Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Thursday) – In the afternoon I walked up town and went up to Burton’s. In the evening I went down to Foote’s for a lesson in shorthand. When I came back up to Burton’s there was a large crowd there. They danced and sang and enjoyed themselves. Mr. Moore’s (Fred Moore) girl (Millie Boshard) was there, she seems to be a very nice girl. About 12 o’clock they all went home, except Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt). He soon left. Those present were: girls – Neva Booth, Mamie Hyde, Millie and Maud Boshard, Vina Fenn (the last three were from Provo) Esther (Emily Esther Sperry), Mrs. Burton (Frances Haddy Betenson) and myself; boys – Eddie McCune (Edward Hague McCune), Fred Moore, Shed (Shedrick James Lunt) and Oscar Lunt, Ellsworth Jones, Monte Whitmore, Mr. Burton (Enoch Burton) and Clifford Bale.

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