History: David William Rowley

CLAYTON (Clayton Alcorn Rowley) – He was our second red-head and he became so sick that we thought we were going to lose him for a while, but through the administering of the Priesthood he soon got well and has stayed healthy.

I remember an incident that happened right after Clayton had been in school for just a short time. He went down to the Milk River where a gang of men were working on the bridge. He only had a pair of ragged overalls on. They asked him if he didn’t have anything better to wear and he said, “no.” The men took up a collection and took Clayton to town and bought him a new shirt and a new pair of overalls, and I think shoes, then gave him the small amount of change that was left (no comment!)

Clayton always had a way with animals. We had a little pinto mare when we were on the farm. Clayton was the only one who could go out in the field and catch her. He used to ride her a lot, but we had to sell her in the auction sale.

One time after we left the farm, Clayton was with us when we went to town for something we needed. I thought they were charging too much for it, so I jewed them down and got it for a better price. Clayton made the remark that he was going to jew people when he grew up. I told him that I never jewed anybody down unless I thought they were charging too much and if I knew that they could afford to take less. I think he has used this policy too.

I was so proud of Clayton when he saved the life of the man in Gridley. I was sure grateful that he didn’t drown himself, as he could have done.

Clayton, I am so thankful for your testimony of the gospel and for your efforts to live it and to teach it to your family. That is so important. If they learn it directly from you they will remember it all of their lives.

To be continued…


History: David William Rowley

RALPH (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) – He was a pretty little red-headed boy, our third son and the third one of a good team. I can still see those three little guys playing together or just sitting with their heads together. Later they were a co-operative team in helping us to live the gospel.

One thing about Ralph – when he was small and would get his feelings hurt, he would start crying there in the house. He would really make a lot of noise so we told him if he had to cry he had better go outside to do it. From then on he would go outside and really bellow to let us all know he had been hurt.

From the time Ralph was in grade school he really liked to study and seemed to set his goal for getting a really good education. Later on he didn’t even want a car because he knew it would interfere with his getting that good college education. Ralph I am so proud of you, that you have stuck with it and kept studying, even through thick and thin. I have regretted so much that I didn’t stick with studying more. You have achieved your goal of being a well-educated man.

I am more proud of you for being a man who really loves the Lord. You are so humble in your devotion to Him. Next to the Lord you love your family and this is as it should be, my son. May the Lord always prosper you in your righteous endeavors.

To be continued…

This Day In Our Family History


Edward Lount was born in Paisley, Renfrewshire, Scotland, United Kingdom to Richard Lount and Mary Jacomyn McKinney


Mary Ann Thompson was born in Glasgow, Lanarkshire, Scotland, United Kingdom to Hugh Thompson and Mary Ann O’Brian. She was the 2nd of 2 children, and the 2nd daughter, born to the couple


Daniel Morgan Miller completed his endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. He was sealed for time and eternity to Elizabeth Mosley at the same time


Mary Virginia Collins was born in Blackwell, Kay, Oklahoma, United States to Foster Collins and Lucinda Ivy Watkins. She was the 2nd of 9 children, and the 1st of 6 daughters, born to the couple


Robert Doke died


Arvilla Bracken was born


David William Rowley and Lillian Alcorn, both 23, were married in Chinook, Blaine, Montana, United States


David Syme Robertson was baptized and confirmed a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints


Della Grace died


Beth Rejean Cahoon completed her endowments for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in The Church’s Provo Utah Temple, which is located at 2200 Temple Hill Drive in Provo, Utah, Utah, United States


Robert Leonard Zumpano completed his initiatory and endowment ordinances for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints in The Church’s Bountiful Utah Temple, which is located at 640 South Bountiful Boulevard in Bountiful, Davis, Utah, United States

History: David William Rowley

DOUGLAS (Douglas Alcorn Rowley) – He seemed to be a favorite with his mother (Lillian Alcorn), maybe because he had those beautiful golden curls. She wanted to name him Golden and was quite put out with me when I gave him another name at the time I blessed him. I am sure she came to realize that Douglas suited him just fine.

He was as cute and mischievous as could be. When I chastised him I thought I had to do it until he cried. But he would never cry until he could get out behind the barn or something. Then he would cry his little heart out. I wish I had understood him better!

As soon as Ralph (Ralph Alcorn Rowley) was old enough for them to play together, it was Ralph that Douglas looked to for leadership. Maybe Ralph could help him with his problems better than we could.

We bought him a pair of glasses when the doctor said that was what he needed. I am sorry we didn’t get him to a really good doctor while we lived in Montana. By the time we had his eyes operated on in California, it was too late for him to learn a lot of things he had missed. I am so grateful that he married a girl (Vonna Ensign) who had the patience and the know how to teach him many things.

Douglas, I am so proud of you. You have stayed steadfast in the church and continued to have great faith in the Lord. Estella has expressed it right when she said, “you can always count on Douglas to be the same – loving and true.”

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

DAVID (David Alcorn Rowley) – I can remember that David was a cute little baby, too, as we took he and Grace (Grace Harriet Rowley) to church. He was so full of life, even from the first. Someone told me when David was small that if I could channel that energy of his into the right things I would sure have a real go-getter.

David was my real helper on the farm. He loved to work with the horses and cows and did his chores willingly and well. He seemed to love the fields and everything about the farm. For his sake I often wished that we had not left the farm. We had to move because of Grant’s (Grant Alcorn Rowley) health. When we moved to the city, David seemed like a fish out of water and couldn’t seem to find his place there. Something went wrong with our relationship too. I couldn’t give him the money he needed and he couldn’t find work to earn it

The older children will remember David as a wonderful dancer. When he and his partner would start to really dance the other couples would leave the floor and they, along with everyone else, would watch David. Lillian (Lillian Alcorn) and I were very proud of him.

There was such sorrow and such a void when he was killed. I hope that when I get to the other side I can sit down with David and ask his forgiveness and get to know him better.

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

GRACE (Grace Harriet Rowley) – In my mind’s eye I can see Grace when she was just a small baby. She was such a pretty little thing with those big blue eyes and such rosy cheeks. All of her life she has a beautiful complexion. When David (David Alcorn Rowley) came along Grace was still a baby of less than a year so Lillian (Lillian Alcorn) turned over to me to take care of and she became Daddy’s girl. I took her with me many places – I couldn’t take her to the field, of course. One day when Grace was a few years older, her mother was sewing and visiting with another woman. Grace had turned one of the big wooden chairs over and was using the back of it for a slide. Lillian told her to stop doing that a few times, but I guess Grace didn’t stop. Finally Lillian said to her, “Just let me see you do that again.” Grace was quick to accommodate, not knowing what was coming for she got a spanking for not minding.

Looking back it seemed like from the first Grace wanted to be helpful and tried to please us. As she grew older I’m afraid she had too many burdens placed on her young shoulders, her being the oldest and so willing. I wasn’t around Grace all the time after she was old enough to help her mother and I am the world’s worst observer. I wish I had been more so with Grace and had been mindful of her needs more.

I want her to know that I am proud of her devotion to duty, of her faith in the Lord and of her generous nature. I love you very much, my first born!

To be continued…

History: David William Rowley

LILLIAN (Lillian Alcorn) – She was a fine woman in so many ways. She was an excellent cook and used to fix us such good meals. She could keep a good house, too. She had a gift for sewing and could make clothes look really well. One winter she made nice shirts for all the boys and me, too. She made most if the clothes for the children (Grace Harriet, David Alcorn, Douglas Alcorn, Ralph Alcorn, Clayton Alcorn, Marjorie Ann, Hugh Alcorn, Sharon Lee and Grant Alcorn Rowley).

My Lillian was a complex person. Some people have said she was a perfectionist and perfectionists are not always easy to live with. I know that I did not always understand her and we did not always get along. I know that sometimes I provoked her and caused her to be frustrated with me. She had had a hard life what with losing her mother (Harriet Ann Weaver) and having a lot of the care of her younger brothers (Lenard Clark, William Vernon, Marvin Ballard, Joseph Lorenzo, Archie Harold, and Jesse Verl Alcorn) and sister (Melva Alcorn) and her thinking was influenced by that way of life.

She has a wonderful voice. I could be in the farthest place away in the field and she could raise her voice and make me hear. They used to tease her and say something about her winning a pig calling contest. It had been so long that I can’t remember the details or just how it was. I heard Grant tell Linda (Linda Roskelley) that when he heard his mother’s voice yelling for him to run when he was playing baseball that it practically lifted him off the ground. She had a good singing voice, too. She sang humorous songs sometimes. I have been trying to remember the names of some of them, but I can’t.

I want my children to know that I still love their mother and want to be with her again. I hope that I can be a good husband to both of my wives (Lillian and Estella Cordelia Tidwell) and that we can live in love and harmony on the other side and work out our eternal lives together.

To be continued…