History: David William Rowley

A few weeks later we took another Temple trip with our dear friends, the DeGraws and another 75 year old sister. We ate on picnic tables and had such a good time. We filled long days in the Temple, staying there three days again. Estella’s (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) back didn’t bother her at all.

We went to Utah again in November and went to the library to get copies of things that Estella needed. She was making up Books of Remembrance for her children for Christmas. Margie (Marjorie Ann Judkins) had just recently had surgery for Gall Bladder and was not fully recovered from it yet so we stayed in Spanish Fork with Bert (Bert Lund Murphy) and Verda (Verda May Rowley). Estella spent most of the time working on sheets for her books. She also went to Wellington to see her brothers and sister. When we got back to Margie’s she was so go to help Estella with typing and in taking us to have enough copies made. Making the books took a lot of work and quite a bit of money, but we hope that in years to some they will become precious beyond price.

We went to Richfield with Bert and Verda and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) and saw Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Erma (Erma Thornton) in the little house they had bought there. We could see that Opal (Opal M. Rowley) was so glad to have her folks living there. Opal’s oldest son was married and living there, too so it made it nice for all. It makes me happy when I can be with my brothers and sisters and it makes me very happy when any of my loved ones are happy. Of course what makes us the happiest is living the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

We stayed in Utah for Thanksgiving and most of December. Just before we left for home we heard that Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) was the father of another daughter (Shawna Lee Rowley).

In 1975 Virginia’s (Virginia Fern Johnson) daughter, Bekki Jo (Bekkie Jo McKnight) graduated from Nampa High and we were so proud to know that she was going to Ricks College. We were also hearing good things about our other grandchildren.

We had the opportunity to go to the temple many times, both in Idaho Falls and in Utah. These are some of my best memories.

I was going over to the Spa in Boise with a friend to see if it would make my knees feel better. In the spring he had his hip operated on and later had the other one done. He hadn’t been able to walk unassisted for years and had been in pain all that time. Now he felt so good and was walking again so I went to his doctor and had him look at my knees.

We went on a short trip to Utah with our good friends, Bert and Margaret Ashby. They had children in Orem, too.

We took a weekend trip up to the place in Oregon with Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and the family. It was our last because we sold the trailer back to the Tidwell’s and turned the land back, also. We did bring some wood home, however.

Estella had been having a lot of trouble with her back again, but she had found a new doctor in Payette who was helping her and I was driving her over there several times a week.

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History: David William Rowley

Speaking of family we found out that my nephew, Noland Rowley (Noland Thompson Rowley), was living over in Homedale, Idaho and we went over to see them and they came to see us. When Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Erma (Erma Thornton Rowley) came to see them we also got to enjoy a visit for a couple of days. This was about the time that Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) first stopped to visit and rent on their way to Montana. We appreciated this also. We went quite often to see Virginia’s children (Cory, Bekkie and Tammy McKnight)in Nampa and as soon as Bekki was able to drive they came over to see us and we enjoyed this so much.

When I think of 1973 I immediately think that was the year of our big trip back east. But first of all we were blessed with two more grandchildren. In February a girl, Joleene Rowley was born to Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) and a son, Timmy Johnson for Harold (Harold Norman Johnson). We got to love and enjoy both of them this year.

This was the year I finally got to plant a garden on my own land. I bought a pump and pumped the water up onto the ground by the side and back of my house. Then we took our trip and dear Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and Mike (Mike Johnson) irrigated and weeded it the whole two months we were gone. Bless their hearts!!

Just about the time school was out Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) called and said she was going on a trip back to Kentucky to get acquainted with her Alcorn relatives and to gather genealogical information. She wanted to know if she could bring Myron (Myron Dwain Judkins) and Mark (Mark Ammon Judkins) up to stay with us for about two weeks. Of course we said we would be glad to have them. So she and Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley), the boys and Margene (Margene Judkins) came up. This was the first time our daughters had been to New Plymouth. We were glad to take them to church and show them off to our friends.

Before Margie left for home she asked me to cut the boys hair. She said she didn’t care how short I got it just so it was out of their eyes. Well I took them out on the back porch to cut it. Myron was looking pretty glum. I cut their hair all neat and nice, parting it on the side, but when Myron saw it in the mirror he said, “Oh, no!” Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) said that getting his hair off his forehead made him look like a very intelligent young man and I agreed with her.

We had been wanting to get back up to our mountain retreat in Oregon and we thought this might be an interesting experience for the boys so we took them with us. We stopped in Baker, Oregon for some refreshments and to get supplies from the store. We didn’t have our trailer on our own land yet, that was one of the things we had come to do. The boys soon got acquainted with the dogs and had fun with them. About the second day Mark lost his coat. It got cold up there at night and I told Mark his folks wouldn’t like him losing his good coat and he had better find it. He looked and looked with the dogs trailing along, but he didn’t find it. He told me later that he talked to Sandy, the oldest and smartest of the dogs, and asked him to help him find the coat. We had forgotten oil for our lamps so we went to bed early. Estella was the first one up the next morning. We were still having to use Ed’s (Ed Tidwell) outhouse so as she started walking on the road over to their place the dogs greeted her with smiles and tail-wagging. As she walked they crowed around her till she hardly had room to walk. She scolded them for this but it didn’t do any good. Finally Sandy got in front and stopped her and she looked down and there was Mark’s coat. Sandy outdid himself in smiles and bows and the younger dog really went wild. Needless to say Estella hurried back to us and told us all about it. I think this is one of the most remarkable dog stories I have ever heard!

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

When George (George Redd) and Geneal (Geneal Rose Johnson) came for a visit the whole family went to Cascade Lake for an outing. I found it very interesting to watch the squirrels gather their nuts for winter. They would cut the small cones out of the trees and let them fall to the ground then they would scamper down and gather them up and take them to their holes. We went up once when Timmy (Timmy Redd) was little and he had to be watched closely because he would walk right into the water up over his head!

In September 1971 Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) called and then he came up to see us clear from California. He wanted me to give him a father’s blessing which I was happy to do. He went to church with us and I was so proud to present him to my friends. Before long he wrote and said he had found the girl he was going to marry. We were so happy for him.

In October 1971 Terry (Terrel Johnson) was blessed with a little sister. Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) named her Melody. She turned out to be a lovely and vivacious little miss.

Word came from Grant again – he said him and Linda Roskelley were going to be married in November and they wanted is to be there. So we drove to California in our Cadillac and it was very enjoyable. Grant and Linda met us and we immediately fell in love with the girl that Grant had chosen. They took us to Linda’s grandparents place and we were made very comfortable. This was in Roseville, California.

My birthday that year was very special because Grant and Linda were married in the Oakland Temple on that day, 24 November 1971. How privileged we were to be with them on that day and in that place.

Before we came home we went over to Eureka to see Emerson (Emerson Adis Rowley) and Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and their wives (Sarah Marie Alderson and Lois Evelyn Chapman – respectively). We were treated royally there and really enjoyed our visit with them. It was almost the middle of December when we started home and the weather was bad. We got into some trouble that could have cost us our lives but both times, by the providence of the Lord and the kindness of some very real wonderful strangers, we came out all right. We were very grateful for His care and help in getting home safely.

We had a quiet Christmas with Harold’s family and there was snow on the ground for a change. Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) was happy to hold and to love the lovely new granddaughter, Melody.

In the summer of 1972 we went down to Utah for a very wonderful family reunion just for my father’s descendants. Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) got the use of the chapel we used to take care of and being there brought good memories. We had such good food and such loving and visiting with our loved ones. All of my brothers (Hugh Francis, Emerson, and Walter Rowley) and my dear sister (Verda May Rowley were there and we had some really good pictures taken. I have a copy of the five of us in my bedroom and it is good to look at our smiling faces and to see Verda’s), so sweet and lovely as she always was.

This is the year we raised the garden with our dear friends and enjoyed discussing the Doctrine and Covenants, especially with them. We liked everyday we spent with them. We brought Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) and the children (Kurtis Wayne, Kristine, Lorrain, Janiel and Lynn Sumsion Rowley) out to see us after they had finished summer classes at BYU. It was a blessing to have them here and to have my granddaughter Janiel want me to baptize her. It was a joy to me. She was a special little sweetheart.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

The joy of life had gone out of Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) since she lost Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson). She got so run down that I took her to a doctor. He prescribed some vitamins. She had spoken to me about the possibility of us moving up to New Plymouth sometimes when we were visiting there. Now she told me that the Boise Valley had seemed so beautiful to her when we took Virginia back to be laid away and that the Valley had been calling her. Her heart longed for the comfort of the rest of her children and grandchildren. She said that if Virginia had lived, she could have made herself contented in Utah, but now she couldn’t. Well, I had pleased my first wife (Lillian Alcorn) when she longed to move back to Utah and now I wanted to ease the pain for my second wife. Besides I had always liked the Boise Valley. I had wanted Dad (Hugh Thompson Rowley) to move there when he had the choice of going there or to the Milk River Valley country in Montana. The soil was good and the climate was so much better.

Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) let us know that their ward needed a custodian and they said they would come down and help us move. So we put our place up for sale and it sold much sooner than we had expected it to. We did really well on it, selling it for $2,000, more than we paid just eight months before. We had also built up a good equity it in. we gave notice to the ward that we were quitting on the 15th of March. Harold and Myrna Jean came down on the 18th of March 1971 to help us move to Idaho.

Judging by their actions my children didn’t seem to believe we were really going to move. But that Saturday, Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) and Doug (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) came down and helped to load the big U-Haul and Jana (Janevie Clegg) and Vonna (Vonna Ensign) packed fruit and other things in boxes. Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) came over for a while and everybody helped. We had so awfully much stuff that we couldn’t possibly move it all. I gave Clayton a lot of it because he had moved onto acreage. We gave anybody anything they would take that we thought we could spare. I was glad when Opal (Opal Cutler) came to say goodbye. We gave her some bedside tables.

We left Provo on 20 March 1971. We had some trouble and only got as far as Burley that night. Hubert (Hubert Tidwell insisted on coming along and he drove the U-Haul. Like Harold remarked, Hubert was like a little kid with a little re fire engine! Estella rose some of the time with Harold in the pickup and he told her that the reason they had wanted us to move by them was so they could take care of us when we were old.

We reached New Plymouth about five in the afternoon and pulled into the yard of the house Harold had rented for us. We unloaded a few things then went to Harold’s for supper and the night. It rained for the next few days and it was sure muddy, but when we heard of the 8 inches of new snow they had in Utah we were glad we weren’t there.

We started on our job of taking care of the Chapel. It wasn’t near as big, except for the yards, but it was older and a lot of things needed to be replaced so it was hard to make it look really nice.

We had been there about ten days when Virginia came to her mother in the night and talked to her. It was a very sacred experience and made Estella feel better to know that Virginia was happy and it made it easier for her to go on with living.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

While we were living near Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) I gave some of my extra fishing poles to her boys (David Lenn, Deon Eugene, Myron Dwain, Mark Ammon and Darrell Wayne Judkins) and I took them fishing. We did pretty good sometimes and I enjoyed having this to do with my grandsons we fished mostly in the Provo River, but sometimes I went to Deer Creek Reservoir and I used to like to watch the base swim around and around. We could watch our hooks and bait, then all of a sudden they might decide to take it, maybe come in quick, then change their mind. At Deer Creek I got some pretty nice fish. It was interesting to watch the water in the river. Sometimes it was so clear I could see the fish watching me through the water.

I had some interesting fishing trips with Lavern’s (Lavern Tidwell) new husband, Dewey Chidester. We went over to Wellington on our vacations and went out to Joe’s Valley and really caught some good trout.  Lavern would cook up a pan full with bacon strips and we would eat them and then we would catch some more. It makes my mouth water just to think of it.

On another trip we drove the pickup and Dewey pulled a trailer up to Ferron Reservoir. It was a wonderful place to fish and there was a large snow bank where Rusty loved to play. I was so surprised to see that even up in the mountains like this there were dandelions everywhere.

The mountain was steep and we went through some water on the way back, then discovered we had lost our brakes and it scared us. We topped and let them dry out then we went safely back to Wellington and home the next day. Dewey and Lavern came to see us a few times while we lived in Provo.

Where we lived we could see the whole circle of mountains around Provo. That was one of the things we liked about being there. This is how I have tried to describe it. The scenery surrounding Provo was grand. The lake to the west was beautiful and especially at sundown when the sun was shining across the water reflecting the colors of the sky or looking brassy or gold. Sometimes the water was ripply and other times it was very still. I will never forget the pleasure I had in living there and seeing this and the everlasting mountains raising their solid bastions to the skies with Timpanogas lying asleep. Never to be disturbed but broken through by the canyon of the Provo River. What centuries it must have taken to make that canyon by steady, continual erosion, the beautiful sides of the mountain, changing into differed robes with the seasons. In the spring there is a lovely new green of grass and brush and trees, mingled with the rocky cliffs that tower so high. It would seem impossible to climb but when nearer seen and better known are crisscrossed by pathways that are unseen from below. As the seasons go on, she changed robes again, the oak brush becomes red, the quacking aspens put in their bright yellow and then the beautiful maples scatter their gorgeous hues of color. Then with the first snows they put on their white bonnets usually lasting till spring. The sight is so grand to see and remember. When I think of the glories of the earth I hated to leave such beauty. We should not let such things become old and common because they are constantly seen.

Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) had a special feeling about these mountain, too, especially Mount Timpanogas. There is a very lovely Indian legend about it. Sometimes when she was cleaning the rooms upstairs and she needed a break she would throw open a window (you couldn’t see through these chapel windows), even in the winter, and drink in the rugged beauty and partake of the peaceful message that seemed to come from those mountains.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

We soon had responsible positions in the ward. It was good to be back to work, also. I was put in as the leader of the Adult Aaronic Priesthood of the ward and Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) was chosen for the Spiritual Living teacher for the Relief Society. Our jobs were very challenging and we enjoyed them.

It was so nice to live just up the street from Dwain (Dwain Eugene Judkins) and Marge (Marjorie Ann Rowley) and their children (David Lenn, Deon Eugene, Dwana Kay, Myron Dwain, Mark Ammon, Darrell Wayne and Margene Judkins). Dwain and I have always had a mutual admiration for each other and we love to talk and share ideas. I still feel the need to go back and renew that relationship. 

This happened a few years ago, but I would like to share it now as we are talking about Margie’s children. We had taken Myron with us one day when he was about three or four to hunt for garden rocks. We went over on the other side of Utah Lake. We found some nice rocks and decided the easiest was to get them to the car was to roll them down the hill because they were so heavy. Myron would pick up the biggest rock he could and he’d say…”1, 2, 3, boomty-boom,” and throw it down the hill, laughing as he watched it go. Grandma had left our good lunch behind but Myron was still happy even though we just had soda crackers to eat. He went on home to Bountiful with us and stayed a few days. He couldn’t understand why we were so tired after handling all those rocks, he wasn’t!

Harold (Harold Norma Johnson) and Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) came down for a short visit while we lived in this house. We enjoyed the children (Mike, Steven,and  Terrel Johnson), especially Mike, who was growing into quite a fine boy. Little Steven was always a real curious child and this time he had to find out how everything worked, even if it was something that could hurt him. He didn’t want to mind nearly as well as he does now after a few more years of training at home. I have noticed this with so many children, they can be little stinkers when they are small, but if the parents continue to consistently and persistently train them in the way they should go, setting a good example all the while, the child becomes a real fine youth and man or woman.

The work at the chapel was new and hard especially at first when we were doing painting as well as cleaning. I was mowing the lawns, weeding and trimming edges as well. We enjoyed working in the house of the Lord because it was the House of the Lord and we always tried to remember this.

When October came there was a lot of leaves on the chapel yard. We were so busy that we dreaded having to get out there and rake them all up in piles and dispose of them, but we knew it had to be done. One day while we were both inside getting ready for Sunday, a big wind came up and blew those leaves all off the church yard and straight down the road for quite a ways. We were grateful to the Lord for sending the wind.

We were worried about Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) and we knew that she could not take care of the yard work on our place in Bountiful, so on our weekly days off we would drive up there and take care of things and find out how the family was doing. These trips and the extra work was quite hard on us.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

That summer Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) met a man from Twin Falls that she thought she was going to marry, so she moved over there in order for the girls to start school. In November we had an invitation to come up there for Thanksgiving. We went and we could tell that Bill was crazy about Virginia, but we had the feeling that she didn’t really love him. The turned out to be the case and her asking us to come up was really a call for help.

In a little while Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) went back there and on the 13 December Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) and I took the day and a trailer and moved them down to Bountiful. The weather was threatening and our load was high and we sure prayed that we would make it back safely. We pulled in under the carport I had built and we were so tired that we just had something to eat and went to bed. The next morning there was about 8 inches of snow on the ground!

It really made Estella happy to have her daughter and her grandchildren (Cory and Daughter McKnight) living near. In March Virginia and I took the pickup and went back to Twin Falls and got her piano and some other things that she had left with a friend.

In the next June, Opal (Opal Cutler) who had moved to Richfield from California, and Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) all came to our place to stay while they went to June Conference. Myrna Jean was in the Stake Relief Society and Harold was in the Bishopric and Opal was the head of the music in her ward. What a time they had together. They were all musicians and they played and sang and we sure enjoyed them.

Opal invited us to come visit and to bring Virginia and the children and so we did that summer. Cory had gone to Nampa to stay with his dad (Chad Layne McKnight) who had remarried. On our way down to Opal’s, Stella sat in the front seat. We all had a really good time. We went fishing over to Fish Lake and we spent one day hunting for nice rocks. We still have some of them. Virginia and Opal played and sang and visited and Opal fixed us sine really good meals. I helped get the weeds out of their garden. When we had to leave Rusty behind, he wouldn’t come out from under the bed, where we slept, until we came back. He was always this way with strangers.

Well, the time had come sooner than I wanted it and on 1 July 1969 I was retired from the Davis County maintenance crew. They held a kind of meeting for me and gave me a wrist watch. It was a good watch and I used it for a long time.

After I retired I jobbed around fixing up things on houses. Sometimes Estella helped me. It soon became clear that we could not stay in Bountiful and live on what income I had.

Marjorie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) let us know that her ward was looking for a custodian and we went down and had an interview with her Bishop, James May. He was a fine man and after a while we got the job. We moved Virginia into hour house and prepared to move to Provo. Thus I left the place I had lived for 13 years and began a new phase of my life.

This was a large chapel and took a lot of work. We started in August 1969. We rented a small house, at first, from Don Reese. It was just down the road from the chapel which made it really nice for us.

To be continued…