Journal: Jeanette Sperry

1904 (Sunday) – Oscar (Alfred Oscar Lunt) and I went down to the Whitmore Terrace to see his Mother (Priscilla Pitt). Minnie Lunt (Minnie Ann Lunt) was there, also Rose Lunt (Rose Etta Morgan) and her children (George Aphias, Aleta Pearl, Charles Rodger and Eugene Lunt). We also met several other people that we knew. I left Oscar there and returned to Uncle Charles’ (Charles Enoch Abbott) Then we went to a meeting in the Tabernacle. The services being in honor of Apostle Abraham Owen Woodruff and wife, Helen May Winters, who died in Mexico recently of smallpox. Baby (Charles Gilbert Lunt) fussed a little, so I took him out. A lady outside commenced talking to me, she was from Indiana and I had the privilege of explaining a little about our belief. Her husband came up and I talked to both of them for a few minutes. With Baby asleep, I returned to the services. We spent the evening at Uncle Charles’.

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