Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1897 (Thursday) – I shopped, later in the day I called at the photographer’s to get our baby Ruth’s (Ruth Sperry) proof, but it had been spoiled and we had to take her down and have it retaken. Later in the day I walked out home.

Friday afternoon Esther (Emily Esther Sperry), Della (Emma Della Sperry), Ruth and I went to town, Mother (Caroline Webb) and the and the two girls returned home while Esther and I stayed in town and went to a dance at the “Little Grand” with Uncle Will (William Josiah Sperry), we played with him, it was a prize dance. Minnie Lunt (Minnie Ann Lunt) got the prize. Esther and I stayed at Grandmother Sperry’s (Emily Louisa Miller).

Saturday the little girls brought Ruth up and Esther and I took her down and had another picture taken. Later Ruth and I came down home with Father (Charles Henry Sperry).

Sunday towards evening Mother and I went up town after Esther. I stayed up as I am going to live with Grandmother for a while. Later I went down to Judge Higgin’s with Lilly Black (Lillie May Black). Art (Arthur David Sperry) came in on the evening train. I believe from Tintic where he had been working. He slept to Grandmother’s.

Monday, Art walked out to the farm. This forenoon I did some shopping and called at the post office. Later I went to Burton’s stayed to dinner and later Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) came up. He walked with me down Grandmother’s; stayed talking for a little while.

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