Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1896 (Monday) – I went up town to school. In the afternoon, I went to Young Ladies Conference. After meeting, Della Kendall (Adella Kendall) wanted me to go in the drug store with her to get some medicine for Jennie (Lydia Jane Kendall). Stella (Stella Jane Taylor), Min (Minnie Ann Lunt/Minnie Lamont Abbott) and I went with her. While we were there, it started to rain so Oscar Lunt (Alfred Oscar Lunt) loaned us his umbrella. I went with Della down to her place, she loaned me a book called ‘Dombay and Son’. I came back up to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s (Sarah Elizabeth Sperry) and then went over to Pearl McCune’s (Margaret Pearl McCune) with Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) while she practiced a song, we three, Pearl, Esther and I went to a meeting together. Esther sang ‘The Heroes Return’. I slept to Aunt Sarah Abbott’s.

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