Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Friday) – About noon, Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I went down to the post office, then down to Kendall’s, returning to Burton’s in time for dinner. In the afternoon, Esther went off and I took a nap. About half past four, Shed Lunt (Shedrick James Lunt), Monte Whitmore and De McCune made a New Year’s call, before they left Esther and Della Kendall (Adella Kendall) came up and it was about six o’clock before the boys left. After dolling up a bit, or about nine o’clock, Della and I went down to Hoyt’s, where her mother (Martha Jane Mangum) and father (George Whitmore Kendall) were visiting, to see if Della could stay up to Burton’s all night. On our way we saw some boys coming up the street, and when we came out of Hoyt’s, we found they had walked slow and waited for us, they were: Monte, Shed, and Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt), so we all went up to Burton’s together. Upon arriving there we found Neva Booth, Mame Hyde and a Miss Boshard of Provo, Ed McCune (Edward Hague McCune) and Mr. Jones, the druggist. Shed and Monte went over to Sorenson’s for Annie Sorenson and a Miss Kirkwood of Provo. We sang and danced and about one o’clock, Mrs. Burton served a nice lunch. After the dance in the Little Grande was out, Mr. Hale came over with his violin. It was four o’clock before all of the folks went home.

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