Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1904 (Saturday) – I took Alfred (Alfred Oscar Lunt, Jr.) and Baby (Charles Gilbert Lunt) to quarterly conference. Apostle George Albert Smith and Elder Nesbit came on the morning train. They spoke fine to us. I went down to Grandma Lunt’s (Priscilla Pitt) for dinner. In the afternoon Brother Smith was comparing Nephi as it was first and now, he said there were only 17 families here at first and they barely had water enough for their needs, now there are about 2500 people and we have plenty of water to use. He said if we would seek first the Kingdom of God all else would be added unto us. He said the Lord could cause snow enough to fall in the mountains to supply sufficient for all our use.

The children (Alfred, Lillian and Charles) were very good except that the baby fussed a little in the morning and I had to take him out and get him to sleep. They told me Lillian had been a very good girl while I was away.


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