Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Saturday) – After I wrote in my journal on the fourth, Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came down after dark. The folks (Charles Henry Sperry and Caroline Webb) came home and brought Della Kendall (Adella Kendall) with them, later Oscar and I went up town. I went in his brother George’s (George William Lunt) home and waited until he unhitched the horse, then we went up to Grandma Sperry’s (Emily Louisa Miller). We sat out on the lawn a while then he went home. I slept to Grandma Sperry’s. Monday I walked out home. Della Kendall spent the day here and we made some ice cream and had a nice time. In the evening Esther (Emily Esther Sperry), Della and I started up town and we met Oscar coming down so he gave us a ride to town. He took Esther and Della to Kendall’s and he and I went riding until about half past ten, he took me in his sister’s (Elizabeth Ann Lunt) place where I waited until he put the horse away then we went up to Burton’s. Tuesday morning I went down to Kendall’s and Esther and I walked out home. Tuesday and Wednesday I stayed home all day. On Tuesday I received a letter from Maud Robbins of Scipio. Thursday afternoon Father came home from town and brought me a note from Oscar. It contained two tickets for the cantata that night for Esther and me so we went to town and after it was over Oscar took us up to Grandmother Sperry’s where we spent the night. I received a letter from Will Tolley. Friday morning Esther and I went down town and then we walked out home. On Saturday I stayed home all day. Last Sunday I wrote a letter to Maud Robbins of Scipio. I walked up town to Sunday School. After Sunday School I went over to the post office and posted my letter. I went up to Moore’s and then up to Burton’s. I spent the afternoon at Moore’s and in the evening Mrs. Burton (Frances Haddy Betenson), Mrs. Moore, Flora and I went up to our lot to get currants. We came back to Burton’s and in a little while Oscar came up and spent the evening. I slept to Burton’s. on Monday I went over to Aunt Emma Hague’s (Emma Elizabeth Webb) and took my music lesson. I wrote a letter to Will Tolley. Towards evening I walked out home. Tuesday I stayed home all day. Wednesday evening Mother and I took a buggy ride up town and back. Thursday I got a letter from Oscar. He went to Salt Lake. Friday I stayed home all day.

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