Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1903 (Sunday) – It is again fast Sunday and I have been to meeting and again had the pleasure of bearing my testimony to the Lord’s goodness to me. I have been very busy and have neglected writing in my journal. Since last I did, my husband (Alfred Oscar Lunt) has been home. He came home on the 14th of December. I was out to Mrs. Orme’s, was going to stay all night, he came out there so I came home with him. He stayed until last Tuesday. (January 27) I enjoyed very much having my husband home with me so long. I had a real nice time during the holidays. I had our folks and Oscar’s father (Alfred Lunt) for dinner New Years Day. Brother Lunt had his meals to our place for a week as Sister Lunt (Priscilla Pitt) went up to the city to meet Edgar (John Edgar Lunt), who was returning from a mission to England. They came home on the 8th of January. Edgar was looking and feeling fine and we were all pleased to see him again. At the present time we are all feeling well. I weaned my baby (Lillian Lunt) last week and she was fine, not a bit of trouble.

Last Thursday, Alfred’s (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) papa sent him a bombinalo board and he’s very pleased with it, he plays with it nearly all the time. We have had some lovely storms this winter, the ground is all covered with snow. We had supper up at Mothers (Caroline Webb) and Lillian (Lillian May Sperry) came down and is spending the night with us.


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