Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1902 (Thursday) – Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt Jr) is feeling a little better, but is still quite miserable. I took the babies (Alfred and Lillian Lunt) up to Mother’s (Caroline Webb) and left them while I went to Relief Society. We had a lovely meeting. It was the first meeting with the new board. Sister Cazier, in speaking of prayer said we should always ask to be forgiven if we ask for anything that it is not right for us to have, that is we ask for that which is not right it will be held against us. She said how nice it would be if we could, every one of us, say “Thy will not be mine be done” in all our trails in life.

All of the sister’s seemed so humble. After meeting I walked with Sister McCune as ar as was her him and then went over to Mother’s. The children were very good while I was away. About eight o’clock Lillian (Lillian May Sperry) came down home with us and stayed all night.

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