Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 – I took Louie to kindergarten. I stayed until it was out, Mrs, Burton came down and walked home with us. About one o’clock I went down to Grandma Sperry’s. my brother Art was there, he ws writing a letter to Asa Kienke which I posted for him, I took May’s cape down to her but she was not at home. On my way over for my music lesson I called at the Sunday house but the librarians were not there. When I got to Aunt Emma’s, Celia Cazier was there for her lesson. I went down to Miss Morgan’s and back up to the School House, on my way someone called my name, it was May and Alice, May went to the School House with me. I took a book called “From Jest to Earnest”, (I see now why I kept going to the School House, after school was out, they had a library there, I had forgotten) I went over and took my music lesson and as I was coming back to Grandmothers I met Mrs. Burton and went home with her and had supper. In the evening I went to a dance in the Opera House with Art, Afterward, I came down home with father.

*May be edited for correct info if needed. Notifications will be posted if corrections are made


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