Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1902 (Monday) – I received a letter from my husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt), I believe it was the longest letter he ever wrote to me. Grandma Sperry (Emily Louisa Miller or Caroline Webb) called in for a few minutes this morning. The oculist called in to see how I liked my glasses. I think they are fine, and helping my eyes. The Relief Society teachers called this afternoon. They are Sister Ann Booth and Sister Mary L. Morgan. This evening I undressed the babies (Alfred Oscar Lunt Jr and Lillian Lunt) and put them in the buggy and took them up to see the big republican parade and hear the band play. The children quite enjoyed it, as well as their mamma, but Alfred soon went to sleep. Sweet little Alfred, he is a regular castle (dream) builder. His first great castle is to be a man and have some horses, he talks on that subject by the hour and never gets tired of it, he and baby are very fond of each other, she begins to think she is getting so big now because she can stand alone and walk a few steps alone.

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