History: Ella Karn Nelson

History: Ella Karn Nelson Written by Great-Great-Niece, Kellie Jeanette Lunt Anna Rosenquist Nelson (60) – Sister Edward Rosenquist Nelson (63) – Brother Effie Druscilla Nelson (66) – Sister Ella Karn Nelson (65) – Self Elsa Nelson (59) – Mother Hanna Rosenquist Nelson (61) – Sister Helding Rosenquist Nelson (64) – Brother Jens Rosenquist Nelson (58) […]

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This Day In Our Family History

1863 Mary Elizabeth Harper was born in Bromley, Middlesex, England, United Kingdom to Benjamin Harper, Jr., age 36, and Elizabeth Phipps Brand, age 39. She was the 6th of 7 children, and the 3rd of 3 daughters, born to the couple 1952 John Edgar Lunt was buried at Vine Bluff Cemetery which is located at […]

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History: Helding Rosenquist Nelson

Clarice Maude, Helding Rosenquist’s daughter, was born 22 February 1928 in Pleasant Grove when Helding Rosenquist was 33 years old.  Helding Rosenquist’s mother (Elsa Nelson) died at the age of 72 on 13 March 1931 in Pleasant Grove. Helding Rosenquist was 36 years old at the time. On 7 January 1932, when Helding Rosenquist was […]

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Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1905 (Sunday) – Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) and Lillian (Lillian Lunt) went to Sunday School, they had dinner to their Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt) and then went out to Mrs. Ormes’. In the afternoon I took Bert (Charles Gilbert Lunt) and went up to Orme’s. We stayed until dark and she walked part way […]

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