was on the train. I had supper at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s and in the evening Oscar spent the evening with me. Went to school all week, am living at Grandma Sperry’s. Friday (8th) afternoon I sang a song in school. Evening I went to a dance in the Little Grande with Arthur, Lillie Black and Esther.

October 10, 1897 (Sunday) – Attended Sunday School. Oscar spent the evening with me. Monday (11th) evening Oscar and I went to the Theater. Tuesday (12th) evening I went to a ragbee at Aunt Augusta Sperry’s.

October 13, 1897 (Wednesday) – Min Abbott and I went down to the depot. President William Paxman’s body was brought home on the train. He died Tuesday down in American Fork. We met Bert Sparks’ and he brought us home. I slept at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s.

October 17, 1897 (Sunday) – I went across the street to the Paxman home to view the remains of President Paxman and then attended his funeral services at noon. Oscar came and spent the evening with me. About all that is written for a few days is I attended school with (Oscar spent the evening with me).

October 23, 1897 (Saturday) – Esther, Arthur, Lillie Black and Ada Taylor went over to Manti. (It couldn’t have been in an automobile in those days so it must have been on the train). In the afternoon I walked out home. The following Sunday, Monday and until the afternoon of Tuesday, I remained on the farm then I went up town with Uncle’s Will Wheeler and Jim Black. I expected to go to Mutual but on my way I met Oscar and Lon Lunt, who informed me there was no mutual. So I walked back with them.

October 27, 1897 (Wednesday) – At school Edgar brought me a note from Oscar. After school I went up to Burton’s and had supper. She is planning a party for Arthur and wrote out a couple of invitations for me to deliver to some boys, as I returned to Grandmother’s I met Oscar and another fellow. I gave Oscar the invitations to deliver for me.

October 28, 1897 (Thursday and Friday) – I attended school. Received another note from Oscar through Edgar. I remained home from school in the afternoon. In the evening was Arthur’s farewell party before going on a mission. Oscar took me to the party. After the dance Mother, Arthur and I went out home

October 30, 1897 (Saturday) – it was Arthur’s birthday, he was 23 years old

October 31, 1897 (Sunday) – Lon came down home he had come from Mammoth the night before. About noon Arthur, Mother and I went up town. I wrote a letter to Bessie Sperry and sent her a picture of Esther and me. Oscar spent the evening with me.