Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 (Sunday) – Retta (Retta Sperry), Della (Emma Della Sperry), and I walked up town to Sunday School, afterwards I went up to Mrs. Burton’s (Frances Haddy Betenson) for dinner. In the afternoon, Mrs. Burton and I went over to Emma Paxman’s. About four, I started for home when I reached the Parkin’s ranch I met Ada Salisbury and Leonore Kienke. They came down home with me. Retta and I had to go out to Mona for Esther (Emily Esther Sperry), Ada rode with us to the top of the lane and Leonore rode as far as their place. We had supper out to Kay’s. Later, Miss Larson (Ella Larsen), Esther, Retta and I took a walk. When we returned we found Alice and Julia Linton and Thomas Crawley there. We talked to them for a while. After the moon came up, they went home. Mr. Brown hitched up our horse and Brown, Larson, Esther, Retta and I rode out to the lake. Mr. D. K. Brown took us all, but Retta, out in a boat, we were out there at least half an hour, it was wonderful (only I remember he tried to scare us by rocking the boat) after going back to Kay’s. We three came home.


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