History: David William Rowley

LILLIAN (Lillian Alcorn) – She was a fine woman in so many ways. She was an excellent cook and used to fix us such good meals. She could keep a good house, too. She had a gift for sewing and could make clothes look really well. One winter she made nice shirts for all the boys and me, too. She made most if the clothes for the children (Grace Harriet, David Alcorn, Douglas Alcorn, Ralph Alcorn, Clayton Alcorn, Marjorie Ann, Hugh Alcorn, Sharon Lee and Grant Alcorn Rowley).

My Lillian was a complex person. Some people have said she was a perfectionist and perfectionists are not always easy to live with. I know that I did not always understand her and we did not always get along. I know that sometimes I provoked her and caused her to be frustrated with me. She had had a hard life what with losing her mother (Harriet Ann Weaver) and having a lot of the care of her younger brothers (Lenard Clark, William Vernon, Marvin Ballard, Joseph Lorenzo, Archie Harold, and Jesse Verl Alcorn) and sister (Melva Alcorn) and her thinking was influenced by that way of life.

She has a wonderful voice. I could be in the farthest place away in the field and she could raise her voice and make me hear. They used to tease her and say something about her winning a pig calling contest. It had been so long that I can’t remember the details or just how it was. I heard Grant tell Linda (Linda Roskelley) that when he heard his mother’s voice yelling for him to run when he was playing baseball that it practically lifted him off the ground. She had a good singing voice, too. She sang humorous songs sometimes. I have been trying to remember the names of some of them, but I can’t.

I want my children to know that I still love their mother and want to be with her again. I hope that I can be a good husband to both of my wives (Lillian and Estella Cordelia Tidwell) and that we can live in love and harmony on the other side and work out our eternal lives together.

To be continued…


History: David William Rowley


I feel that I have passed over and failed to say some things I should have said. I want to pay a tribute to my first wife, Lillian (Lillian Alcorn), the mother of my children (Grace Harriet, David Alcorn, Douglas Alcorn, Ralph Alcorn, Clayton Alcorn, Marjorie Ann, Hugh Alcorn, Sharon Lee and Grant Alcorn Rowley), and I want to tell our children how much I appreciate and love them.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

By 1977 we were settled in our new place in Mountain Home and we liked our ward and our next door neighbors. We were making friends and we had a bonus we hadn’t counted on. This was a temple going ward and we were asked and went about once a month and sometimes twice. The Harmon’s were the first to take us, but others have also.

In February 1977 we went to Nampa to Bekki’s (Bekki Jo McKnight) wedding. She married a convert to the church. Their bishop advised them to get married and go to the temple later. Estella had a dream that showed her that Pat Elordi was a very special spirit before she had seen him. We had the pleasure of going with them to the temple in Salt Lake a year later. We also saw their beautiful baby girl sealed to them. She was two and a half months old.

In March we went on a sad journey to Utah because Erma Rowley (Erma Thornton), my brother’s (Hugh Francis Rowley) wife, died 24 March 1977 in Richfield. There were a lot of relatives there and it was good to see them again. The service was very nice and we stayed for a while to visit with my family.

A day we had looked forward to for a long time came on 4 June 1977 when Estella’s son Archie Johnson was sealed to us. Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) had been sealed previously. We went to the Idaho Falls Temple with a Stake High Priest Group from Boise. Estella and I were the witness couple that day.

We went to Utah with Brother McMurray from our ward in July. We had a nice visit with Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) and with Lori (Lillian Lorraine Smith) and her husband (Nelson Earl Lunt). We spent the 24th of July with Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) and his family and went to the celebration with them. We did temple work in Provo as we had done before. Some friends that we had known in New Plymouth asked us to go to the Idaho Falls Temple when they were sealed. This was a very nice occasion.

Since we could ride down with the McMurray’s any time we needed to we decided to go to Utah again in November. I knew that Francis was having an operation and we wanted to go see Estella’s folks in Wellington. We took a bus on over there and when we got there Leo (Hyrum Leo Tidwell) was outside spading up his garden even though he was almost 85 years old. He seemed to have very good health, but it wasn’t long before we learned that he had leukemia.

There was a scare about Francis, too. He had another knee operation but also had a spell with his heart. We visited him in the hospital and he was soon much better. We stayed for a while with Bert (Bert Lund Murphy) and Verda (Verda May Rowley) and Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) and went to the temple with all of them. Verda was so lacking in strength that she went through in a wheel chair. We had marveled at her fortitude before, ever since her stroke, and had thought that she had ought to spare herself as much as possible. I am sure she went places when she wasn’t really able.

We heard that Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) had been blessed with another daughter born 30 December 1977. They sure pleased me when they named her Sharon, a name I have loved since I lost my precious little Sharon when she was four months old.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

We went up to our mountain place with Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and his family a couple of times that year and brought wood out. We decided that it was too far to be for that purpose (our retreat was too far away that is).

We had three gardens that year and this kept me busy. It was good to have produce to give to the window and others that need it, however, so I didn’t mind the work.

We took a trip to Utah with or very good friends, Ellis and Lottie Stokes, in late February and Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) came to Tremonton to pick us up. We went down to be at David’s (David Lenn Judkins) farewell as he was about to leave on a mission to Northern California. David was my first grandson to go on a mission. He asked me to say the closing prayer at the meeting. I got an awful nosebleed right after the Sacrament Meeting and I guess I had the folks worried about me. The next few days I helped Dwain (Dwain Eugene Judkins) in putting up some wallboard in their new home.

I remember that we were at their place when President Joseph Fielding Smith died and also when President Harold B. Lee died. Of course they both did not die in this year of 1974.

That summer we had visits from both Bob (Bob Johnson) and Geneal’s (Geneal Rose Johnson) families. We had an outing up at Cascade Lake with all Estella’s (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) children and grandchildren. They sure enjoyed the food from my gardens.

Estella stayed home to water the garden when I went to Utah to spend some time with Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and his family who were visiting there. Hugh was so good to me. He took me any place I wanted to go and stayed right by my side. It was as though he couldn’t get enough of my company. I guess my children do love me.

In the early part of August we went on a three day trip to Idaho Falls to attend the temple. We went with some friends from New Plymouth. We stayed in a cheap hotel to save money and we hadn’t been sleeping well. I always took Estella to the prayer circle in the second session of the day. It was the third day and Estella’s back was hurting her so bad that it was causing her to be sick to her stomach. She knew that after the third session we would be going home and she would have to sit in the middle of the back seat as she had done coming up. That seat was very uncomfortable and with her back hurting as it was she didn’t know how she was going to ride those 325 or so miles home!

As the prayer circle was about to come up she consulted silently with the spirit and then decided to ask a prayer for herself, for the help she needed to finish the sessions and also to be able to ride back home. When the veils were lowered she expressed her humble prayer and almost immediately she felt hands start to work on her back. Then they went around to her rib cage and there they stretched and stretched her spine until she thought she was a couple of inches taller. The pain went away, down her left leg and out and all the way home she felt like that back seat was the softest it had ever been. This is one of the most sacred things that ever happened to her. She says that the hands felt like human hands only they could cover so much more territory like they were either larger or there were more than two. They had a most wonderful healing power. This was in 28 August 1974.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

We moved our trailer onto our trailer onto our land with Ed (Ed Tidwell) and his son’s help. Myron (Myron Dwain Judkins) and Mark (Mark Ammon Judkins) dug a hole and I built an outhouse. They stacked wood and dug another hole to see if we could find a well on our place. Ed had two wells and we carried our water from there.

We couldn’t tell if the boys were enjoying themselves or not but I think that the dogs probably saved the day for them. When we returned to New Plymouth they were at a loss as to what to do. The time was getting short for us to leave for our trip. Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) had asked us to come back for a visit and wanted us there in time for his two oldest children’s (Carol Annette and Stephen Michael Rowley) birthdays. We called Dwain (Dwain Eugene Judkins) and put the boys on the bus for Orem. We want them to know that they brightened our lives while they were with us.

We bought an America pass ticket – thirty days for $159 each to any place in the U.S. and Canada. Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) took us to the bus in Ontario and I can still see them as they stood there with a sweet baby in each of their arms as they wished us well.

This trip was so very important and interesting to us, but I realize that it might not be that much to others, so I will just tell you the highlights as I remember them. It has been almost six years. We have a detailed account and many pictures. The most important part of the trip was the renewing and strengthening of the love and relationships with the families we visited.

We went through Utah and stopped briefly with Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley), then on through Wyoming and into South Dakota where we saw the Mount Rushmore figures of our four presidents carved I stone. It was spectacular and I would recommend it to all of my family.

We were three days and nights on the bus before we got to Hugh’s place, stopping in Chicago. In Chicago we had some inconvenient and some kind of scary adventures. We were so tired when we got to Green Bay that it took us three days to get where we could talk without almost falling asleep. Gail (Gail Jensen) would feed us and say, “you had better go back to bed for a while.” Finally we were all right and we spent a very enjoyable camping trip to celebrate Carol’s and Stephen’s birthdays. Hugh travels quite a bit and he took us with him, showing us that beautiful country, even the north woods in Minnesota. We had expected to see hills at least, but it is flat, but lovely.

We next went to Bob’s (Bob Johnson) place in Chicago Heights and they were so warm and made our stay so nice. On the 4th of July he took us and his boys over to the institute of Science and Technology in Chicago. There were so many things there that were so interesting to me, such as the large heart we could walk through and see just how it worked as it pulsed all around you. The history of carpentry, medicine, dentistry and the different stages of growth of a child before it is born. The history of railroads, of tree, rocks, Indian culture, etc. were fascinating. We saw and went aboard a German submarine that had been captured during the war with Germany.

The next day we went to Burlington, Iowa and then on to Nauvoo and Carthage, Illinois. It was a most thrilling and faith promoting experience. To see and put our hands in the Mississippi River was something. We were so grateful to Bob and Tita for taking us.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

Speaking of family we found out that my nephew, Noland Rowley (Noland Thompson Rowley), was living over in Homedale, Idaho and we went over to see them and they came to see us. When Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Erma (Erma Thornton Rowley) came to see them we also got to enjoy a visit for a couple of days. This was about the time that Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) first stopped to visit and rent on their way to Montana. We appreciated this also. We went quite often to see Virginia’s children (Cory, Bekkie and Tammy McKnight)in Nampa and as soon as Bekki was able to drive they came over to see us and we enjoyed this so much.

When I think of 1973 I immediately think that was the year of our big trip back east. But first of all we were blessed with two more grandchildren. In February a girl, Joleene Rowley was born to Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) and a son, Timmy Johnson for Harold (Harold Norman Johnson). We got to love and enjoy both of them this year.

This was the year I finally got to plant a garden on my own land. I bought a pump and pumped the water up onto the ground by the side and back of my house. Then we took our trip and dear Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and Mike (Mike Johnson) irrigated and weeded it the whole two months we were gone. Bless their hearts!!

Just about the time school was out Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) called and said she was going on a trip back to Kentucky to get acquainted with her Alcorn relatives and to gather genealogical information. She wanted to know if she could bring Myron (Myron Dwain Judkins) and Mark (Mark Ammon Judkins) up to stay with us for about two weeks. Of course we said we would be glad to have them. So she and Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley), the boys and Margene (Margene Judkins) came up. This was the first time our daughters had been to New Plymouth. We were glad to take them to church and show them off to our friends.

Before Margie left for home she asked me to cut the boys hair. She said she didn’t care how short I got it just so it was out of their eyes. Well I took them out on the back porch to cut it. Myron was looking pretty glum. I cut their hair all neat and nice, parting it on the side, but when Myron saw it in the mirror he said, “Oh, no!” Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) said that getting his hair off his forehead made him look like a very intelligent young man and I agreed with her.

We had been wanting to get back up to our mountain retreat in Oregon and we thought this might be an interesting experience for the boys so we took them with us. We stopped in Baker, Oregon for some refreshments and to get supplies from the store. We didn’t have our trailer on our own land yet, that was one of the things we had come to do. The boys soon got acquainted with the dogs and had fun with them. About the second day Mark lost his coat. It got cold up there at night and I told Mark his folks wouldn’t like him losing his good coat and he had better find it. He looked and looked with the dogs trailing along, but he didn’t find it. He told me later that he talked to Sandy, the oldest and smartest of the dogs, and asked him to help him find the coat. We had forgotten oil for our lamps so we went to bed early. Estella was the first one up the next morning. We were still having to use Ed’s (Ed Tidwell) outhouse so as she started walking on the road over to their place the dogs greeted her with smiles and tail-wagging. As she walked they crowed around her till she hardly had room to walk. She scolded them for this but it didn’t do any good. Finally Sandy got in front and stopped her and she looked down and there was Mark’s coat. Sandy outdid himself in smiles and bows and the younger dog really went wild. Needless to say Estella hurried back to us and told us all about it. I think this is one of the most remarkable dog stories I have ever heard!

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

It became harder all the time for us to keep going up to Bountiful to take care of things so we finally decided to put the place up for sale. Since neither of us had ever liked renting we decided to buy a home in Provo. In June 1970 we sold the Bountiful home and found an apartment for Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) where there was no yard to keep up and we moved her in. We were very worried about her because it seemed to be getting harder for her to cope, but she would always put on a good front.

We began looking for a place to buy. We found one that Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) liked over in town, but changed our minds about it after we had paid some earnest money on it. The owner was an artist and that is where we got the nice oil painting we have. We finally settled on an older house out on the edge of town, on West Center Street. We found that we were in a different ward, but we still took care of the Lakeview Chapel.

We were taking care of Margene (Margene Judkins) during July 1970 while the rest of the family went to Montana to attend the Alcorn reunion. One day Estella thought Rusty was with me and I thought he was with her because we tried to watch him and keep him off the busy Geneva Road. Well this day we thought he was with the other one, he got out onto the road and was rolled by a car. We took him to a vet but he was in shock and didn’t even know Estella. He didn’t come out of it. He didn’t have any real injuries, but his age was against him and the Pomeranians are very high strung. That little dog had become part of our family and we missed him very much. We were soon busy with moving, however and this helped.

About this time we got word that Archie (Archie Johnson) and Verna (Verna Johnson) finally had another baby, the son they had always wanted. Estella sure wanted to go up and see him. Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) also had another baby that year, a daughter they named Jennifer. Our family was growing.

We had only been in the house about three weeks when we got word from Geneal (Geneal Rose Johnson) that she was coming for a visit and we went up to Salt Lake to get her. We picked up Cory (Cory McKnight) so he could get to know his cousins. Geneal sat up front with me and we had a good talk on the way back. Estella stayed in the back of the pickup with her four grandchildren and she said she had a hard time making them realize that they could fall out. She was glad when we got back to Provo. She was sure glad to have the children and her daughter in our home. We had a good visit then Virginia came down to get them and take them to her house for a while. Geneal told us later that she wanted to take the wheel going back so badly because Virginia was driving erratically. She had been a very good driver. Geneal also said that they didn’t visit very much because Virginia sat and slept in her chair. We didn’t know about these further deteriorating things until later.

Right after Geneal went home Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) called and said he couldn’t find any place to put his rocks so for Stella’s sake I said he could bring them down to our place. He did and moved in himself without an invitation. We didn’t get along even as well as we did in Bountiful. He wanted to argue with us too much, for one thing.

One time Virginia called her mother and said the doctor had said they thought the tumor was growing again and Estella was really upset. Then about a week later she called again and told us that they thought it was scar tissue. This relieved us somewhat.

To be continued…