Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Thursday) – Dear old journal I’ve had quite a time since last I was with you. On Sunday 18th Esther (Emily Esther Sperry) and I walked up town to Sunday School, afterwards we went with Della (Adella Kendall) down to Kendall’s and had dinner. Afterwards Jennie Kendall (Lydia Jane Kendall) and I walked part ways with her father (George Whitmore Kendall). We made a bet with him that we were going up to the Livery Stable with him but before we got there we backed out and came back to her home. After that we walked up town and then came back to Kendall’s. Three or four girls came to see Jennie and then we went for another walk. After returning home Jennie and I went down on the corner to see some silk worms at work. It was part of Relief Society work. We had supper at Kendall’s then Esther, Della and I went for a walk and then I went up to Burton’s, Mrs. Moore and Flora (Flora Moore) were there. Mrs. Burton (Frances Haddy Betenson) and I went home with them and stayed there until Mr. Moore (Enoch Burton) came home from work. Then we returned to her home. On Monday I went over to Aunt Emma’s (Emma Elizabeth Webb) and took my music lesson. I went down to the post office and then up to Burton’s. In the afternoon Mrs. Burton and I went to Moore’s. Towards evening Esther and I walked out home. On Tuesday Melvin (Henry Melvin Sperry) took me up town. I went over to Aunt Zell Ikeu’s (Zelnora Webb). I went down to Kendall’s and then up to Burton’s. Then Melvin and I came home. On Wednesday 21st Melvin took Father (Charles Henry Sperry) and I up town and we went to Salt Lake. It was the Pioneer Jubilee. After reaching Salt Lake we went up to Uncle Dwight Sparks (Dwight Coridon Sparks) home, he lives on 2nd South and 9th East. We came back down town and saw the grand parade we also saw Wy Jennings Bryan, the Free Silver Candidate. After the parade we had dinner in a restaurant and then we visited a building where they kept all the old relics of the pioneers. Father, Aunt Retta Sparkes (Clarissa Loretta Sperry) and I went out to Saltair on the six o’clock train. While out there I got lost from Father and couldn’t find him anywhere, for as soon as we got there Dad and Aunt Ret wanted to eat and I preferred sitting up in the ball room, never dreaming they would leave me there so long alone. I saw some fine fireworks but lost the place where I was sitting as there was quite a crowd by then. I felt so alone and strange young chap came up and wanted me to dance, I wanted to dance bad enough but couldn’t think of dancing with a stranger so I turned him down. I was certainly glad when I spied Shed Lunt (Shedrick James Lunt) and he walked around with me until we found Father. We came in on the 10:15 train and it was after twelve by the time we reached Aunt Ret’s home. I was quite disappointed that I didn’t get one little dance out there and had I gone with Father he met some fellows he knew and who no doubt would have been glad to dance with me.

On Thursday Bert Sparks (Bertrand Harley Sparks) took me down to see the parade. After the parade we went up to Fort Douglas just for the ride but we did not get off the car but came back to Aunt Retta’s. Art (Arthur David Sperry) was there and a friend Mr. Gilisbey. In the evening Mamie Sparks (Mary Emily Sparks) and I went down to see the night parade. Oh it was simply grand. Immediately after the parade we returned back home.

On Friday (30th) Art came up and took Mamie and I down to the morning parade, afterwards we walked around a while, while walking along main street I met Amy Powers, she talked to us for a few minutes, while were there Mr. Burton and Oscar Lunt (Alfred Oscar Lunt)came up to us we all stood talking for a few minutes, it was the first time I had seen Oscar while there. After promising Amy to call on Sunday we left them and went on for a little longer walk, Oscar came up to us again and walked with us to our street car. Art, Mamie and I returned to Aunt Ret’s. In the evening there was a large crowd at Aunt Ret’s and we all spent a very pleasant evening. On Saturday the 24th Father, Aunt Ret and I went down to see the grand parade, it was pioneer day and there was to be the grandest parade of all. Afterwards we had some ice cream. Professor Pickering, our old dancing master was waiting on tables, later I met Sadie Painter and we went for a walk, we met Minnie Lunt (Minnie Ann Lunt) and others that we knew. Oscar met us again and talked to us for a few minutes. Sadie and I met Lizzie Garrett and her cousin and then we met Art and a friend of his and we walked all afternoon. Finally Art, Sadie and I met Father and he took me in a music store and we bought three songs then Father put me on a car for Aunt Ret’s. About seven o’clock Oscar came up and we went down town, he took me in a drug store and we had some ice cream lemonade. Mr. E. Jones, our old druggist, was a clerk in the store. We went out to Saltair for a while and came in on the 10:15 car. We walked up town from the depot and went in a drug store where I waited while Oscar went to see a friend. After another ice cream soda we returned to Aunt Ret’s.

On Sunday (1st), I waited for Arthur, but he did not come, he sent word that he was returning to Silver City therefore could not go over to Amy’s. I had to go alone; I stayed quite a while and then returned to Aunt Ret’s. Monday, Mamie and I went down town to see if our tickets were good until Wednesday. In the afternoon Will Sparks (William Lamont Sparks) went over to Mrs. Hughes with me. She lives on 104-3rd Street. Afterwards I returned to Aunt Retta’s. Tuesday, in the afternoon Mamie and I went over to Liberty Park then when we returned I packed my valise and went down to the depot. Arthur Dennis was there he showed me which train to take and he put my valise on the train and sat by me until we got to Provo. There Oscar came on the train and with him Charlie Moore to whom he introduces me. At Nephi, Melvin met me at the train. Oscar walked up with us. I slept up to Burton’s. On Wednesday Oscar brought me out home, and this evening Oscar came out and took me out buggy riding.

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