Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Sunday) – I have at last found time to write in my journal again. On Monday June 21, I walked up town, I slept at Aunt Sarah Abbott’s (Sarah Elizabeth Sperry) home. About nine o’clock in the evening Minnie (Minnie Lamont Abbott) and Maud Abbott (Ruth Maud Abbott), Stella Taylor (Stella Jane Taylor) and I went down to Aunt Meg Buckholt’s to see Seina Beck. Tuesday I went with Father (Charles Henry Sperry) down to Scipio. We traveled in a buggy and as it was forty miles down there it was seven in the evening before we reached there. We had to play to a wedding dance. We stopped at the Robins Hotel. At the dance I met a lot of nice girls and they were very nice to me. We remained in Scipio all day Wednesday. In the afternoon some of the girls came over to the hotel and invited me to go with them over to Ella Thompson’s, she seems such a sweet girl. They had prepared a nice dinner in my honor and we had a very nice time. I returned to the Hotel and prepared for another dance as some of the people had persuaded Father to play to another dance while he was down there. Thursday we returned home, when in town, as we passed the Drug Store, Father went in to leave Mr. Jenkin’s cornet for him, Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came out and stood talking to me for a few minutes. Towards evening, Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I walked up to town and went to a dance with Uncle Will Sperry (William Josiah Sperry) in the Little Grande. There wasn’t very large crowd so they only danced a little while then closed the dance. During the dance I quarreled with Oscar which came very near making us play quits. As were going home, Oscar came up and stopped me and we stood talking for a few minutes and came to a better understanding then I left him and went down town and then went out home. Saturday I remained home all day. Sunday Oscar came down and he and father went fishing. When they came back Esther and I rode up town with Oscar. They took me up to Burton’s and then Oscar took Esther down to Kendall’s. In the evening he came up to Burton’s and spent the evening.

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