February 16, 1906 (Friday) – For some time I have been too busy to write. My husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) has been home two Sunday afternoons. We enjoy having him with us, he is gone so much. Brother Lon (Charles Alonzo Sperry) has been home on a visit for a day or two, we were all pleased to see him again and while he was herer, I went with the folks (Charles Henry Sperry and Caroline Wright) down to Grandfather Sperrys’ (Charles Sperry) to spend the evening. The children (Alfred Oscar, Jr., Lillian, Charles Gilbert and Eva Ruth Lunt) are feeling quite well at present. 

Eva can sit alone, she started to doing that before she was seven months old. She weighs 20 lbs. I bought Bert some tan shoes and he thinks so much of them he takes them to bed with him.

I gave my lesson in Relief Meeting and was greatly blessed of the Lord, it was a wonderful meeting, there was such a peaceful spirit there, and all the people were so quiet while I was giving the lesson. I thank my Heavenly Father for blessing me so much that day. It has strengthened my faith that who called upon to do anything by those in author if we will try and do our best the Lord is ever willing to help and bless us. Today I have been trying to make a wrapper for me. Sister House came down and helped me with some darning.

February 23, 1906 (Friday) – In the afternoon I took Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.), Lillian (Lillian Lunt), Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt) and Alvert Wood to a children’s dance in the Armory, they enjoyed themselves very much.

February 24, 1906 (Saturday) – I went to a meeting in the Vestry. A lady lectured on pure food. In the evening Lillian (Lillian Mary Sperry) and Ruth (Ruth Sperry) came up for a while.