Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1902 (Wednesday) – I am going to write a brief synopsis of the lives of my two babies up until now after which I would like to keep a daily account of their doings and sayings as often as I have time to write.

Alfred Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) was born 10 January 1900. When between six and seven weeks old he became he became sick with earsyplis and we nearly lost our baby, it started with a spot on top of his head and we thought he might have been a bit by a spider or something, it spread very quickly the next morning, which was Sunday, we took him down to Oscar’s parents, (Alfred Lunt and Priscilla Pitt), and remained there for two or three days, I was ordered to bedLunt early and Grandma Lunt cared for him. He was worse next day and that evening two sisters from the Relief Society sat up with him, I longed to get out of bed and take care of him as he cried so pitifully, finally Grandma came down stairs and got him to sleep. The next day, Wednesday, he was still very ill, Brother Orme came to the house and we had him administer to the baby, he promised he would be well and also that he would have a good a night’s rest, he went to sleep before I did and when he woke up it was six thirty in the morning, surely the prayer had been answered. Inside of a couple of weeks the baby was well again. When he was about four months old we moved down to the Old Sperry farm. We spent the summer month’s there and on returning to town we rented the brown house, it wasn’t a very good place. He was weaned when he was thirteen months old and started to walk when 14 months old. Before this time he walked by chairs or of holding to his buggy he would go all over but on the day he really started to walk he came running to me as I was by the stove cooking breakfast and burned his hand on the stove. That didn’t stop him for he kept running from room to room nearly all of that day.

On the 4th of July he took sick and was sick for two or three days, running quite a fever. But since then he has been quite well and strong. He has been a very good baby having a cross spell only once in a while.

Lillian (Lillian Lunt) was born 30 October 1901 and was blessed 1 December 1901. She is larger than Alfred was, when she was two months old she weighed 11 ½ lbs. She is quite a good baby although she usually has one real hard crying spell a day, most always before going to bed.

1902 (Sunday) – Today is New Year’s Day. Alfred has been very good today. When I went out to get the kindling and coal in he stood on the porch and wanted to help me carry them in. Lillian had been quite restless this afternoon but is sleeping well this evening. We were quite disappointed because my husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) didn’t come home today.


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