Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Wednesday) – In the afternoon I went down to Foote’s and then out to McPherson’s. I met Ada Salisbury and we went back up town. I called at the court house but Mr. Foote wasn’t there. I met Stella Taylor (Stella Jane Taylor) and we called at Grandmother’s (Emily Louisa Miller) then up to Burton’s and then to Aunt Augusta’s (Emma Augusta Taylor). In the evening I went to Foote’s for a lesson. Coming home I met Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt). We stood talking at Grandmother’s gate. Georgina Wilson came out of the gate. Oscar opened it for her but it was so dark she didn’t recognize him and started to run, she thought he was a tramp. I laughed and she turned back to us, we walked home with her. I slept at Grandmother Sperry’s.

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