September 2, 1897 (Thursday) – Home all day.

September 3, 1897 (Friday) – Art and I went down town I ordered some pictures of Ruth in the afternoon Oscar came up to tell me he was going to Provo on the afternoon train. Later Art and I went down home. Father and Esther went to Santaquin to play to a dance.

September 4, 1897 (Saturday) – Received a letter from Oscar. Father and Esther returned from Santaquin. Art returned to Mammoth.

September 5, 1897 (Sunday) – I received a song from Oscar called “Leonie, Queen of My Heart.” Afternoon I went up to Salisbury’s.

September 6, 1897 (Monday) – I remained home all day and Mother went to town.

September 7, 1897 (Tuesday) – Esther and I went to town and had our pictures taken. I received a copy of an Opera from Brother Morris to study for a part which he wished me to take. I received a letter and photo from Will Tolley who was in the Mission Field, I also received a letter from Oscar and one from Stella Taylor. Evening attended Mutual.

September 20, 1897 (Monday) – I spent the forenoon at Burton’s, later Mrs. Burton and I went to town. Evening Oscar spent the evening at Burton’s with us.

September 21, 1897 (Tuesday) – In the forenoon I visited the school. Afternoon I visited Zoa Garrett at Christensen’s. Evening I attended Mutual afterwards Lil and I went to Grandpa’s then I walked with her down to Judge Higgins where she works. On the corner we met Oscar and he walked home with me.

September 22, 1897 (Wednesday) – I spent the afternoon over to Aunt Emily Black’s and had supper there. Later on my way down to the post office I met Oscar he wanted to talk to Father so we went back to Grandmother’s. He walked with me to the post office and then we went up to Burton’s for a little while. I slept at Grandmother’s.

September 23, 1897 (Thursday) – I was home at Grandmother’s all day, evening Oscar came up for a few minutes.

September 24, 1897 (Friday) – I went up to see our home, Esther and I often like to go there and see how it is progressing. In the evening all of the folks went to Miller’s Hall to a wedding and Oscar came up and spent the evening with me.

September 25, 1897 (Saturday) – Esther, Art and I returned home to the farm.

September 26, 1897 (Sunday) – Arthur, Melvin and I came up town. In the afternoon Grandfather and I went to church. Oscar spent the evening with us.

September 27, 1897 (Monday) – I started school. In the evening I went to Brother Morris’s. Mother came to town for a little while then returned home.

September 28, 1897 (Tuesday) – I had to sing in Mutual. I chose (Leona Queen of My Heart). Later Esther and I went to Grandmother Sperry’s. Later the band came and serenaded the home from there they went down to Foote’s Hotel and Esther, Lil Black and I went down a block to main street and stood on the corner listening to the music.