Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Thursday) – In the morning I went up to Salisbury’s then over to Parkin’s and then I came down home. About sundown, George Foote and his wife came down and I rode up town with them. I went to Grandmother’s (Emily Louisa Miller) and then down to the post office. I met Lon (Charles Alonzo Sperry) crossing the street and he gave me a letter from Will Tolley. I went back up to Grandmother’s and prepared to go to the dance in Miller’s Hall. It was the wedding dance of Marie Gould and Lester Gustin. We went to the dance with Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt), Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I. We didn’t stay until the dance was out and when we did go home it was raining hard. Esther and I slept to Grandma Sperry’s.


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