History: David William Rowley

Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) and I both put our places up for sale and it didn’t take too long to sell them. We sold ours about the middle of June and had enough to pay cash for the rest of the mobile home and by using our savings we also paid cash for the lot we bought in Mountain Home. We closed the deal on the lot the last part of June and Harold worked strips of ground out of the pasture grass in the back yard and Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and I planted some garden. They moved our trailer over on 1 July and shortly after Harold moved into it because they didn’t have his house ready yet. They put a big tent up in the front yard for the children to sleep in.

Before we left New Plymouth the ward gave us and Harold’s family a dinner and farewell party. The things they said about all of us, it was very heartwarming. We still love those people.

We went to Utah in July and attended the Rowley and Alcorn reunions. Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) still had to be careful and tired easily because she had a very serious operation in May. It could have been cancer but turned out to be ovarian cysts and she had to have a complete hysterectomy as well.

We moved out of our place on the first of September and Harold was able to move into his house about two weeks later. There were 12 people in our mobile home for a while, but we got along just fine.

Some of our friends in New Plymouth even brought our wood and some of our other things and wouldn’t let us pay them a thing.

We went to Utah again on a very joyous occasion – my grandson Bill Rowley (William Douglas Rowley) was going on a mission and my granddaughter, Dwana Judkins (Dwana Kay Judkins) was getting married.

Douglas (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) and Vonna’s (Vonna Ensign) son Bill, started his mission to England on 2 December 1976 and Dwana was to be married in the 16th of December so Estella went to California to visit her daughter during the time in between. It was warm and nice and she had a good time. I met her bus in the morning and told her that we were going to Richfield and had just been waiting for her. The last thing she wanted to do was to ride some more. But she went and I sure she is glad she did because that was the last time we saw Erma (Erma Thornton) alive.

Dwana had a lovely wedding in the Manti Temple. I guess she wanted to be married there partly because her mother was married there. The wedding breakfast and their reception was so beautiful. She married Steve Durrant on 16 December 1976. He is a very wonderful guy and they are very happy. They went to Hawaii for their honeymoon. Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) and Linda (Linda Roskelley) were so glad to have them there.

I think I forgot to tell about my granddaughter, Donna Smith (Donna Diane Smith) getting married. She has always been special to me and I think that she always loved me in a special way, too. She gave us a place as greeters at her wedding reception and of course it was wonderful to see her married in the Salt Lake Temple on 12 April 1973 to Douglas Birk (Douglas Jones Birk).

My daughter Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) married Calvin Knighton (Calvine King Knighton) on 3 October 1968. We did some of Lillian’s (Lillian Alcorn) family sealing’s that night, too. We were glad to see Grace happy again. Calvin is a fine fellow.

To be continued…


History: David William Rowley

Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) was supposed to interview Colonel Bernard Fisher for the Air Force and he took us with him. He was a member of the Church and we found him to be a common man although he had been a real hero in the war.

We also went over to Archie’s (Archie Johnson) place in Boise for a visit and Ralph and Archie seemed to hit it off really well. They are about the same age and they both went to the “Y” and they filled missions about the same time. We were glad to see them like each other.

The first week in August, Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley), Jana (Janevie Clegg) and their children (Bruce Charles, Burt William, Charrielynn and Michael Lyn Rowley and Doug (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) and Vonna (Vonna Ensign) and their children (William Douglas, Scott Calvin, Pamela and Roxanne Rowley) came up to see us. Jana’s sister came along, too. We had 17 in the house for meals, but the girls were really good to help with the work. We had intended to put the older boys out in the tent to sleep, but that was the time of year the mosquito’s moved in so that was impossible. We solved the problem by giving the bedrooms to Clayton and Jana and Doug and Vonna, putting the kids on the porches and the floor and the couch. We even had a rollaway bed in the kitchen. Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) and I slept over at Harold’s (Harold Norman Johnson) we tried to show them a good time and we were very glad they came.

Doug was happy to show this country to Vonna because he had been driving a delivery truck up to the Treasure Valley for a long time. She loved it and wished they could move up here.

On the labor day weekend I met Estella’s cousin, Ed Tidwell and his wife in their mountain home just above LeGrande, Oregon. This led to a sometimes blessing in our lives. I wasn’t working now, so when they invited us back we went. I helped them add two rooms to their house and we loaned them some money to save their place in Myrtle Creek from being sold for taxes. We ended up buying a trailer for the money we had let them have and some land to put it on. We did enjoy going up there and the feeling of having a place in the mountains was good. We seemed to be able to see all the constellations in the sky from our bedroom window while we were in bed. It seemed like we were clear out of the world but we could hear the train whistle at the foot of the mountain. We saw deer and I dressed out a deer, or helped Ed’s wife do it, that had been killed by a train. We had some good meat from that. Harold and his family came up there with is a few times. I bought a style chainsaw and we cut and took out quite a bit of fallen log wood and it sure helped out on the cost of heating our house, but it was really too far away to be of practical use to us. There were some real nice and very smart German Shepherd dogs up there that we learned to like very much.

It is interesting that there were no births in either side of the family this year, a rare thing. I remember an incident with the Senior Citizens. We were at dinner there on our anniversary and they honored us by having us stand up and tell something of ourselves. We did then Estella added that this was our 10th anniversary and we had 49 grandchildren (including the 3 great grandchildren). Many of them looked surprised but she laughed and told them that this was a second marriage for both of us.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

The joy of life had gone out of Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) since she lost Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson). She got so run down that I took her to a doctor. He prescribed some vitamins. She had spoken to me about the possibility of us moving up to New Plymouth sometimes when we were visiting there. Now she told me that the Boise Valley had seemed so beautiful to her when we took Virginia back to be laid away and that the Valley had been calling her. Her heart longed for the comfort of the rest of her children and grandchildren. She said that if Virginia had lived, she could have made herself contented in Utah, but now she couldn’t. Well, I had pleased my first wife (Lillian Alcorn) when she longed to move back to Utah and now I wanted to ease the pain for my second wife. Besides I had always liked the Boise Valley. I had wanted Dad (Hugh Thompson Rowley) to move there when he had the choice of going there or to the Milk River Valley country in Montana. The soil was good and the climate was so much better.

Myrna Jean (Myrna Jean Johnson) and Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) let us know that their ward needed a custodian and they said they would come down and help us move. So we put our place up for sale and it sold much sooner than we had expected it to. We did really well on it, selling it for $2,000, more than we paid just eight months before. We had also built up a good equity it in. we gave notice to the ward that we were quitting on the 15th of March. Harold and Myrna Jean came down on the 18th of March 1971 to help us move to Idaho.

Judging by their actions my children didn’t seem to believe we were really going to move. But that Saturday, Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) and Doug (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) came down and helped to load the big U-Haul and Jana (Janevie Clegg) and Vonna (Vonna Ensign) packed fruit and other things in boxes. Margie (Marjorie Ann Rowley) came over for a while and everybody helped. We had so awfully much stuff that we couldn’t possibly move it all. I gave Clayton a lot of it because he had moved onto acreage. We gave anybody anything they would take that we thought we could spare. I was glad when Opal (Opal Cutler) came to say goodbye. We gave her some bedside tables.

We left Provo on 20 March 1971. We had some trouble and only got as far as Burley that night. Hubert (Hubert Tidwell insisted on coming along and he drove the U-Haul. Like Harold remarked, Hubert was like a little kid with a little re fire engine! Estella rose some of the time with Harold in the pickup and he told her that the reason they had wanted us to move by them was so they could take care of us when we were old.

We reached New Plymouth about five in the afternoon and pulled into the yard of the house Harold had rented for us. We unloaded a few things then went to Harold’s for supper and the night. It rained for the next few days and it was sure muddy, but when we heard of the 8 inches of new snow they had in Utah we were glad we weren’t there.

We started on our job of taking care of the Chapel. It wasn’t near as big, except for the yards, but it was older and a lot of things needed to be replaced so it was hard to make it look really nice.

We had been there about ten days when Virginia came to her mother in the night and talked to her. It was a very sacred experience and made Estella feel better to know that Virginia was happy and it made it easier for her to go on with living.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

We went with Francis (Hugh Francos Rowley) and Erma (Erma Thornton) to Kalispell and enjoyed the beautiful country very much. Then over the highline road which Estella (Estella Cordelia Tidwell) said seemed like the top of the world. We saw some big mountain sheep, then on to Havre. Verda (Verda May Rowley) went over to Harlem with us. My how the memories flooded back; we visited Sharon’s (Sharon Lee Rowley) grave and also my mother’s (Grace Davis) and father’s (Hugh Thompson Rowley). Then we went out to our old home and Estella got to see the country and places where I spent 20 years of my life. When we got back to Havre, Bert (Bert Lund Murphy) had a turkey dinner ready for us and boy was it good because we were all really hungry.

While we were gone to Montana Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) and Gail (Gail Jensen) had a baby boy. They named him Stephen Michael. Hugh and his family had moved back to Utah and he had gone into the insurance business. They were living in Layton. We went right out to see the new baby.

I had a few days left from my June vacation, so Hubert (Hubert Tidwell) and Estella and I went to Wyoming. We caught quite a lot of fish in the Green River and we dug out fish fossils from the side of the mountain. It was sire cold there, even in the summer

August came and with it word that Aleene (Aleene Sumsion) had given birth to her fifth child, finally another son. They named him Lynn Sumsion Rowley. Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) was very happy to have a second son.

Soon after we got word that Estella had a new grandson, also, born to Bob and Tita. We wished we could go see them. In November we got word that Geneal had given birth to a new baby girl. Stella felt bad that she couldn’t go down to be with her.

For my birthday that year, 1966, the children gave me a big “surprise” birthday party. It was held in Hugh’s chapel in Layton. There was quite a crowd and they were all my family! Being so near Thanksgiving we had a big turkey dinner and had such a good time. I will never forget it.

This year proved to be a bumper crop of grandchildren for us both. I had four and Estella had two. Then to top it all off, I received word that I was a great grandfather! Cheryl (Cheryl Jeanette Smith) had married a nice young man (Robert Michael Owens) she met at Ralph’s and now she had a baby. They named him Robert (Robert Eugene Owens), and he was born 18 December 1966. My cup runneth over! We had dinner with Douglas (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) and Vonna’s  (Vonna Ensign) that Christmas. Grant (Grant Alcorn Rowley) was home from Vietnam and went with us.

I was still working for the Davis Count School District. They had moved their shops from Farmington to Kaysville. The head of the carpenter shops was Claud Moore, my old friend from California. Estella and I visited them once in a while.

Harold (Harold Norman Johnson) brought his family down for a few days’ vacation and we had a nice visit. They told us that Chad (Chad Layne McKnight) and Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) were having marital troubles. We had suspected it before.

We were working almost constantly with our genealogical records, sending many sheets to the temple. We enjoyed this work so very much and were receiving heavenly direction in our efforts to do research. Estella was especially having spiritual direction. Refer to her history for details of some of these miracles.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

My sister-in-law (Erma Thornton) and my nephew, Johnny Rowley (John Rowley) came by to see us. He was on his way overseas with the Army. He played the piano for us. Erma and Estella(Estella Cordelia Tidwell) had a good visit and seemed to like each other.

We went to Nampa for Christmas. We stayed with Virginia (Virginia Fern Johnson) that night. We had a turkey dinner at Harold’s (Harold Norman Johnson) place. Myrna Jean sure is a good cook. (I have two daughters that are good cooks, too.) They all have lovely children.

As soon as we got back we heard that Walter (Walter Illith Rowley) and Lois (Lois Evelyn Chapman) were in town and wanted to see us. Estella finally got to meet my dear brother Walter and we all had a good visit.

My niece Opal (Opal M. Rowley) had joined her husband in California but she left her oldest son in Tremonton to finish school. Francis (Hugh Francis Rowley) and Erma came there to take care of him so my wife had a chance to get to know Francis. I have felt very close to my older brother all of my life. While we were there on a Sunday I heard Francis bear his testimony on paying tithing and I heard him say that he knew that the church was true. This was very precious to me.

The year of 1964 was a memorable one. First because we had a bumper crop of grandchildren – five – two sets of them born just two days apart. Harold’s son, Steven Paul Johnson, born 23 June 1964 in Nampa, Idaho; Hugh’s (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Carol Annette Rowley born 25 June 1964 in California; Ralph’s (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Janiel Rowley, born 7 July 1964; Douglas’ (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) daughter, Roxanne Rowley, born 4 October 1964 in Salt Lake City; and Archie’s (Archie Johnson) daughter, Tonya K. Johnson born 6 October 1964, in Boise, Idaho.

Another momentous thing was that I made some breakthroughs in my research. A sister Rosella Warren from Nevada, had been corresponding with me because she had a Nicholas Paul line and we thought it was a common line until a death certificate from England proved that it wasn’t her line. So she sent the information to me and offered to ma all that her researcher in England had found plus several certificates from Somerset House in England. We didn’t think she was asking enough for it so the officers of the Paul Organization put in $10 each and we doubled her price.

This material proved to be the gateway to the records of my people in Cornwall, England. We were able to substantiate all of this material in the library and to find much more. Estella was a great help with this work. We found ten of my direct lines in Cornwall and we extended them about five generations. As a result we were able to send in eighty-three family group sheets and in the three years following that we were able to do the sealing’s on these and others.

To be continued…

How Are You Related To Me?

Maternal Great-Uncle: Douglas Alcorn Rowley – 33
Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal Great-Aunt (Wife of Great-Maternal Uncle): Vonna Ensign – 163
Vonna 163 = Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin 1X Removed: William Douglas Rowley – 164
William Douglas 164 + Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin 1X Removed: Scott Calvin Rowley – 165
Scott Calvin 165 + Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin 1X Removed: Pamela Rowley – 166
Pamela 166 + Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

Maternal 1st Cousin 1X Removed: Roxanne Rowley – 167
Roxanne 167 + Douglas Alcorn 33 + David William 30 – Grace Harriet 10 – Lillian Lorraine 3 – Kellie Jeanette 1

+: Parent
-: Child
=: Spouse

History: David William Rowley

“As we reached the top of the dug way and looked down the canyon I seen there was some buildings standing down at the old Hoggan place. There was nothing left of the Bybee and Jones places but sage brush and willows. As we passed the Deep Creek Forks, I noticed that the old school house was gone and sage brush grew all over the old ball diamond, as though there had never been a place of learning where several people had gained much in the way of knowledge.

“As we went on up the canyon and came to the old home site we saw nothing of the house and gardens. The brush was as high as your shoulder and as big around as your forearm. Oh yes, things have changed, but mostly the things of men, not so much the things of nature.

“The eagles still have their nest in the cliff above the house even though we robbed it of its young one year. The lone pine still stands at the head of the canyon. The rock that we dug the frog out of is still part of the landscape. The hollow rock that we dug out and used for a lamb shed with the window in the side still stands there by the side of the old creek bed, though the pens are gone.

“The houses, the sheds, the bridge, the dams in the creek are all gone, given way to mother nature. The garden spots and yards are only miniatures of the way I remember them. It seems as though the canyon walls have closed in and the erosion of the years have shrunk that little home site where we used to hold Sunday School and teach one another the wonderful things of the Gospel Plan.

“The dug way where Mother (Grace Davis) had her runaway is now only a trail. One could still ski in the winter on the hill behind the house as we used to do. I could almost hear in my mind again the playing and laughing of children; the lowing of cows and the tinkling of their bells; the rumble of wagons and the jingle of the harnesses on the horses as they went to and from work…all gone from the scene now. The happy, joyful hours of play are now only a thing of memory. If I could only see again some of the things we enjoyed in our mountain retreat. The violets along the creek, the bluebells along the canyon sides, the mountain lilies, so fragrant and beautiful to see, and to smell; also the fish that abounded in that beautiful stream running down from the springs in the mountain. Well, all good things have to come to an end, so I had to leave memory behind and return to the everyday way of life.”

By this time Hugh (Hugh Alcorn Rowley) was really anxious to fill a mission for the Church. He received his call to go to Argentina, South America. He left for the mission field on 9 February 1959. This was the third son of mine to go on a mission. What a proud father I was!

Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) had been a commandant in the ROTC at BYU and when he graduated he went into the Air Force and was stationed in Texas. Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley)  and Don (Donald Eugene Smith) were in Germany again. Clayton (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) was working for the Dixon Paper Company in Salt Lake City and was living at home. Dwain (Dwain Eugene Judkins) and Marge (Marjorie Ann Rowley) let us keep some of their children while they went on short trips. Also Doug (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) and Vonna (Vonna Ensign) brought the babies out to Bountiful for us to see. We missed Hugh, but had very good letters from him. This was 1959!

On 2 December 1959 Vonna gave birth to a baby girl. This made her third child in three years. They named her Pamela.

To be continued…